Sunset for the Dragon Knight class

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by [MACEDONIAN], Jun 20, 2018.

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    [MACEDONIAN] Forum Greenhorn

    Dear players
    After more than 6 years playing this game i finally understand that DK class is not welcome in this game any more. So called ,,balancing" is the beginning of the end of DK class, especially in PVP. I am little disappointing that team of BP does not have elemental decency to tell us in the face that they dont like DK class rather that sell us story of ,,fair" balancing, in the end we spend our time and money in this game. In all this discussion everyone forget main thing..we are melee class. That means that we need to be close to fight , to catch opponent to win. I dare you to try that in PvP with mages now. Their reduced cool down gives them unlimited ice attack and very fast stun skills.. and what you did...even more enhance skill damage and cool down reduction of all long ranged class and lower healing and other skills for DK ...very good job. Not only arena...PvE with this ,,balancing" also affect bad way of course . We need to spend much more resurses and several times more time to kill any boss that any other class. Just look to different video is normal for you that after ,,balancing" dwarf solo kills q4 boss in Inf 3 for less than 10 seconds????????? Anyway....i love the game and i ask you to reconsider some of the injustice what is made to DK class with this ,,balancing" especially in PvP. Dk class will slowly perish from this game if something is not done about this.
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  2. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    I 100% agree with You!
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  3. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Connoisseur

    haahaha 6 years and you still cannot beat mages in arena? 6 years in this game with dk, you should be top 10 in the pvp and almost full royal games and not feel a thing from mages. They reduced healing? When? By removing the completely broken wisdom talent that were giving 33% damn hp back plus 10% from the Outburst, 44% back? You call that nerf? I call that pretty reasonable choice since pvp was practically unplayable. Most dks with the proper gear were deleting all classes, noone was a match for them.

    Now, after the rework of the wisdom tree you imply that this is the end of the dk as a class. If a 6 years player say that then 99% the problem lies in you and the way you are playing the game. If after 6 years playing a dk you are not deleting everyone in pvp, even after this release, then you are probably doing it wrong. I would really like to see your stats, because judging you like that is not okay. Mosts dks i was playing against before this patch are equally strong after the patch. If you rely on a broken talent/skill just to be able to beat someone in pvp, then you are just abusing that to get a win without skill. Basically, thats what many dks were doing. Running with this talent and dragan laser and barely hitting the enemy. Sick speed from wisdom, sick healing and hp, and charging along with the laser from the dragan set and all players were dying like flies.
    As for the pve, everyone was affected. We deal more damage yes but we recieve more. Sure dwarves are now even more broken in pve but does not mean that 15seconds inf3 arancha by dks was not ridiculus and had to change. Not that now its too hard to do that,as there are still dks that kill bosses extremely fast.
    I really wonder what you would say if the devs decided to remove the Outburst healing skill from pvp. Do you know how many players still think(justifiably in my opinion) that no class should have any sort of healing in pvp? Be glad they did not remove healing from dks completely.
    Dks are perfectly fine in pvp, they just are not running death scythes anymore, although like i said most dks i have faced pre and after this release are basically as strong
  4. KubQn

    KubQn Forum Apprentice

    From the most broken class to the balanced one. Now feel like every other class (Ranger and Mage) I don't include dwarf because he was always the class with the most love. Find me a video where end game Mage can kill any boss x2 faster than DK. Comparing to dwarf isn't a good option. They are even more broken that they were before crit change. They do everything x2 faster than every class not only DK.
  5. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    How in this world, a class being faster at killing a boss makes you affected by it?
    It is true that it is not fair, but this and that are two different things.
  6. gp555

    gp555 Forum Greenhorn

    Balancing 2nd stage - I hope it will be soon.
  7. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    I am also playing the game for some time. I normally don't post anything. But after the release, I totally agree with @[MACEDONIAN]. Many of us have work and Family. And we have limited time in DSO. There are many who play 24/7. If the developers judging the game based on them, then we are forced to play like them. Then we have no option but to quit the game. @thouvou000 instead of abusing other players like ( for 6 years he has not full royals bla bla..) give facts. In his comment he didn't stated once that he played 6 years with his DK. I agree on the fact that many 1h DKs before release used to play fully defensive with 33% healing and removing items when time ends. And it was impossible to kill them. Its a fact that i totally agree.

    After release you took the Spam skills from Dks, then why not Q8 Spam from Mages and unlimited Q7 Spam from Fireball? Spamming should be taken away from all the classes. Lets talk about 2H PVP, cause 2H vs 1H is mostly out of the question.

    For a 2h DK its now almost impossible to play PVP. Ice missile make way more damage than before. I always thought 1v1 or 3v3 dks have more advantage than other Range classes because of small Battle areas. In 5v5 or 6v6 its the opposite. But in a match between equally strong 2H DK vs 2H Mage, Ranger, Dwarf with equally same skill, my money is on the non-melee Classes. How it is fair? 2H Mages or Ranges or Dwarfs have at least chance vs other Range-Classes even though its mostly 1 hit pvp. After the release i hardly see a 2H dk doing good in 3v3, 5v5 or 6v6, mostly i see them bottom of the Table. And i play in the most active Heredur Server. Most of the 2H Range classes Play with all attack, with 20k Life. If you just touch them they will die. But you have to reach them to do it. With the spamming going around its like a joke.

