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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SiL3nT_OnE, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I know the source of this meme trakilaki and must say, well played sir. I've seen all of his movies and the best part, what makes them truly special is that Rudy Ray Moore did the absolute best he could. He simply didn't have it in him to direct or act better than he did. He gave it his best shot, and those movies were the result.


    I've got Dragan set (Some pieces T1 and some T2) as well as T3 Dragan sword that I don't use. I got T4 sigris armor which is barely better than the T2 Dragan torso. I'm definitely going for the Heradur shield. I've got T5 cloak and hand axe from New Moon events and some fair HP (62k) from a ring I crafted. Getting there slowly but surely.
    I will say, its less fun playing 1H than 2H but at least I survive long enough to potentially take home the bacon. Baragain's advice on the skills has helped tremendously as well.
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I like parodies ... those particular gifs are from Black Dynamite XD
    Dojo Scene
  3. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Is there any consensus on pre-PW setups?) Sets from hiraya? Machine set? Mix of purple items?

    Toon is painful capable. But it is so slow that cannot even dream of crafting yet)

    Or is it better to collect frags and ask a buddy to kill herald one time and buy?)
  4. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    No consensus. Use anything to improve farming performance.
    I see nothing is wrong to buy high tier Herald weapon or the set.
    Dragan event nearly come. I would focus on that, ask help form buddies to get high tier as possible. Uncrafted offensive and/or with defensive 3/4 each set does indeed improve the toon quite a lot.
  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Do what gun says - run the dragan event when it comes (estimated around January 12th) and try to get the torso-pauldrons-cape from the black widow spider boss in a group. Given the length of the event, you could do it in two phases - aiming for complete set of tier III/IV gear early in the event, and then, equipping those and seeing if you can get any tier V/VI gear later in the event if your group is strong enough.

    This, btw, is my current plan for my dk. I am probably going to shift to 1H for the dragan event (I am probably breaking down and buying that stupid lifekeeper mace too) and am hoping to get some tier IV gear in the first couple days. From there I will swap out some of my tier I/II stuff (and permanently retire my level 50 warlord gear) and then from there I will be able to start tier V/VI gear hunting hopefully.
  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Thx guys, ofc, but I'm not at that level yet. The answer I was looking for is what are easy2get uniques to replace my old junk items so I can do painful) so a friend said to buy 2handed from hiraya, and it helped a lot. Now also getting uniques in that area and also balor. Just got a torso from balor.

    I'm still running with old dragan. Don't have anything to replace it with yet. Would trade that block/max dmg for crit if there was an option.

    I also run with old legendary rings/belt/amulet that have absolute crit lines. Need to replace them with the new items, but don't want to lose crit. So this is where I am right now. Far to dragan t2/t3))) I aim to get T1 sets, both offensive and defensive. And then maybe try T2. But fatal is sure far far away. Anyway, thx for answers.

    On the positive side, it is nice to see your char growing and getting better every day. With end mage it was more like 1% boost in 1 month.
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  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I was in a similar place for a while since I wanted a crit helmet to craft into my T3 Dragan helmet to offset the damage I was going to lose when I replaced the Warlord set. I also replaced an absolute crit belt with a %Damage belt to also offset the damage loss. Other things you can do to offset the crit is using T0 Darkness pauldrons and 2/4 New Moon set with cape/decoration. The hard part is crafting the various items you need to implement this, but when complete, it makes for a sudden and amazing upgrade.
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  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Well then, drop down another notch and try to get tier I/II stuff from the two bosses in the dragan event.

    As for replacing crit gear, up until a few months ago I was running with old 4x crit belt/4x crit adornment/seal of death for about 335 crit/level 50 bloodtooth 25% crit (old gear). I also had various crit% runes and a tier I dragan ring (new gear, replaced my second bloodtooth after the first post level 55 dragan event) and my weapon is still an old level 50 glyphed to level 54 2H axe that also has a crit line (along with 230+% idoti). I was able to craft a 3.5x increased crit on this item adornment and pristine craft that onto a TierV black queen adornment that I bought during a terrible tanking run and that allowed me to get rid of one old item, and the kranpaurus amulet allowed me to get rid of the seal of death.
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  9. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Thx guys. Few more questions If I could.

    Assuming twohanded farm (PvE only), what are the no brainer items? Something like q8 set for mages (mobs) / q4 set. I don't plan to build tanky setup just yet (this year) so aim doing levels I can do 2handed. Otherwise, craft and wait.

    And another one. Are there any items that are fairly easy to obtain, that offer reasonable enchantments without crafting? E.g. what is the best as is torso, as is necklace, etc? Or, are most of those items fairly similar?

