The PVP is just SAAAAD

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by ziadJouini, Sep 18, 2020.

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  1. ziadJouini

    ziadJouini Forum Greenhorn

    I used to play this game back from 2012-2016 and i used to love it and i still do ! sort of anyway ! i left the game in early 2016 as it was becoming absolute crap xD then later after 4 years with covid and all i though well ihave time why not go back and play some DSO sure they fixed it i mean it's been 4 years and when i left most players were angry at how the game is being mismanaged right ? well turns out NO ! the game is more grindy then ever ! and to address the elephent in the room somehow it's even more unbalanced ! especially the pvp low-high lvl it simply takes a little luck and a LOOOT of farming ! weeks in low lvl and well months in high lvl !
    Now for you twinkers that say 'oh well if you wanna be good at pvp you have to farm just like the rest of booohoo bla bla bla ' i have one answer ! I have a freaking life ! you should try getting one too !
    The game used to be about u know playing with you friends a couple of hours get some good stuff and then spend some time testing it and enjoying it in pvp a some what balanced pvp where everyone has a chance to win ! you know (FUN)! this is what all aspects of the game hase to be in order to be succsefull ! but now a huge part of that is just out of the goddamn window !
    then dady big point decided to give these twinkers tier X items on premium day ! again tier X items for low lvl twinkers ! you can just say that the chances of a low lvl new player loving the game for it's great pvp systems is just fantasy !
    here are some tips u geniuses
    -do a 5 lvl cap on items ( u can't upgrade them more than 5 times ur lvl) it'll do wonders i promise you !
    -big dady big point umm how about i don't know STOP GIVING THIESE TOXIC LOSERS OP ITEMS ! you know why ? i played in the arabic server ! and for u guys that don't know why that peice of trash failed well they removed op weapons and armors from the game drop system and put theme for sale only ! yup at the time they sold predator and yakhatakrkek.. stuff (still for the life of me i can't pronounce it lol xD ) anyway the game failed after 7 months ! why ? cus 1/100 of the players who were stupid enough to buy that joke ! were to op for everyone eles no matter how good they were ! mmm i wonder is there some similarity here huh i guess will never know ! lol xD
    -upgrade the honner skill tree ! your genius idea of removeing gemes ruines and enchantments effects from the pvp has left some chars way stronger than others
    for ex the ranger without att speed is nothing against a mage / and a mage without fast movement speed is nothing against a DK ..ect
    -fix the ranger ! it used to be the strongest in pvp and now it's the weakest !
    VERRY SORRY FOR MY BAD ENG it's my third language and i am sill learning xD

    at the end i would only hope you really put some time in to the pvp and fix it cuz belive me it's a big part of what made this game so popular back in 2012-2016 without it there is no reason for many players like myself to event play let alone buy stuff (for ex i was literaly going to spend 150$ on the game last week but thank god i expiremented first ! )
  2. raider

    raider Forum Pro

  3. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    if u want only pvp go moba or sth
    this is mmorpg = if u want sth go farm it.
    end of the story
  4. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    ^ End of the [EDIT] bs post more like..

    Ur typical "twink" that thinks everyone must suffer
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  5. ziadJouini

    ziadJouini Forum Greenhorn

    honestly i am seriusly considering to stop playing ! .. i really hope that the next november update might fix some of this [EDIT] !
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  6. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Try to get some things before Dragan event ends I think..

    All other events will show up again and again soon enough anyway.

    Hate back to back endless event waves thou..
  7. ziadJouini

    ziadJouini Forum Greenhorn

    if u don't mide what is so important about the dragan event ? i really don't understand it xD i played it twice b4 i stoped playing in 2016 but i never used the gear that i got from it :) did something change ? cuz i just went back 3 weeks ago :)
  8. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    i've complained for years about the game, pvp has sucked since 2016, and the game has sucked some huge donkey booty since 2017 (because i loved xp blocking, yes call me a twinker idgaf about you boomers) No matter what they do pvp will be unfair, they can either give everyone their normal stats and see how life will be, or use your suggestion (which would be incredibly boring), personally i think they should add a fresh level 45 server just like it was in 2014, with all the new maps but cap it at level 45 , now that would be fun
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