Summons in PvP..

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by raider, Sep 13, 2020.

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  1. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Now I know whole PvP system is borken but seriously these Summons don't belong to PvP..
    At least for 1v1.

    I mean it's called "1v1" for a reason.
    What am I supposed to do against, for example, 2 turrets/"rocket launchers" that somehow hit double/triple Damage of what the player would that turns it into 3v1 or 4v1 whatever?!

    Being Ranged ain't enough of an Advantage against the only Melee Class ehh?! (Ranged spawns can cancel each out I guess)

    I see tooltip in Arena says "Hp of XXX lowered" but what do I care of their Hp.
    I'm more concerned about their Damage^^

    I mean, even if I kill them without dying, person will re-spawn them right away..
    Especially Dwarfs can any time dismount-remount 'em, let alone replacing the ded..

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Well...If I pvp vs someone whos same strenght or stronger, he/she got no problem with my turrets. They all slam them away in 1 hit if im not fast enough to cancel them.

    And to be honest; Even though DK sucks in PVE....theyre my worst enemy in PVP. They absorb dmg like im a lvl1 noob and they can still dmg enough to kill me in 3-5 hits.
  3. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Easier if a Ranged class, otherwise it's 1v3..
    lol? :D
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You both, you do realise that cheaters are the problem in PvP? As long as they are there, we can't have a clear view of what is unbalanced. If somebody thinks a class is OP on itself or just way stronger than your class, just create an alt of that class and see it with your own eyes. Would you wreck everything or no? If you wouldn't, is the class OP or something else is the case?

    It's 1 player vs 1 player. Summons don't count.

    Kill them, or escape out of their reach.

    Don't let them then. Also that's not the problem with the dwarf in PvP.

    It's still 1v1, just one has some summons to their advantage.

    More HP is not enough advantage that you also need Dragon Hide and healing? You would reply that it isn't, and with those other two it still isn't enough. Methinks not, but it looks like only DKs are allowed to make nonsense comparisons. :rolleyes:

    That you can kill them in one-two hits.

    Interesting... Ranger has 40-50s cooldown, SW has 30s cooldown (unless is standing in singu), Dwarf has every single one cost him half of his max steam.

    When dwarf removes his turret, he gets back 30 steam, while 50 is needed to create a new turret. Of course there's the natural regen of 3 per second, but it's low enough for replacing to be not infinite. However... when you kill their turret... they receive NO steam. 0. Nada. Nothing. So, if you keep killing their turrets... and they keep replacing them... something stinks. And I bet that they're also spamming the oil puddles all over and healing themselves... which also costs them steam. And yeah, they have steam for it all, because they're pro players and you're a noob, and pro players get their steam refilled every second just for being pro, so pro they are.
  5. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Yea thats why Devs nerfed DK in both PvP and PvE to the ground.
    They don't count because.. you say so?!
    Player or "NPC" what does it matter?!

    They still deal damage/effect you in a way, so.
    What more Hp?! I don't think that "more Hp" matters anymore in this sad state of game.

    More Damage does though!
    Yes I'm sure I can shoot from distance with Dragon Hide while the Ranged players teleport/run every second ignoring all Stuns.
    The what?!

    Escape.. right.. to meet them again somewhere else within a second..
    Very interesting indeed!
    Suppose I only encounter with OP (oh sorry, Pro!) players with 0 cooldown/cost everything?!

    I don't even count non-stop Slow-Down/DoT skills.

    Ps. Even during this Event when there are lots of PvPs going on, Matchmaking is garbage af.
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    In other words, you noticed no sarcasm.

    If dwarf is using turrets in 1v1, he is a noob that doesn't know what to use steam for, or is a cheater that doesn't care about steam. In other words, either it should be an easy win or it is impossible to win for a honest player. Unless you're new at cap level and have low tier items, then pretty much everybody will wreck you anyways, of your class or of another class.

    Edit: Forgot about tesla. Yeah, a dwarf camping in a corner in tesla is almost impossible to kill for a honest DK of his character strength, unless one knows some special tricks that... well, should even make sense - I don't mean exploits, just... extraordinary tactics.

