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    (English isn't my strong point if something is written wrong sry)
    I come back after not playing for like idk 3-4 years and decided since it's out on steam I'll start a new character on the new server. And I noticed well after not playing for years many changes.
    Gems and runes are easier to farm. Still haven't seen an attack speed and dmg rune yet.

    I think the old skill bar need to come back, right now it's really small, I bought an extra skill bar cuz I need it since they reduced the original.

    Crafting is unreasonably expensive. I mean the glyph cost not the gold. It should be at least cut in half.

    PW setts are gone and most uniques are uniquely worthless. An underleveled green have better stats and enchantments than a unique. I know they give some special bonus but tbh it doesn't make up for it's terrible stats. It should be rebalanced.

    For sett items. The sett bonuses are mostly just level dependent flat stats like +1700 crit rate or something, its extremely low in my opinion. Not every sett should be OP but at this point setts are a joke except the mythical and maybe 2-3 other.

    DMG element change setts.
    Just why?
    Poison mastery changes (for mage) the basic skill (forgot the name) into poison dmg, but the kingshill set changes probably into fire (your skills deals fire dmg, it said) and the new sett from the new boss (it's bugged right now so you can't get it) changes the mages basics attack into ice and gives it 1 piercing or at least they said in on yt.
    So if you have the kingshill set+poison mastery+the new sett what kind of dmg would deal the basic attack? Physical? Fire? Ice? Poison?

    They need make at least some useful setts not just change elements, there are essences for it.

    Nothing much to say it's almost the same before dark legacy.

    I never really liked it, but it was good in like 2014-15. It's dead now.

    They were a bit grindy back in the days but now it's disgustingly grindy.
    On infernal i got 30-32 progress from a miniboss. While the progress bar is 10k
    Either you play whole day or just dont even start the event. Rewards except the rune enchanting stone are worthless since on lvl items are bad against on lvl mobs since dark legacy. And of course wolf hunter and blood rune setts are ruined too.
    I think events should give more progress. Cuz nobody wants to do the same map,mobs,boss 1000x times over a day.

    Main quest
    It's bad that you need to wait for sargon to fight mortis

    They have too high defense.
    Even if you have idk 60k base and use a 130% dmg skill you'll deal around 8k dmg

    XP grind
    It's a bit boring when you have nothing to do but kill everything that have a HPbar without quest.
    But now you have time to get some achievements while you're grinding XP. I wouldn't mind if I were to need grind a bit less but it's still good so I think it was a good change.

    People in general.
    Back in the days they were let's say not to kind (I could say it different but it would be censored xd)
    but now they aren't that toxic. I was farming in the Maze of Sadness (blaze, but I call it that) and someone just wrote to me what levels can I go, if I need help he'll help me things like this. In 2014 it was unimaginable xdd people were like "if you don't have all of the dmg possible uninstall".

    At the end
    The grind is real and most of the time it doesn't worth it but still bearable.

    I forgot to say I'll mostly play solo, in group the game is easier. Lightning break mage+dwarf can crush almost everything.
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