[ThinClient] Crash after Shop & Cash for Action

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by totallyfresh, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. totallyfresh

    totallyfresh Forum Greenhorn

    Daeda, Dragonknight, Level 5, Agathon Server
    The main map northeast of the starter town where you have to collect X items
    Latest version of the game, 120-something as of April 21st 2014
    Thin Client Latest Version
    Latest Java version 8, revision 5 from main Oracle website
    Windowed mode
    -I clicked the premium icon in upper right (the crown) and it auto-windowed my screen.
    -I then clicked on some shop items to see details
    -Then I clicked 'Cash for Action' and the game crashed
    -Not sure if I can reproduce the error; I don't get paid for this and I don't want to bug/mess up my character
    -Thinclient has crashed, typical Windows 7 (x64) error
    -No snapshot available, doubt it would help

    What is laughably bad is how it crashes in the shop. You think with everything BigPoint is focused on they'd make sure their shop was stable :p

    My specs aren't that relevant other than I'm on a desktop (no stupid mobile chipsets) with more than adequate hardware and I'm on Win7 x64 for my OS.

    Hope this helps. A bit of andermant for taking the time to type all this out would be nice.
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