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    Heroes of Dracania!

    Our dear CM Bella has some words to share with us regarding the Survey.

    We're excited to share some incredible news with you all. Thanks to your amazing participation, our recent survey reached 1 800+ responses! Your feedback is truly invaluable, and we can't thank you enough for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Now, without further ado, here are the top 10 most wanted events, as chosen by YOU, the players:

    Top 10 Most Wanted Events:

    #1 Big Game Hunt (BGH) – THE MOST WANTED EVENT

    #2 Curse of the Black Knights (Dragan) – A dark challenge awaits...

    #3 Helios Games (PvP) – Test your skills against worthy opponents

    #4 Defeat the Undefeatable (DTU) – Can you conquer the unconquerable?

    #5 Dark Dwarf Heist – Ready for some sneaky heists and epic loot?

    #6 Full Moon – Beware the full moon’s eerie glow...

    #7 Invasion of Kingshill – Defend our beloved city!

    #8 Stellar Gold – When golden monsters appears all over Dracania

    #9 Rising Hero – Rise to the occasion, heroes!

    #10 Attack on Werian Sanctuary – Protect the sanctuary at all costs!​

    Your enthusiasm and votes have given us a clear picture of the community's favorite events. We’re working hard to bring these epic events to life and can’t wait for you all to experience them.

    We Hear You!

    We heard that you all want BGH back ASAP. However, the Dev team is making sure that BGH is 100% bug-free before launch, so they need more time before the actual date is confirmed. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    What’s Next?

    We are working on summarising all the precious feedback including issues, bugs, and all your suggestions to improve the game Stay tuned for more updates on the event schedules and other exciting news. As always, your feedback is our guiding star. Keep adventuring, and thank you for being such an incredible community!

    Happy adventuring, heroes!


    Your Drakensang Online Team.
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