Suggestions for Halloween costume 2014

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. Dear Heroes of Duria: as outlined in the Official Announcement, we ask you to submit your ideas for this year's Halloween costume.

    Thank you very much. Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    Prince Aldred complete with blood soaked eye bandages. He is the true hero of this story. I'd then like to see everyone costumed up like Prince Aldred similar to "V" for Vendetta and march on Kingshill.
  3. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Sargon/Sargon's spirit :p

    Players will be trying to kill each other 999 times... Hehehe.
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  4. Getzuga

    Getzuga Forum Greenhorn

    mummies, white lady for girls, zombie? something like spirit, or anything unique :D
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  5. Brownbow7070

    Brownbow7070 Forum Greenhorn

    sargons spirit :)
  6. Inrei

    Inrei Forum Greenhorn

    Skeleton transform potions/ costume please ^-^
    I wanna prank my friends in Grimmag pw :v
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It could be Skeleton Costume.
    Ragged outfit for both male and female. Female with dress and male with trousers ... and for both long hair and big ear rings are mandatory. :)

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  8. KrolKid

    KrolKid Forum Mogul

    Freddy Krueger is best :p
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  9. Darth-Vader

    Darth-Vader Forum Apprentice

    Hello, i would like to show you these costumes from a movie with vampires and werewulfs here some samples:
  10. synje

    synje Forum Apprentice

    Viking ghosts!! Undead vikings! Skeletal vikings! Vikings vikings vikings! :)


    I like the skeletal pirate idea too!
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  11. Tigraine-Mantear

    Tigraine-Mantear Someday Author

    Skeletal pirate / Viking would be cool!

    I would like to see another good female character costume though. I think the Red Riding hood you can get from Full Moon event is awesome.
  12. synje

    synje Forum Apprentice

    Well I was hoping for girl viking warriors with blond braids for us girls, as well as viking costumes for the guys.:D
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  13. -LordZod-

    -LordZod- Forum Apprentice

    How about a scarecrow? It would go great with my raven. :p
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  14. Nyshen

    Nyshen Someday Author

    How about something along these lines for the female character:


    And something similar for the guys like maybe:

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  15. Cherish

    Cherish Forum Greenhorn

    It will be so cute for girl player with Angel costume [​IMG]
    and Boy with Prince costume ^-^ [​IMG]
  16. Denemama

    Denemama Someday Author

    Winged characters and gender specific would be great. Something along the lines of one of these :
  17. AmerickaNindza

    AmerickaNindza Junior Expert

    mcdonalds clown :D but psycho
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  18. Pedros442

    Pedros442 Forum Greenhorn

    Something along the lines of this for the male costume maybe? [​IMG] And maybe that winged idea for the female?

    Liked the skeleton idea though.
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  19. markomiljanov

    markomiljanov Someday Author

    I vote for pirates, costumes can be made for both male and female
  20. ..Chezo..

    ..Chezo.. Forum Greenhorn

    Morticia Adam's Dress !! no black hair, just normal characters hair to give players the feeling of individuality like the queen's dress costume but with shoes pls.
    If i somersault in this costume with bare feet it is going to look so wrong. :)

    This would be fun for all which is what halloween is all about.

    I hope this idea is given serious consideration by all especially since the numbers of females playing drakensang is underestimated and costume's available are 99% for the male appearance.

    This dress would look Rocky Horror Picture Show on the male characters, which still fits with halloween. Assuming that different emotes for male and female characters is not possible.




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