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Discussion in 'Quests' started by -Bigeagle-, Jun 5, 2022.

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  1. -Bigeagle-

    -Bigeagle- Forum Greenhorn

    Hello guys, my wife and me are just playing back DSO but we have a real problem ..
    She is 68 and she his doing " the shadows of the past " the quest from lvl 55 to access new maps etc, she do the quest, the man give one steam core and she have to kill a boss in past kingshill but she die, go back to city and now can't enter in the map ........ cause she need a steam core lol .. she can't do the repetable quest to win one, cause she need to end the first quest, and she can't delete the quest .. there is a real bug here, the quest have no garbage on, so she his stuck lvl 68 having to xp on minions and we are getting bored !
    support just tell us to wait jackpot win from event .... what can we do ? can't they restart my wife quest or give us on core ?
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  2. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    terrible design to add the repeatable anderkasch quest for a steamcore, AFTER this questline is completed, that needs a steamcore to finish it. This should have been available before 11/12 in the rare case that someone leaves the zone without completing the main quest which is where you are, in limbo.

    It happened before, but people who were stuck due to a previous game bug were given a bonus code for steamcores.
    steamcores have only been in dragan event, RNG bag in monster hunt (rare), riot of the rocketmen, and codes (rare lately) - you cant buy them at all anywhere. (its possible future events could be different in loot tiers)

    I find it annoying they wont reset it due to an honest mistake, but instead make you wait for an event, aka months.
  3. -Bigeagle-

    -Bigeagle- Forum Greenhorn

    SomeoneThis game is paying our face, it was steam core winnable on event, I played all the night for making a suprise to my wife and unstucked his quest, and they just canceling steam core wining from event AHHAHAHAHAHAH im losing my calm with this ...
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  4. -Bigeagle-

    -Bigeagle- Forum Greenhorn

  5. -Bigeagle-

    -Bigeagle- Forum Greenhorn

    we where about 800 point to win the core !!!! and they delete it, is this game constantly buged ? im a bout to cry for real im frustred !
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