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    On Sept 12 , while playing the game, I made two (2) orders for Andermant though PayPal. The first one was for 8000 andermant for which my account was credited. The second one was for 24000 andermant ( made only a few minutes later when I found 8000 was not enough) for which my account was never credited. I put in a ticket for no credit. The answer from Bigpoint said that they had credited the order correctly and that I must have logged into another account before I placed the order. I did not log into any other account. I have only one account and both orders were placed from within it. They further suggested that I contact their Technical Support to see if a adjustment might be made to my account as a "good will" gesture.

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone who can resolve this at Bigpoint Games but have found no other avenue then these forums to ask who and how to contact their Technical Support or whoever can help me. I have all the proper receipts to prove what I say and would rather not file a dispute to payment if it can be avoided. Please let me know what to do.
  2. Hello Lotsluk. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can assist you with here in the forum. You will need to contact either DSO Payment Support or DSO Game Support and explain the situation to them in detail. Be sure to include all your a/c details + a copy of your transaction confirmation emails from Big Point.
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