This game kick rangers

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Mistralrex, Oct 1, 2020.

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  1. Mistralrex

    Mistralrex Forum Apprentice

    We wrote a lot of ideas and changes when game change, but never hear us. The game change but never fix old ranger issues, seems we are playing old game with old unusefull skill. While other class got nice developed, new skills, fix old skill,and never nerf nothing, whide atack, best time to jump,etc.

    So never fix wolfs buggs, no atack, no life, no speed, sometimes unable to choose objective. So no change to give back some life, just another obstacle to movement/avoid atacks.

    So worst in pvp, wolves let oponent give life back without do any injuried (killing they).

    Bird of pray.. i was understand thath hawk is a fast movement , but no.. short legs of dwark is faster (x3 at least) and sooo slow to cast.
    Net is soo thin to trap some in movement, oher class put far traps during some seconds, with powerfull debuff/damage..why dont add some poison trap on the floor when u miss net?? In order to balance skills?
    Mages hit whith wide atack, and damage over time..ranged use thin pins over hight speed oponents.. basic atack is nerferd.

    I was hope the new changes, but only brings a new deception, no fix,no change..only mosquitoes , allways mosqitoes...
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  2. cerbugheorghita

    cerbugheorghita Forum Greenhorn

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  3. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    I think they made from rangers something they planned with dwarfs, you are not supposed to fight much, just summon stuff to fight for you.

    PvP is dead to me, the only use I see for it are daily Qs, but it's too much pain to do anyways.

    I have played mage recently, but I don't see any nice development you are talking about - new skills are useless, bugs remain, everything is just nerfed. Rangers have at least anything to heal with when the health regeneration is 0. (No start of argument which class is better or worse intended)

    I'd say most players just embrace the mosquitoes or stop playing.
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  4. kerad19711

    kerad19711 Forum Greenhorn

    I play a very strong character from the beginning. They killed the Archer. Stop game
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  5. Mistralrex

    Mistralrex Forum Apprentice

    we cannt summon 6 or 7 wolfs in boss room because the boss summon 6-7 meteors, and later 4 or 5 mobs respawn.. so add 30 or 35 more mobs, so this game is only for other class... just check general chat..nobody looks for ranger to make party.
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  6. -manyak-adam-

    -manyak-adam- Forum Greenhorn

    what about now ??
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