The Rise of Dragan - Curse of the Black Knights

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    Start: Thursday, 19th of June at 14:15 pm (CET UTC+1)

    End: Friday, 11th of July at 14:15 pm (CET UTC+1)

    Start: Thursday, 19th of June at 20:15 pm (CET UTC+1)

    End: Friday, 11th of July at 20:15 pm (CET UTC+1)

    Start: Thursday, 19th of June at 23:15 pm (CET UTC+1)

    End: Friday, 11th of July at 23:15 pm (CET UTC+1)
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  2. Green = Item name

    Blue = Quest name

    Orange = NPC name ingame

    Known Issues:



    ·Whenever you move an unidentified item from one slot to another,
    the question mark (?) will remain in the slot where the item was moved from

    Event – Rise of Dragan


    ·If you fail the Black Knights Battleground Quest you have to erase the quest from your quest log and accept it again

    ·Test of Merciless: Every player has to speak to the NPC Dr.Jullov (in his laboratory) otherwise the quest Test of Mercilessness does not count

    ·Test of Bravery: All members of a group need to speak first to NPC Perceval and then activate the gong. If a member of a group speaks to
    NPC Perceval and activated the gong before other group members have spoken to the NPC, the quest only counts for one group member


    ·The Laboratory Emergency Ration, is giving players two mighty spirit stones which are not mentioned in the item’s descriptive text.


    ·Spider monsters can be seen for 2 – 3 frames before they
    should pop out of the Spider Incubators


    ·Ranged missiles (arrows & bullets) appear to be blocked by barrels but actually pierce through and can hurt a character

    ·(Only affects groups) If you enter a location, where barrels have been opened by a member of your group, the barrel will seem unopened – upon clicking, the player will realize that the barrel has been already opened


    ·Dragan’s Vanguard Items:

    4 items of the same kind – can be combined to 1 of the higher tier, this information is missing

    in the descriptive text of the following sets:

    o Black Squire Equipment

    o Black Knight Equipment

    o Black Warlord Equipment

    ·Onyx Dragon (Mount):

    You need to combine 4 items to receive this mount – unfortunately all of the 4 items are missing this information at the moment

    ·Cape of the Black Warlord:

    Currently the cape cannot be upgraded past item level 45

    ·Fortress Ravencaw (location)

    leaving a group will cause the player to be teleported to the excavation site instead of
    the entrance of the instance


    ·Emote: Professor Jullov’s Monster
    The emote is currently without sound when activated

    ·Mount: Tame Battle Spider
    The spider is currently missing sound
  3. A few event-related banners....

    Professor Jullov’s Monster


    Onyx dragon


    Dungeon Costume


    Sharp-Eyed Raven


    Tame Battle Spider


    Helmet of the Black Squire


    Helmet of the Black Knight


    Helmet of the Black Warlord

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