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I don't know. I prolly encounter some cheaters every now 'n then, but i dont experience it like i see how some people say it is. And I dont believe im that awesome i can mob the floor with all those cheaters :)
  8. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    actually there two courses vs a war either use one turret or no turrets at all. but i agree with the rest.
    and our friend here Raider is clearly a noob war and that's ok for starting but complaining won't get you anywhere.

    what i'm suggest is to try to analyse why you lose against them because the summoning of turrets was never the problem
    if you gear is crap then you need to get a better gears
    if you don't know how to deal with certain skills then try different thing o search for a better solution
    also you should have an idea of each class pros and cons with the cool down timing
    use stun and unstun efficiently

    the things is if you face a dwarf that uses 2 turrets, once you destroyed them he will be out of steam =80% a dead dwarf.
    and here some video that show how is 1v1 at top level pvp of WAR vs Dwarf
    1 turret

    no turrets
  9. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    So I should try to kill turrets/rocket launchers instead of player, while player can also kill me? :D

    That is, if he doesn't dismount & re-mount them :)
    I'd sooo love to get into matches with "noob"s of other classes..
    If matchmaking be kind enough to put me into a "balanced" battle.
  10. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    yes kill turrets and you can't kill rocket luncher! you should avoid it and if you were hit unstun it right away

    that's the tricky part but i'm sure you will get it by practice

    sadly that one of the unbalances of pvp system
  11. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    1 video
    dwarf can use autocliker but it can be playing without it
    tank 99% autocliker ;p
    matchmaking is bad as it always was = nothink new here
    in the past bp try do matchmaking from strengh of character
    but there was 2 problems
    u can change eq after geting the fight
    for some strong ppl it was impossible to get fight
    for example
    for now 1kk strengh of char is normal
    but if sb have 2kk? maybe few ppl have it than if they want to fight they have always the same guys and they must be all online

    so better is when u have fight in 10sec even if u get some impossible to win fights than if u will waiting 2h for any fight like it was in the past for op players
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2020
  12. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    probably, probably not but for sure there are some honest op war out there.
    as for autoclicker i don't know when BP is gonna take some actions against them or will we see another "sledge hammer"
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  13. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    if they don't be giving bans in regular time they can do nothing and it will be the same results
    1 massive bans in 2 years aren't any solution
    new char only for arena u can do easy in few weeks so its nothink for 2years
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  14. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    All this years they "can't" find a solution because power-creep has no boundaries in this game!

    For the topic..
    Idk guys.. I'm not really convinced to "I'll just let my Guardian, Turret, Wolf, Bird etc do the killing" idea..
    That's basically doubling or tripling , or even quadrupling the damage apart from extra protection/distraction.

    While all that going on, they are free to do freeze/slow me down/make me suffer DoT things non-stop from afar..
    Apart from Stuns.

    Now some ppl might complain of DK stuns but they last like a half-second at best and often people get away via teleport/jump like it didn't even happen..
    (If by chance they didn't, stun will often end before getting near to them :D)

    I'm sure there is a bug or two involved in those processes all the time though..
    Except when the effect is on me, lol!
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2020
  15. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count


    Do you play 1h+shield or 2h in PvP?

    If you're going to take away a perfectly good skill(s) for other classes in PvP, how about we make DKs sacrifice an equal number of useful skills in PvP too? Maybe... they aren't allowed Dragon Hide. Or maybe no Charge. Equivalent exchange. :D
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  16. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Ah, but you see, DKs are so weak, that it can't be so. /s The whole summon removal is supposed to be a nerf in disguise to make DK relatively more powerful. Question is, what happens when you relatively empower the class which some people already argue is too OP?

    Edit: Yeah, charge would have to be removed, it's a summon, because, you know, DK gets those wings, so it means he summons a dragon to his aid. Screw the fact that it isn't a summon, just like bird of prey (in fact homing missile that is slow and also cancels on caster's death), or c14 rocket (which is just a slow exploding missile with armor break and stun).
  17. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    In reality the Dk in 1/1 and 3/3 now 5/5 manages to play, even against (evocations). In 5/5 everything got worse because of the Nerf and you have to carry even more flags if you want to score points. In 6/6 the dwarf stands against the towers with his turrets and follows high damage skills is definitely unbalanced but not only him also other classes.

    Another thing changes from lv to level when you unlock skills. So you are more or less at a disadvantage, afterwards, from objects and if one plays with t6 against another player with t10 objects almost certainly loses if he has 50 honor points there is no game.

    The pvp needs more than a balancing, a total reworking.

    Dragon Hide is DK's main skill in any context (PVE), but it doesn't compare to a turret that isn't used most of the time!

    If you want some advice on pvp in the 2 months following the expansion you can play well, after this period it will be the users themselves who will ruin the pvp for easy wins, bots and various programs.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2020
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  18. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    DKs already screwed with so many nerfs and loooong cooldowns that don't need further nerfs..
    Slower than DK who's trying to catch his target just to hit once or twice at best? lol

    I gotta love how you trying to hide the fact that, the mentioned bird is a guided missile that doesn't miss the target.
    Same for Turrets and other stupid Summons.
  19. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Don't pay attention on what he's saying in any matter it can be against his class cuz there, he's realistic same as I am for DK :D

    About summons - that is lesser evil than SM's broken multiplier and ranged elementals tough SW's guardian's fireball making too much dmg
  20. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Unless the target gets out of reach that is, which is surprisingly easy.