Summer Solstice Preparation

Discussion in 'Event Questions' started by parisxdddd, Jul 17, 2022.

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  1. parisxdddd

    parisxdddd Forum Greenhorn

    So I am new to the game and its my first summer solstice event. So i got some questions. First of all there are some quests (e.g. Thieving Stone Golems, Thieving creatures -only the last task- etc.) that ask things like kill stone golems and other mobs that in my game doesnt exist I mean i reentered the map as the guide says several times but didnt work. Are they gonna show up later like the 2 bosses, are they for higher difficulties ( I have tryied only until excrusitating ) or am i doing something wrong. Also is it worth pushing this event as an early game hero or I am going to speed through levels making the next "levels" unfun...

    *sorry for any mistakes i am not native speaker
    Thanks for your time : )
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Thieving Stone Golems... I seem to recall that the different quests have different drop rates of their quest items. The difference is to the point where I believe last year it was possible to finish the event progress bar and still not complete the quest. :D

    That said, there's a crowd of golems in the upper part of the map, but only something like 2 of them are the actual ones that drop the quest item that you're looking for. So that kinda contributes to the low drop.
  3. parisxdddd

    parisxdddd Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks for the answer the problem seemed to be that my gps was bugged for this particular quest. : )
  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Also, to answer your question about whether or not it's worth doing this event early game... honestly, it's up to you. This event only runs once a year. Doing it now is probably a bit of a struggle for you, but if you don't, then you have to wait one whole year for it to return. Most players complete the event quests in low levels (Normal/Painful) and only go to Merciless/Bloodshed for farming the boss ingredients. So you might be able to find a party to tag along for xp and quest drops anyways, so I'd say if the opportunity to collect progress arises, take it. But no need to deliberately pursue finishing the event.
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