Sunset for the Dragon Knight class

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by [MACEDONIAN], Jun 20, 2018.

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  1. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    Be consistent with your arguments. one time you say you don't care about YouTube Videos and another time you do. You start abusing players and the Mods have to Edit it, Players like you should NOT have the Rights to comment here!

    If your so called Fully "OP" Ranger can't beat any 1h DK maybe you should learn how to play with it, your stats isn't enough to win you a match by standing and randomly shooting explosive arrows.

    Add another 0000 ;)

    Then Why are you still writing here?
  2. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    These kind of threads are only good for f lamming and do the DSO DK Community absolutely no good. I say just close it already.
    Thanks, Doc. (Dedicated melee class player and proponent of the DK archetype)
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  3. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    One big problem is 1h any class cant kill a DK so t hey must go 2h without defences. If you go 1h the healing just overrides the dmg you do.
    And what he meant was ye Tanks are useless with 2h in pvp but broken in 1 , other classes are useless with 1 h VS A TANK ( so dont quote me thats why i caps locked it ) but must use 2h ....
  4. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    1x frozen sphere takes like 50 mana so u can shoot 2x now per mana bar...1x fireball costs 35 if u assign the point so u can shoot 3x per mana bar..after that ur mana bar is empty...whats left to do is either spam ice missile or magic missile.One does more dmg and slows down + reduce mana costs for your skills and one gives u 5 mana...Now you see why the q8 is prefered? Because once ur mana is depleted u have no choice but to use that skill if u are playing with 1hand.

    I dont like the q8 spam either and im a mage but if that skill would be to be nerfed then whats left to play with for a mage? Play only with magic missile? If the q8 would be to have a cooldown or mana cost then the mana cost for fireball/ice sphere have to be reduced by a lot. Either that or increase the dmg that these skills do . It will remove the spamming .
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  5. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    First of all Frozen Sphere have nothing to do with q8 Spamm. I don't think anyone have problems with it. For me Spamming means only using 1 skill. I see your point that vs 1h dk u need q8 set to slow them down. Not to do a massive damage with broken set which costs nothing.

    For fireball if u play with q7 set its barely costs any mana. I put u a link below here u see the mage with playing with q7 set and it costs nothing after Shooting 2-3 fireballs at 1-2 sec. If you look at his Manabar it dosen't changes a bit.

    And i don't call it spamming in the Video. The Mage was using Fireballs only 2-3 times and another skills. Sometimes i go 1v1 as 2h DK for clovers. wenn there is a 2h Mage (most of them) with q7 set i see 10-15 Fireballs in 2-3 sec just randomly shooting on the red mark in the map and if u play with 2 times Crit. Dmg Ring the 2h DK can barely take 2-3 hits now without the Wisdom points. Before we could lower our damage and push the health so we could take a bit more damage. And somehow if u do reach them here comes Mindcontrol+ 2 times teleport with mana fully restored and then the Spamming Begins again. In that way there is absolutely no chance.

    There are lot good mages play with q4 set who don't spamm like q7 set mages, and they win sometimes very easily vs me. That's i call "skill" from them that i have respect and absolutely no problem with it.
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  6. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Just from the 1 st sentence you just say 1 thing and then exactly the oposite.
    To survive more than 1 hit from and 1h dk you need to use 1h so aka NOQ7 and you will have low base dmg so Q8 is still bad even with the bugged dmg.
    Against q8 set tanks have keens set bonus which gives you more move sdpeed than the slow ....... still wanna say that mages are op with q7 or q8 ?

    Sorry but the video is straight trash real pvp is 1v1 since you can see the skills while 5v5 6v6 v is clown fiesta and full spam , sorry that you think this is an optimal arena with " skills" to spam like 5y old

    i use q4 but still i have a lot of mana and make li 7- 8 fireballs so the fact i made a mana build makes me a spammer ? ok but just so you know as you said tanks could take more hits before but also sustain them infinitely with 2 healing skills i like how tanks cant agree that pre 209 tanks had broken healing and all look at the dmg
  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Hey bro...i did not say that vs a 1hand dk q8 set is needed...the game forces u to use it because u simply dont have enough mana to use other skills.There will be no "infinite" fireballs because u wont have q7...all u can do is spam q8 because its the best dmg dealing skill remained that u can use.Other that or magic missile/chain lightning (but these 2 have lower dmg and but the other perks of ice missile are superior when compared to these).

    The frozen sphere can be used max 2-3 times per mana bar and after that u are doomed...its q8 and run until u can get some mana for a frozen sphere or fireball.The reason why q8 wasn't "fixed" for so long is probably because even the DSO dev team knows that sw's 1hand builds are a joke right now and nerfing the q8 will cripple the class when it comes to 1v1.

    To fix this they shouldve given extra dmg on fireball/frozen sphere or other skills.There shouldve been some uniques that increased the dmg of these skills kinda like the draken bow for rangers.Until this is done or other solution is found, the mages are forced to stick to q8 if they want to do 1v1 because they have no other choices and not because they want to.
  8. Thornmaster

    Thornmaster Forum Apprentice

    15 days later any comments about DK Sunset? Because there is a lot of DK's with cube set which are immortal even in 5vs5 arena which is spammed with many targets and heal potions (dead targets). Yes, there are many DK's who don't know what they are doing in exactly this arena but top DK's are still the best there.
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