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    Hello Heroes,

    Below you can find more details about talent points in general:
    • You get a maximum of 50 talent points per system.
    • There are 3 different systems: Experience, Knowledgeand Honor.
    • For each of the system you can get 50 talent points.
    • So in total you character can have 150 talent points.
    • You need them to unlock talents of each of the systems.
    Example for Talent Points needed to unlock skills:

    The 3 different systems: experience, knowledge and honor:

    In order to progress and get talent point in these systems you need to collect different units.​

    In order to get experience talent points, for the experience system, you need to collect experience by slaying monsters and fulfilling quests.

    In order to get wisdom talent points for the knowledge system you need to collect ancient wisdom which drops from monsters, you can purchase it or get it through daily quests.​

    In order to get honor talent points for the honor system, you need to collect honor points which you get by defeating enemy players in player versus player matches.​

    Example: Honor Points

    Badges of Honor
    It is a unit you earn from PvP Matches and which you can use to purchase items from the PvP Merchant:

    Hotkey: S – and enter via the Tab Honor.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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