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    Terrifying Shadows – A New Era
    ~Event Guide~


    Quick Overview
    Required level:19-100
    Duration:19th of February 12:00 CEST –
    25th of February 23:59 CEST
    Event summary:
    Bigger, Meaner and dead: Sargon is back! The Terrible returned and it needs heroes to stop his subordinates and foil his plans.

    The Terrible is BACK!
    • Collect Coffee Beans from worthy opponents everywhere in Dracania
    • Enter Stillwater Bay at Night and collect Shadow Portal Fragments by destroying the Shadow Portals in the map to obtain Shadow Portals, leading you to Sargon’s Shadowfort
    • Collect Light Essences to step against Sargon and some of his minions.


    Stillwater Bay at Night:
    Beach party? At night? Sounds like a lot of fun…or not!

    This is the first event map, it requires 10 Coffee Beans to enter. Coffee Beans can drop from worthy monsters.

    Monsters in Stillwater Bay at night can also drop Shadows, the event progress, Light Essences, as well as Shadow Portal Fragments.

    These are needed to complete the repeatable quest “Sneak through the Portal 1/1” provided by Jon Sunlair. This quest is granting you with a Shadow Portal that will lead you to Sargon’s Shadowfort.


    Sargon’s Shadowfort:
    Some heroes already had the honor of meeting the King of the Shadows in his prime; the others meet him for the first time. Whatever the conditions, Sargon will treat everyone equally cruel. Don’t worry!

    This is the main event map, leading to Sargon’s Throne Room. Monsters in this map can drop Shadows, the event progress, as well as general monster loot.


    Look for the three Shadow Altars in the map. Interact with all of them and defeat Sargon’s Gatekeepers.

    Face the Soul Collector Sentinel (requires Light Essences to fight against it, same as the other Soul Collector monsters), that stays between you and the path to the King of Shadows!
    Defeating him will unlock the door on top of the map, leading to Sargon’s Throne Room, where the real challenge awaits you!


    Map objects (Amphorae, Lockpick Chests, Shadow Altars, Map Sentinel and Sargon’s Throne Room entry)

    Sargon’s Throne Room:
    What makes a good villain? Good persistence! Even in death, Sargon never gives up on his dream of subjugating Dracania!

    This is the Boss map of the event, where Sargon the Terrible is waiting for you. The Boss can drop Shadows, the new Shadow Reign Set Items and even the new Sargon Costume, to look as terrifying as Sargon himself! The Boss requires Light Essences to fight against him and his evil minions.

    007.png 008.png

    To fight against Sargon’s new reincarnation, you need to finish the Chapter 1 – A Dark Heritage and complete the quest “The First Ones” and “Shadow Master”! Otherwise, you will arrive in another instance than for example your group members that completed the quests.

    Shadows dropped per run on each difficulty:
    Amount of Shadows10318929150181013602235

    Shadow Reign Set Bonuses
    009.png 010.png
    011.png 012.png
    *the Set bonuses are for Level 100 Set Gear

    Progress Bars
    014.png 015.png 016.png 017.png 018.png 019.png

    The Mark of Mortis is one of the most significant event rewards.

    It is used for entering Mortis' Exile, the Boss room of Mortis, God of Death, which is accessible if you finished the "The Last Trial 1/2" quest in Elysium.

    Altogether you can obtain 32 Marks of Mortis from the progress bars, but with the Event Attire active, you can obtain additional 5 Marks as a drop from Sargon.

    Shop Offers
    021.png 022.png

    Event Attire
    023.png 024.pngBonus while active:

    • Increased Coffee Bean drop chance
    • 20% increased Shadow drop stack size (minimum +1)
    • Shadow Portals in Stillwater Bay at night have a chance to drop an additional Shadow Portal Fragment
    • Enemies in Sargon’s Shadowfort can drop Light Essences
    • Sargon has a chance to drop a Mark of Mortis (limited to 5 times per event)

    Duration: 7 days
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