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  1. _Static_

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    Today, when i tried to log in, syfygames takes me to drakensang home page and tells me if i wish to play to simply register and create an account! This seems odd, considering i have had an account for about 2 years. So i logged out to log back in, and then it seemed my password wouldn't work. AMAZING! so, i clicked forgot password, and they sent me a new one, good deal, i could sign into syfygames. once logged in, usually u just click drakensang and it takes you to the play now screen, already logged in and ready to rock. But once again, it acts like i do not have an account! I have posted on syfygames forum (which is a ghost town, i will never receive a response from them, they know they are horrible at their jobs), and now i just sit and wait. I have contacted support as well and am awaiting a response from them.


    i have about 2400 draken waiting to spend, and we all know how seldom he comes around. not to mention the possibility of a discount on dark gear makes the december visit especially important.

    As some of you know, this is nowhere near the first time i have had problems with syfygames. This happens pretty regularly. It is super frustrating because you are kept completely in the dark about the entire thing. I find it kinda ridiculous that we aren't given the option to transfer our accounts from their site. They are obviously not fit to host the game, i'm not sure why you would want paying customers to be so unhappy with their service, or lack thereof, without giving them an option to rectify it by moving to the home portal.

    ANYWAYS enough complaining, anyone know whats going on with syfy this time? Any info is appreciated, because i am at a loss as usual. This isn't me screwing up, this one is them. I just would like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, and if they have been contacted with any explanation as to why this keeps occurring.

    as always, thanks to all of you for your help!

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  2. TheInfamous

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    This has happened to me before.
    However, when it happened there was this one toolbar that stayed there.

    If you click Home, it logs you in while sending you to Drakensang user page ( which is the page that has the big PLAY NOW button. From there you can play and won't auto-logout.
  3. _Static_

    _Static_ Forum Apprentice

    yeah, that didn't work this time.

    I received a response from support, it was a portal issue (again) with syfygames.

    Issue has been resolved now!
  4. TheInfamous

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    Of course. Syfygames needs to get their act together. Well, glad your problem is fixed. See ya around, man.
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