    As of right now, I'm running with 1500 ander 2handed from hiraya, corruption torso, warlord 3/3, mix of old uniques and blue adornment :)

    I plan to switch to keen as soon as I drop the last piece, that seems fairly straightforward. Then I need whatever helmet and whatever adornment that offer best crit? Are the q1 adornment and q3 helmet okay choices? Or are there better ones?

    Having done all of that as well as replacing old rings with good base crit line, I hope I would be able to run (walk) excruciating. Not sure though as all my gems are just old style polished with some radiants here and there.
  10. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Last Dragan Event, especially in Tegan back then if I remember correctly on 2 pure tanks that were most likely already in full team. The rest of us just had to act crazy, force to the limit. First 5 runs might like hell, the rest we did ok.
    I think you have better chance now to get t4-t5. Players are stronger now, I believe more willing to help out at least for t4.
    So please don't aim for t1-t2:D

    Gladly giving my insight to a veteran, as you guys guided me by a lot.

    I would still say there is nothing wrong to use some of PW sets. But I'm afraid it's only good to improve resistant.
    If you would like to improve resistant, focus only for fire resistant, such as Grimmag Boots, Herald Glove, %all resist bonus.. so not that much materi to spend for things that is temporary.
    Other than that, there are still options from other uniques that is easier to get, cheaper, yet useful.

    Yes 1500 ander 2H from Hiraja definitely good choice.

    The Unthouchable Pouldron from Q2 is very cheap. 12k mf for t4 & 14k mf for t5 if I'm not mistaken.
    Quite powerful though un-crafted.
    Just need friend help to buy t4 or t5.

    3/3 Dunes set:
    Mainly used for it 1800 crit rate from set bonus. But I think it's not that easy/fast to farm the coins needed right now.
    When the expansion came we got more coins from event.

    Ring of Life:
    Does not matter if it only t1. The 1% regeneration is what we aim. But for 30-40K hp toons, it require to use 2pcs to be effective.

    Untouchable Torso:
    I always forgot to check the price of this Torso.. Assuming it is as cheap as the pouldron, then it is definitely good option for un-crafted unique. Aim for t4-t5 stick it with cyanides.

    Amulet, Belt & Ring. Good drop rate in Blood Moon. 1/4 piece or 3/4 very usable. I'm sure you can get some of it in next event.

    Cloak, Andornment & Boots. Good drop rate in New Moon. I also sure you can get some of it in next event.

    All Dragan items. Good drop rate. 3/4 each set very useful though un-crafted

    I'm going to highlight what good about un-crafted Dragan Ring:
    It has high %More Health Points on this item.
    Fresh 55 will feel hard to let go their 2nd Dragan Ring.

    I already see significant improvement for your toon until mid February :D
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  11. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    To add onto what gun said above, two rings of life is a fairly useful thing to use for a new level 55. For one, it will allow you to handle fatal and infernal mobs much easier as your regen will be off the charts, and you can just solo run 2H, for example, infernal stonekeep for crafting pieces with those rings equipped while waiting for a group, and then switch to 1H build for group runs when you find a group. Same for using 1/4 of the blood moon set.

    I am still using two tier III rings of life on my mech (they were early random drops from the deer stag boss in map 1 of q4 in the introduction of the level 55 game) as I have had no luck on my mech after 100's of times killing map 1 ocean of bones boss for a tier IV/V mortis death ring. It makes me a fairly tanky mech as I have about 30K hp with my pet, and I usually will not have to kite that much until I face a map boss.

    I actually am experimenting with going back and forth from the kranparus amulet and the blood moon amulet on my DK based on the situation (I have not opened the 5th slot on either as I have not settled on a final level 55 build yet)
  12. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Thanks guys. That's helpful.

    Slowly, but I'm moving forward. Dropped the remaining piece of the keen set today, gloves. Didn't realize they don't offer a single speed line. But got so much HP with it, and keen compensated for most crit I lost replacing 4x absolute crit belt.

    Also dropped all the balor items, and replaced warlord set. No block, less dmg, but more defense and more crit. Was doing good and finally dropped last corruption item - 2handed. It is worse than the one I had, but it does magic against mobs in q3m1. Less dmg, but with all the buffs I reach *5 crit dmg quite a lot. And having 7 consecutive mighty wild swings doesn't hurt either) It is fun indeed. Doesnt work on bosses though)

    So I'm painful capable. Khalys is hard. Others are very doable. And I can do fatal q3m1, just takes forever. Will probably run painful for a while.