    After the release, you don't need a "Tank" anymore. And the players who start playing as a warrior knows how hard it is without the help from a good Guild to Play as a 2H DK from the beginning. 2 "Tanks" were never welcomed to a group unlike the other classes. And its certainly easier to start as a "Tank" than a 2H damage dealer DK. Many Dks from my Guild stop playing because of the same reason.

    @thouvou000 in your opinion the dks should have no Healing. Emm.. i mostly play as a 2H dk without Healing. Ok, Then i can argue yes take the Healing then limit all Range class attacks in 3 Meter from his own character area. See how illogical it sounded? And then one argue dks have more Life , More Armour etc. But we have very low damage and with the other classes they have enough skill to go away from us. One should not compare all the Dks , with some "OP" Dks who put YouTube Videos. But as a general class.

    Now 1h pvp- in my opinion DSO offers you many gears with my different set Bonus. But none was as powerful as the "Cube Set". Which for me basically destroyed the pvp.

    I fully support the "No-gear PVP" idea from developers and Jesse. Its at least balanced than what it is right know. Many Old players who invested lots of Money will disagree with with me. But unless u guys can come with a better option its more fairer for me. Unless lt's "old Powerful Players Vs old Powerful Players" not " Old Powerful Players vs New Noobs".
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  8. ChristopherPapakaliatis

    ChristopherPapakaliatis Forum Apprentice

    How about we stop ranting about the End of an archetype. I mean, the DKs are not in the best position right now(I can see it as a Dwarf and I acknowledge it), but the game is liquid. Quit the game for two months and if you come back it will most certainly have changed. And I'm not trying to say that we shouldn't do anything with the changes. We should give BP some calm and professional feedback. Not cry ourselves to sleep every night until they make our archetype better. Not Hail the Apocalypse and accept our doom. I'm sick and tired of the old players that still blame BP because they are bored with the game itself. A six-year-old player no matter how good he is at the game just doesn't have the same amount of fun as a 1-year-old. Enough. Just enough.
  9. girliex

    girliex Forum Apprentice

    Hmmmp..sunset for the DK today. but before the sunset they enjoy much about abusive healing skill. Anyway just relax today...tomorrow there will be a sunrise, same as real life people. You know BP always changing the game for the reason of business so that all of us benefited what they work to continue this game. If your already mature in the way of thinking...'THIS IS A GAME' for past time only. But if you want to be famous then used your time and money to lessen your burden. good luck gamers...
  10. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Connoisseur

    Op dks in youtube? Who cares about them? I meet dks in the arena that dont have youtube channels and they are as strong if not more than those players. When you understand that healing and endless spam ruins the pvp you will see what i mean. You say dks is fair to have healing. Then what about dwarves healing? Fair to run and heal while the turrets hit us with crit? Yes, yes fair. Fair to be ranger and hit the dk and while we hit them they gain stacks from the spider set and not only we dont deal damage to them, but they heal and also stack up armor, damage and resistances +block strength, so when they charge at the player, they deal alot of damage. As for the range weak argument, range would matter if we had a map that has crazily long paths to endlessly run, but 1v1 map is currently a way too small. Even in 5v5 and 6v6 dks can easily catch all ranged classes, while thanks to the healing they wont die.As for the damage, you have very low damage, you say? 240% damage for smash and 175% for charge is low? okay...... I have played tons of games and in most healing is broken and when combined with a tank class, healing makes a tank class immortal and annoying as hell. I really wonder how dks still dare to say that healing is not op. geez.
    Btw 2h builds and especially 2h dks are not good for pvp. cheers
    P.S: i play both dk and ranger, both with high gear and gems
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  11. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    As we talk about one Class we talk about from the worst to the best, not only the best. Which was the Point i was making. As you have 2 high gear ends Dk and Ranger its safe to assume you are One of those "24/7" or " Payer" players. And that's why you are not understanding the Point i was making. We both agree that endless spamming is ruining the PVP. So why only Dks Spamming gets Nerfed not other classes?

    And you bring your experience from other games which is another biased argument you are bringing as the other games does not have the same skill tree. Lets do a small experiment. Ask one of your arena Dks to play pvp vs a Ranger (Maybe your Ranger, both 1h) in Swerdfield Pastures. Its better if you find someone equally strong as you. Ask them not to use Wisdom Tree, Pets and without Healing. Make a Video out of it from both ends. Both play seriously. Post it and Prove your Point!

    You don't need to tell me 2h dks are not good for pvp. I know it. The Point i was making why "especially" Dks have the Problem? Then you bring Spider set issue, its not only the Dks who can use it. Did you ever Play 1v1 with your high end DK? if yes surely if you get spammed 25 times continuously then you get the full buff otherwise if your opponent is smart enough that way you never get the buff. By low damage i meant from general items, as DK gets more health points, Armour etc. But other Classes gets More Base damage in there items/ gears.

