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    Greetings minions, denizens, acolytes and bedroom mirror Jedi........ oh com'on you know you all do it!

    By now you will have no doubt have seen me around the forums posting announcements and patchnotes, I am of course the EN TL (Team Leader), somehow i have managed to wrack close to four years experience with Bigpoint in various capacities with tons of experience both playing the games and working on them

    How i have kept sane all this time i have no idea and neither does Mr Fimble... hes the little man who lives in my thumb and tells me what to have for dinner. I have been working on games through both good times and bad times and have seen many Moderators, Smods and Admins come and go, but through al those times I have stuck around.... TO ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF EVERYBODY

    Why stick around so long? Simple, you get to meet some interesting people, some smart and insightful, some wordy and talkative and some may be slightly more insane than a box of flying monkeys fed nothing but girl scout brownies (we all have those right?). The variety of people you meet and have the opportunity to assist makes what can be a hard job very rewarding

    Im 30 (WHAT ALREADY!!!!), married and have 6 YES SIX kids, so where i get the time for this as well as several hobbies i have no idea but I suspect my underpants with the flux capacitor on the front may be a clue. (Picture plucky Brit with manic grin)

    My background is in system engineering with hobbies in the fields of Case Modding, CAD, Custom Computer building, an avid reader of Steven King and Terry Pratchett (don't attempt to read both at the same there is a 50% chance your brain will turn inside out) and even a little time on the side for a spot of 40K

    If you want to know anymore just ask, and whatever you do.... BEWARE SQUIRRELS FOR THEY ARE THE HARBINGERS OF DOOM
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