    Thx again. Will keep you posted.
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  13. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    So you really did it. You are growing up a dk. Are you ready to start again with glyphs, gems, runes, crafting, ecc??? it would need more or less 2 years to be good. When i realized it i decided to continue with my spellweaver and accepted the fact that we just choosed the wrong class. it was fate, misfortune. When i group with new little heroes i always tell them that if they want to really enjoy the game at its best they should switch to dk. For me starting again from zero is funny at the beginning but after some month is frustrating.
  14. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Yeah, I did. But don't want to make bold claims either. This is the second time I plan to abandon my mage and switch to DK. Last time it happened at lvl50, just before the dragan, and I played a tank for a month. And finally my guild leader discouraged me from continuing. Shouldn't have listened.

    So I'm just trying. Let's see how it goes. I don't plan to get the best tank, that's impossible and will take 3 years to catch up on runes and stuff. Just make a good infernal capable toon and have fun. And I still plan to do low hanging fruit events with a mage, like full moon. Takes me less than an hour to complete. And I plan to finish dragan with both too. Let's see.

    As for glyphs and gems, trying not to think about that. Glyphs are easy. Much easier they used to be. I get 1M+ just doing nonspecific farming and melting purple-legendary-uniques. Gems are harder. Runes are impossible. I don't have a single HP rune, not a single run speed, cooldown, no Christmas stars etc, nothing but one armor rune))) that's scary.

    But so far I learned that DK requires much lower stats in PVE comparing to a mage. I saw avg DK doing magic at inf2 I couldn't dream of with my mage. So that encourages. Will see.


    It has been a while since I posted, but I was improving every day quite a lot, so didn't have time to write)

    So as I leveled up, a few items helped me a lot for the first week.
    1. Hiraya 2handed axe. I have actually bought it 3 times, on 50, 53, 55. It's pretty cheap but does a job.
    2. T0-T1 keen set. Got it hundred times leveling up, as well as on the new moon maps.
    3. Balor set - shoulders, torso, helmet. Used for few days before found better leg torso, then also leg helmet with 23+ crit.
    I did try whole balor set and it worked nice on the normal maps, but was useless otherwise.
    4. Got some cloak from hiraya as well (part of the set with the weapon)

    And I started crafting adornments. With some luck, I had 3/4 legendary in the first week after first try. Both pink were crafted in 1 day. Otherwise, crafting was pain. Couldn't craft any other pink item. And worse part, that legendary adornment got the lowest base crit value of all, as well as t0. So it came out worse than the purple in it.

    I was able to melt pinks+ selling greens/blues for a week, before I ran out of gold (I had 900 or so). Crafting ate it all in two days. Since then it was pain. I'm still very low on glyphs, and now have no idea how to combine crafting and melt. Selling everything from q3m1 run doesn't even let you craft all the blues you get. So I just focus on few items.

    Slowly, but I was able to run painful Qx, and finished the final q9.

    In the meantime, new moon event started, and my guild decided to help. So in the very first run I'm getting T6 shoulders, T6 dragon shield, T6 black weapon and adornment. After few more runs I had queens' sets ready (didn't drop any other witch seeker item). I was playing a noob calling the second queen - thx to all the wood I had from before, as well as amphora keys. Now both down to love though). Also got T6 keen gloves and boots, both with golden lines). Didn't have T6 belt until today.

    That helped so much... I was able to run q3m1 in fatal. Would take forever, but I didn't die. With the dragon shield, black adornment and 1handed, blue/pink rings, black cloak - I was at 72% crit with only 3 onyxes (radiants and polished) :)

    On 2handed, it was much less, around 40-42.

    And finally dragan started. All the previous items helped me to farm normal and painful easily, so as soon as I got 10 pearls - went dragan with guild. Thanks again.

    Dropped everything but ring (until today). Improved damage quite a lot, but helmet without crit isn't much fun. As I got ring today, will try it now with my random legendary helmet.

    Today we finally went spider, and I got full set. No golden lines, but anyway - wow guys, this set does magic to a tank.

    Lastly, I got 3500 drakens with all the quests, and bought lifekeeper. Still running with 0 HP runes though (today I bought the first cooldown rune, not sure why).

    After that, I decided to try the most defensive setup I can with the mix of dragan set, keen and random crafted pinks or dropped legendaries. The result -

    83k hp :)) my oh my. Remember, I only have radiant and polished gems (no items with 5 slots either, some with just 2) :) and zero hp runes. I equipped random legendary amulet with 23% hp, crafted purple helmet with 19, dragan ring, random purple ring. And this all with 25 talent points, 5%+6% pet is 83k hp) and more with the aggro skill.

