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    R113 is a preview of the dwarf for those who are holders of a premium account.
    As premium users, we had to provide them with a little perky extra.

    R114 is the official launch:
    The new class, the dwarven steam technichian is an unlockable character, that a player can unlock once s/he has reached level 35.

    Why was this done?
    For once, the overall majority of Drakensang Online Players have at least one character that is already +35 level or even higher and thus the class will be available for them. We have so many players who have carefully leveled up their heroes over the time, that we felt we should allow our longtime fans to earn an achievement.

    You will have the new class already unlocked, as soon as it launches with r114. Of course, players, brand new to the game and in lower levels, will not be able to play the class right away. Then again, in the beginning new players have a lot to discover in Drakensang Online already, therefore, we felt it is only fair to allow our longtime players to have the new class as an unlockable character. The player +35 level have invested already experience and time into the game, which we felt, should be rewarded.

    With release 113 we launch a preview to the highly awaited new class -
    The Dwarven Steam Technician

    Preview Period for Premium Account Holders:
    During the sneak-a-peak action, premium account holders will be able to play the new class
    right away and discover the peaks and perks of the tech-savvy dwarf.

    Non premium account holders will need just a little bit more patience;
    the full and final launch of the new class will be with release 114.

    The class - steam technician - is an unlockable character:
    Once release 114 is launched, the steam technician will be unlockable for all Drakensang Online Players. How do you unlock him?
    As soon as one of your already existing characters is level 35 or above level 35,
    the steam technician will be unlocked and selectable as new class.

    For all new Drakensang Online gamers out there:
    as soon as your newly created character has reached level 35,
    then the steam technician is unlocked and available as new class.
    Alternatively, you can unlock the new class instantly by purchasing it for the price of 5 €.
    The class is then available and you will not need to have a character with level 35.


    “I started playing the new class but my premium account finished during the preview period (between r113 -r114), what happens to my character now?”
    Do not worry, your steam technician will be deactivated and not selectable but as soon as the preview period ends (with launch of release 114) your steam technician will be activated again
    if at least one of your characters is level 35 or above level 35. Alternatively, you can renew your premium account and the new class will be instantly available again or you unlock the character by paying 5 €, if none of your existing characters is level 35 or above. Steam technicians which are deactivated will not be deleted.

    “I am not a premium account holders - What happens if I delete my only character, which is above level 35, and I have started already the dwarven steam technician class?”
    In this highly unlikely event, your steam technician will be deactivated unless he is already level 35. Therefore, rather think twice if you want to delete your only existing character.
    In order to reactivate your steam technician, either sign up for a premium account or unlock the class by purchasing it for 5 €.

    1. Step 1:

    You are at the character screen the Steam Technician is deactivated

    2. Step 2:

    Go click on the Steam Technician in the character screen and click the UNLOCK button

    now you will be able to click on Purchase Premium Membership

    3. Step 3:

    You go back to the character screen and either

    press F5 to refresh or log in and out again to activate the new class and the premium account
    Voila! the new class & premium account is all yours;)
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