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    ~ Stellar Gold Event Guide ~

    Quick Overview

    Required Levels: from 20 to 50*
    Duration: 25th April – 30th April​

    * PLEASE READ IF YOUR CHARACTER IS BELOW LEVEL 20: You can join this event at any moment while it’s running if your character hits level 20. Before this happens, you may be able to collect some Stellar Gold in Dracania but unfortunately these will not count in your total pool of Stellar Gold once you enter in the event – the value will be then reset to zero. Please keep this in mind!

    • On top of the lottery prices, we have added a progression bar to this event. This means that even if you are not blessed during the lottery, you can still collect Stellar Gold to get you some juicy prizes! The progress bar won’t be visible inside the game but you can always see how many Stellar Gold you have by pressing “E” on your keyboard.
    TierCollected Stellar GoldReward
    12,000100 Drakens
    28,000Obsidian Wings (3 days) + 200 Draken
    320,0001 Random Polished Gem + 300 Draken
    450,0001 Tenacious Dragonturtle (7 days) + 400 Draken
    5100,0005 Gilded Clovers + 500 Draken

    How this will work? Once the event is over and after we have delivered Release 164 (first week of May), we will grant you automatically each of the reward you qualify for. For example, if by the end of the event you have 9500 Stellar Gold, you will obtain 300 Draken plus the timed Obsidian Wings!

    All tiers are cumulative so the more Stellar Gold you get, the more rewards you obtain!

    Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag and Balor
    Start: April 25th, 12:00 pm noon (CEST UTC+2) End: April 30th, 12:00 pm noon (CEST UTC+2)
    Server: Agathon
    Start: April 25th, 6:00 pm (CEST UTC+2) End: April 30th, 6:00 pm (CEST UTC+2)
    Server: Tegan
    Start: April 25th, 9:00 pm (CEST UTC+2) End: April 30th, 9:00 pm (CEST UTC+2)

    Introduction – Story

    The stars are falling down on Dracania... Stellar Gold falls from the sky and everybody wants to have it. For some arcane reason, Shady Jon, the rogue fence in Kingshill, is collecting them, dishing out precious goods for anyone who brings some. People are even gossiping about a giant black dragon being offered in a lottery among those who bring the Stellar Gold...​

    From the sound of it, Shady Jon is representing yet unnamed financers. But who is willing to pay so much for the gold from the sky? And why is he collecting it?​


    Mechanism of the event

    Once the event starts you will be able to find Stellar Gold in Dracania. You could consider Stellar Gold as lottery tickets for this huge Dracanian lottery! In that way, the more Stellar Gold you have, the better! Although as with any lottery of the kind, luck is of course a component ;). You can always check how many Stellar Gold you have by opening the event window (keyboard E).​

    Once the event is finished, the goddess of Destiny, Ankheia, will bestow her blessings to the random winners and these will be announced extensively through our social media channels (forums, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch…). You can find the list of prizes down below!​

    Where can I obtain my Stellar Gold?

    Stellar Gold can be found in these scenarios:​
    • By opening Shooting Stars. You will recognize the Shooting Stars by their characteristic icon. Shooting Stars can be found within the Lucky Coins, which drop from worthy opponents and they contain either Stellar Gold or also other consumables (like essences, potions, lock picks, etc).
    Shooting Star appearanceLucky Coins appearance
    gold03.png gold04.png

    • As drop after defeating the following special monsters:small Champions, big Champions, Guardians, Leaders, Mini-Bosses, Bosses in normal difficulty, Parallel World Bosses in the three difficulties, Herald Hard, Sigrismar Hard, Gorga Hard, Destructor Hard and Balor Hard.
    • As reward for PvP matches. Depending on the battle type and if you win or lose, you will receive more or less Stellar Gold, according to the following ratio:
    Battle typeStellar Gold you receive if you WINStellar Gold you receive if you LOSE
    Duel: 1 vs 110
    Team Death Match: 3 vs 321
    Capture the Flag: 5 vs 552
    Storm the Fortress: 6 vs 6103

    • In our amazing Skyfall Arena(read below for more info!)

