Tactical Turret/ 2 handed 4.0 speed

Discussion in 'Steam Mechanicus' started by MountainMidget, Jan 19, 2021.

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  1. MountainMidget

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    Hello all, Thought id share something that most might not be aware of....that it is possible to gain 4.0 attack speed (solo) while using a 2 handed weapon as a Steam Mechanic. If you are not aware, once you reach the threshold of 4.0 attack speed, you can gain a "buff" called "Battle Anger" (you gain this by consistently hitting mobs in succession). Once you stack 100 Battle Anger's, it will drastically raise your base damage (approx 150k more dmg on whites personally). I reached 4.0 attack speed by equipping items with attack speed within the base values....ie rings, gloves, adornment, banner and 2 handed weapon, in addition to enchanting those items (excluding the weapon) with fwas and receiving 19.50% fas from runes and 60 points into "Ambidextrous Agility" in the Wisdom talents, also using the pet "Dragan Doll" (doll was obtained from Curse of the Black Knights - Dragan's Return event) that gives 16.00% attack speed as well as having a few higher level Zircon gems in my equipment. Tactical Turret is also a key component in reaching 4.0 attk speed.....i personally have "10" points in Tactical Turret (which gives you attack speed) and once the Turret "buffs" you 5 times....you should reach the threshold (atm when fully buffed im @ 4.128 speed). I am not sure if this is possible at lower levels as i have only tried this at level 100 . Steam Mechanic "posts" are rare and im hoping this helps some and gives players something to experiment with...It seems this setup works well when fighting long "boss" fights as it takes quite some time to build up 100 "Battle Anger" buffs, not quite sure of its merits for soloing/other situations, just food for thought...Thankyou.
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  2. silverseas

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    Every .5 attack speed above 4 will increase the number of stacks of Battle Anger. (eg. 4.5 = 2 stacks/atk, 5.0 = 3 stacks/atk) IIRC, until you reach 6.5 attack speed and then it tops out there. That will help you to make better use of it in combat than 1 stack at a time.