    Anyway, i think the 33% healing was too "op" and it was right to remove it. I never liked the "abusive healing" , it was some players who were misusing it. But the balance between 2H, 1h or Tank now is gone.
  12. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Connoisseur

    I knew from the get go that writing back to you is a waste of time and nothing will get through EDIT. OK then, yes you are right. I have played 10000000 games but im biased yes and i know nothing about role playing games,yes. So, i will no further write anything else, cheers. Have fun in this game because i have already found the best arpg out there and soon im out of here, so i dont really care that much but if something is wrong with the game im currently playing and have played for the past 3 years, i wont pretend that its not wrong.As for how much i know about the game, i know more about rpgs than you will ever know
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  13. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    pvp is totally ridiculous, its just spam attacks at the map marks and run and spam. I really feel sorry for dragon knights
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  14. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Your arguments are ridiculous. You say DK should not play 2H because they will be killed in PvP easy. Yet, You want to play 2H ranger and to have the ability to kill 1H DKs easily. Besides Your Ranger is not as powerful as some of the DKs you are fighting and yet you want to win against them because that is only fair in your opinion.
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  15. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Connoisseur

    [EDIT] If my arguments are ridiculus so are 90% of the rangers and mages out there that say the same. Look how ridiculus YOU sound. When did i say that dks shouldnt play 2h builds, i said in pvp? When did i say i play 2h ranger in pvp? 2h rangers in pvp dies in 1-2 hits by 1h dks,the only viable 2h builds is for mages and thats only because of the spamming of fireballs from the q7 set, although even that is not that good anymore because of the reduced burn damage and less efficiency of 2h builds, especially after r209. As for whether my ranger is strong enough, i gotta tell you that i beat most of the top rangers on Heredur but i barely beat marshal dks with cube set. Also, i know more about my own ranger than you do and like i said 1 billion times i have both ranger and dk, its just my ranger is older and yet my dk became so strong so fast , just because of the class. When you find top rangers beating top dks in 1v1 on Heredur, record it and show it to me and i will say that you are right and im wrong. But after all this time, i have not seen a single video of top rangers beating top dks, all i see is videos of dks crushing everybody . And you better think twice before you call my arguments ridiculus, im not a noob that knows nothing about rpgs, you amateur
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  16. bruluci

    bruluci Forum Apprentice

    PVP is DEAD.

    When you cut the speed of a game in half.... ANY GAME... It becomes boring.
    That's just Common Sense.

    There's nobody playing, there's a loooong wait if you want to.

    5v5 has become a joke. SW running flags? Well, walking flags is more like it.

    DK's are simply slow moving targets. The fun is gone. It's almost as if they are being punished.

    Too many skilled veterans predicted it.... voiced their opinions on deaf ears.

    and now... PVP is DEAD
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  17. Manner, Manners, Manners!

    This thread is already on the verge of being totally counter productive and just downright toxic. If you all don't show some class and clean up how you communicate with each other, I'll happily close this thread. Remember, there is a person on the other end and if you wouldn't say something like this to their face, don't say it here. Don't use anonymity as an excuse to be a jerk.
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  18. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Let me get this straight. Gloating ranged class players come here, talk down from their high horses and act toxic, so you want to punish DK players by restricting them in their ability to give feedback on the horrible attrocity BP calls balance? Well I think there is only one way to make this right.. better give more damage to ranged classes and cut DK movement speed in half so they can play as intended and can become the pinatas for this years birthday event, and ranged players can finally stop crying.

    edit.: @ChristopherPapakaliatis if the game is such an ever changing liquid, please remind me when was SM an unplayable pile of excrement? Oh right it was okay on release, and only ever got buffed since?
  19. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Connoisseur

    lemme tell you that if you are talking about ice missile , that is currently bugged and deals more damage than it should. As for the ice sphere, well i dont know much about it since i dont see that many using it but i guess its strong vs dks,especially if the team does not protect them enough because ice sphere range is really short and in 5v5 the mage has to go really close to hit the dk and the team shouldnt normally allow that.
    Atrocity? Is it atrocity to make the class balanced and not a walking death scythe? Is it atrocious to not allow a dk to jump +dragan laser + heal and then the player dies, unless he is a dk? Isnt it atrocious to play a class for 3+ years 24/7 have only sacred and royal gems, best possible gear, everything almost perfect and yet the dks beat every single class without even needing to sweat? If that wasnt atrocious and you think this update is, then you really are not objective. At least i have proven facts about the dks atrocity that destroyed pvp completely and the only thing i was seeing in the arena was dks 30/5 and the other classes dying like flies.As for your so called atrocity, well, before the update some dks were not even needing the cube set to kill me, now even those switched to the cube set and they just do kill me as easily. Where is your atrocity exactly? Or do you really believe a ranger can beat an equally strong dk? But im sure you too will say that this balance destroyed the dks based on the fact that mages spam ice missile and slow you and because you no more have 100000% run speed + 33% healing, you cannot get to them right?
  20. There is plenty of toxicity on both sides. And I'm not restricting feedback in the slightest. I'm simply insisting that players provide feedback instead of personal attacks on each other. Learn the difference.
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