    The Skyfall Arena
    Another possibility of getting guaranteed Stellar Gold is by testing your mettle in the Skyfall Arena. You can find a portal to it next to Shady John in Kingshill. Exchange 10 Realm Fragments (you will get them from worthy enemies) for a Star Map (alternatively, you can buy Star Maps in the T-Shop or at Shady John).​


    How does this work?

    When you access the arena you will need to activate one of the Shooting Stars that you will see on the left side.​

    This will automatically start a cycle of monster waves – if you survive long enough, a Treasure Star will appear with amazing Stellar Gold inside! You can then activate the next Shooting Star (there is a total number of 10) and keep on with the challenge.​

    With each new wave the difficulty will increase but also the drop of Stellar Gold!

    Number of waveStellar Gold Drop

    *NEW* Loot items! *NEW* In this edition the Skyfall Arena will also drop other amazing items for your character. When you click on the Treasure Star you could obtain some of the following items: random equipment (from Uncommon to Legendary), virtual currency, Andermant, potions, essences, unique world drops and gems.

    What enemies are waiting for you there? Pretty much every single mob that you have encountered in Dracania, from the old lands of Duria to the lush depths of Lor’Tac!​

    IMPORTANT – This arena’s setup is like in a boss map, which means that only the Andermant resurrection is available here!​

    Interact with the Shooting Stars:​

    Survive the waves of monsters and obtain a Treasure Star:

    Obtain your Stellar Gold! (And start again):​


    Other special items of this event (accessible at Shady John and the T-Shop)

    ItemEffectPrice in Andermant
    Star Map
    Consumed when used.This map grants you access to the Skyfall Arena.899
    Stellar Gold Shrimps
    Consumed when used. +2 stack to Stellar Gold drop stack size
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Cool-down time: 10 minutes
    Cool-down time (PvP): 10 minutes
    Stellar Gold Lollipop
    Consumed when used.
    +5 stack to Stellar Gold drop stack size
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Cool-down time: 10 minutes
    Cool-down time (PvP): 10 minutes
    Stellar Gold Pancakes
    Consumed when used.
    +10 stack to Stellar Gold drop stack size
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Cool-down time: 10 minutes
    Cool-down time (PvP): 10 minutes

    Lottery rewards

    Soon after the lottery is over, the Goddess of Destiny, Ankheia, will announce the winners of each of the server plus the jackpot winners across all our social media (forums, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch).
    Stay tuned for those as we will publish the names of the lucky heroes there!​

    We will have 50 lottery winners PER SERVER, distributed in the following way:

    Prize position (one per server)Content of the prize
    1st place
    • 1 Radiant Ruby
    • 1 Armored Black Bear (Epic Mount)
    • 1 Renowned First Place (emote)
    • 2000 Draken
    • 250 Lock picks
    2nd place
    • 1 Polished Ruby
    • 1 Large Gem Bag
    • 1 Glorious Second Place (emote)
    • 1000 Draken
    • 100 Lock picks
    3rd place
    • 1 Ruby
    • 1 Gem bag
    • 1 Honorable Third Place (emote)
    • 500 Draken
    • 50 Lock picks
    From the 4th place to the 50th
    • 250 Draken
    • 1 Mighty Spirit Guard

    But this is not all… Say hello to our amazing jackpot!​


    The super exclusive Long Forgotten Bone Dragon is a Mythical Mount (120% Speed) and the jewel of this lottery. There IS only ONE OF THIS KIND for the totality of all Drakensang servers: this will be raffled randomly between all the Stellar Gold tickets of the game, following the mechanics of this lottery (this means, we will not give out one per server but one for the whole player base).

    Disclaimer: the person who receives this mount will not opt to any of the other server prizes.

    This will be all! We wish you all good luck in this crazy lottery!​

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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