    I also have 80% at inf1 block rate, thanks to dragan spider items and my purple 2x block chance crafted t5 shield, upped to lvl60. Reduction is much lower, but with set bonus x25 - not bad :)

    Armor is at 62%. Can go higher, as I crafted 3/4 legendary armor with 4th stat being random 40% AOTI, making it 220% or so total. But cannot break spider set. Resistance sucks, at about 40% or less.

    Anyway, with all that help from guild, in just two weeks I tripled my HP and improved every other stat too, so I think I now can tank the inf1 maps. Not sure about bosses.

    Now I dream about q4 rings, so tank inf mode for sure, have a party, so I can farm pristine cores, so I can craft, so I can then go inf2, and so on. And finally, so I can craft the 2handed build.

    Looks like the road to 2handed DK is much faster through the aggro build.

    Thanks a lot for suggestions. If you have more, much appreciated.
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  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest



    Thanks for sharing, it was interesting to read :) actually it makes me wanna play my really low dwarf too and start the challenge of a new char
  17. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    As Gun has said, I made quite a lot of progress thanks to my guild, primarily). Thank you for support)

    Now I have 2h setup to go after easy but so boring glpyhs. More importantly I have fatal/inf1 capable tank setup. Fatal is easy. Inf1 involves some dancing and assume there is support from the team aka killing mobs around grimmag so I don't get stuck and receive double laser hit, or providing Tesla at q3. Q2 is fairly easy too.

    I move glyphs between items for fatal and inf1, so I have more block at the latter.

    Here what it looks like as of tonight:


    Amulet and helmet are 3/4 golden HP. One of the rings is dropped legendary with good triple HPOTI, but it has crit as a second baseline instead of resist. Have similar with resist, but lower HP and just 1 slot instead of 4. So minus 3 hp gems. Not sure which is better.

    Already crafted 3/4 IDOTI weapon, last being 20% overall dmg. Going to transfer it into q4 weapon, which magically dropped in a total of five runs with the guild. Base isn't gold, but 799, couldn't ask for more.

    Also have 2x 3/4 adornments. Will try to craft 4/4, if not will transfer 3/4 102% as is into spider adornment.

    Have 180% HPOTI ring, but t1. So couldn't use it right now.

    Shield is 2/1/0.5, 2 being BlockChanceOTI, 1 being 64% overall block chance, 0.5 being 16% hp. Will wait with transfer. Have okay premium shield, but maybe will buy the q3 shield. Will see.

    Also have 3/4 Torso 220% AOTI ready to be transferred into spider)

    Now killing lvl1-lvl2 teddy for shock cores, and also a ring. Already got one. Quite a useful thing indeed.

    None of the dragan items have golden lines, but should be enough for a newbie. Couldn't ask for more)

    As I transfer weapon and adornment, will switch into 100% glyphing up mode. Right now I'm too slow killing arachna (non PW fatal) with 45% crit and 14k dmg *3.05critdmg. Will be at 80% with adornment, and up to 18-19k dmg.

    No idea what to do with resist yet. My mage has it covered with gems and a bunch of high T golden lines. Will probably need to craft something into Keen belt. But only have 2/3 pink as of now. Maybe will try to get q9 amulet. Should help a little.

    Made my first flawless onyx today, and first flawless amethyst. Still lots of slots to open, but will not waste ander on temporary items.

    Any suggestions welcome)

    Will keep you posted.
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  18. AlexCC

    AlexCC Someday Author

    Quick question about shields.

    For those who doesn't have a discontinued old shield with big increased block rate, what's the best option to go for?

    Shields with %health or shields with %improved block rate on this item?

    More objectively, is it possible to assess (or at least estimate) how much health points is it worth a x percentage of total block rate?
    (for example: considering that the block strength is the default one - 50% - , for an increase of 10% total block rate it is worth to give up on x points of health).

    _Baragain_ ? :D

    Thank you.
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  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You need a mix. Without at least two block rate on this item lines, you will have a hard time reaching 80% block rate in the higher difficulties. The last two lines can be either block strength or HP.

    Once upon a time I calculated the best shield. The meta has changed a lot since then and the addition of %HP has greatly complicated the math, but after this season's leaderboards end, I may put my mind to the task
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  20. AlexCC

    AlexCC Someday Author

    Thank you. Is that i have a shield that makes my total block rate go from 14% to 28%.
    But, to use it, i would have to give up on about 10k health (65220 to 55050). I've decided to stick with the health one. What do you think?

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