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  1. MaWliCe

    MaWliCe Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum so plz help me if I make any mistakes. So I have a ranger lvl 50 almost 51. I have full dragan set on from previous event. I have like 4k max DMG with 25% CRIT chance and 180% CRIT DMG. Now I know that this is veeeery low and I can feel it killing mobs in parallel. It's just to difficult for me. I'm stuck with these stats and don't know how to progress in the game. I know that the "standard" ranger build is q7 weapon and gloves, witch seeker pauldrons, belt and chest plate, dragan helm, boots and ring and new moon cloack and adornment (OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT). But I feel like it's too hard to get these or I'm lacking the DMG to do so. I just need help if u could guide me or suggest something for me I'd be INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL!! HELP PLZZZ!!
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello and welcome to DSO EN Forums. It would seem that you have a lot of work ahead of you:) All I would suggest is to keep questing/farming until you reach 55 level and join a guild. You can give people a shout here or through in game chat or many other channels of communication. Also, I will leave this thread open for other folks to share their ideas if they wish so;

    best regards
  3. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    ur place is not parallel world on lv 51 ur gear changes every lv , farm normal maps till lv 55 then start the parellel world fiasco. if u need dmg there is crit tonic in jarlshofen for flat crit and ashraya has crit dmg if u really need it that much but leveling is priority
  4. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    A heror said don´t do PWs same with crit but i´d maybe change the PW fiasco as people tend not to help these days as much so just try to sneak in some scaling dung or great desert group on i3 as 55 and try to get some items for starting then PWs and a hell of a lot praying for uniqs and help
  5. MaWliCe

    MaWliCe Forum Greenhorn

    Ok so it seems like ur suggesting me to stay put and lvl up to 55 and farm items. Ill take the advice thank you and i will update my progress. If anyone else has any other suggestion about this plz feel free to comment! THANK YOU ALL :D
  6. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Level up to 55 is the first thing. Let's be clear - up to 55 it gonna be worse and worse as formulas for armor/res/crit are getting steep.
    Than you have two ways - guild and be carried everywhere up to the point you can farm paralell comfortably on fatal on your own or kamikadze Great Desert on inf II/III. First one is for little girls second for men ;) There is plenty posts about kamikadze on desert at forum so you can find some tips about it. It's most efficient way of boosting your char after hitting 55 if you play solo - any other method is light years behind. However it's pretty tough cookie which you need to consume somewhat smartly :) So either tough but very fun path or super easy but boring :p
  7. MaWliCe

    MaWliCe Forum Greenhorn

    If "kamikadze Great Desert" means have premium to free respawn every 5 seconds when u die and try ur best not to,then it sounds fun,so im up for a challenge. What about enchantments transfer? Is it something i need to be concerned of right now or maybe later when i get the right uniques for my build?
  8. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Kinda means that but you actually don't have to die so often. When i did that strat for testing I died much rarlier altough premium is essental as you nevertheless die quite often. As for enchantment transfers you should worry about those only after desert grind. Right now you probably don't have anything worth serious transfer anyway altough i haven't seen your eq. You can start making those when at desert as with high tiers comes a lot of gold enchantments but i would try making them for proper uniques. Would be nice if you post your stats and eq.
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  9. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    As I see this matter... Paralel world is not an option at least its not til you can farm fairly easy on normal inf1 maps.
    So all you can do is farming. Until you get items basically good enough to compete on normal maps first infernal levels. As a single player you have no other choice, just hold on and be your own boss farming.

    Finish quests...

    Another option is to get some higher grade mates who are willing to take you to higher tier areas which is really rare.

    Dont expect much crafting materials below inf3 levels, even there its seldom - I sell everything below inf2 paralel, but I also sell 98% of items above inf2 too. according to this crappy quality of drop its not easy to be a beginner.... Platinum lines are rare even on inf4 so dont expect much til you reach inf3.

    Save up andermant and gather gems as many as you can. Spend only on attack gems.
    For a single player mode it sometimes worth the shot to get unique gear from shop to get a little boost, but not wort doing it til you reach 55, and it will become obsolete fast if you play enough.

    About smelting or selling i cant tell which is the best for a new char, since glymphs is needed a lot, and crafting gear takes lots of gold, maybe gathering gold would be better choice. Later on you will be bale to smelt plenty.

    You will have to craft good legends to transfer and get good stat to become competable. Lots of time
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  10. MaWliCe

    MaWliCe Forum Greenhorn

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is my equipment so far. Some uniques with no use and some legendary with good stats for transfer but dont have the money and cores to do so.

    --- MERGED ---

    I know that's why im asking cause its a chaos and no one IN the actual game is helpful enough. But anyways thank you guys for every advice I'll take it into account and if i find my self "stuck" again with anything ill just write again! :D
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