Teddy Bears announcment on Balo Tegan merger.

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    I can't load the website of any server except for heredur in IE11 on Win7. Grimmag sends a Handshake Failure (TLSv1.2) immediately after ACKing (TCP) of the Client Hello. Could somebody check what's wrong with that? Other browsers work fine on Win7, but they can't be used to launch the game.

    Edit: If anybody is interested, Tegan has not only the same physical location, but also IP as Agathon! And Balor and Werian have not only the same physical location, but also IP as Grimmag! Stablebuild has the same physical location as Grimmag, Balor and Werian, but a slightly different IP. Heredur will probably be relocated to the same location, but a different IP than Grimmag.
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