strange drop in Stalgard

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by nikolabozic, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. nikolabozic

    nikolabozic Forum Apprentice

    Droped items in Stalgard are lvl 37, please correct this.
    Tnx ;)
  2. Sqouree

    Sqouree Forum Apprentice

    U mean from monsters or only from chests?
  3. nikolabozic

    nikolabozic Forum Apprentice

    Both and I'm lvl 44.
    Same thing happened to my wife while we were there in a group
  4. IWantedALongUsername

    IWantedALongUsername Forum Apprentice

    Yes, I had some Level 37 belts drop, too... but not very often
  5. Lord_DaKillya

    Lord_DaKillya Commander of the Forum

    This happens only from chests, they drop items of 37-40 levels, also on the Misty Mountain map.
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