Bug today crazy "Error Code 23" in Tegan server

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Lin, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. DebugPlayer

    DebugPlayer Forum Apprentice

    Now anyone or board administrator have connection fix news ?
    Very long waiting......
  2. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    hi there...i have problem connecting to server tegan( bug return) and gives me all connection attempt failed then when i switch to a different character it gives: player already logged in.. code error 23.....this bug was before release 161 and it still doing it in release 161
    now 2 days without playing properly...this bugs give me 2much frustration and im sick of this all bugs..and im seriously thinking of canceling my premium delete my creditcard info and quit this game
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  3. jana87

    jana87 Forum Greenhorn

    In last days the Tegan server falls several times every day (test on other server I can play).
    Its looks like a problem with the hardware or operating system.

    Please do something
  4. AniDrakenSniper93

    AniDrakenSniper93 Someday Author

    yes that would be really helpful, a server porting feauture. I am unable to login into tegan server, due to an 'error code 23 - player already logged in' atm , and further tegan is more laggy when compared to other servers.
  5. Thor`

    Thor` Forum Greenhorn

    tegan still continues with same problem, monday a patch for 161 with no cure for tegan on error code as it is silent on such aspect and touches other aspects. well,, we are now frustrated to say, it is now 2 days and more and still no cure atleast on monday.. why they applied a rel 161 with out the cure to this remedy creating all problems. the lag is so much some time s that it is rubberbanding and porting to old place. if u feel so , and u r in group , immediately quit the group and wait in the map itself, if u teleport , u will be bugged with error 23 code. that is what i understood from my experience. dont teleport immediately and in group and dont mount and teleport too. dont make multi task .. they ar not properly registered in server and is why u r bugged. if u r in town , it is not happening .. so just keep an eye on it.. and during that time, i just tried to ping tegan and it says ping timed out lol .. hehehehe.. so watch ur eyes. we expect a very decent compensation for this .. from day one it occured, count us in and premium till it is solved.
  6. If anyone continues to be plagued with Error 23 on Tegan after R161 was implemented, please contact Support and clearly state this.
  7. XXXX1234

    XXXX1234 Forum Greenhorn

    Just sent in a ticket, but... just happened to me and I'm locked out again. Same issue:(
  8. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    I thought I am given a reprieve for 2 days and now it happen and stacked ontop of Event....... there has to be some compensation / extension
  9. Kangus

    Kangus Forum Greenhorn

    since the new patch i keep getting , all attemps to connect have failed.
  10. Hawkslayer

    Hawkslayer Junior Expert

    same here...all attempts to connect have failed.
    Strange thing is was that I was in, off and on for about 4-5hr then all of a sudden....
  11. AvaRocks

    AvaRocks Forum Greenhorn

    Can't log, just keeps saying retry so I gave it the finger. Will Tegan ever be fixed?
  12. fireball991

    fireball991 Forum Apprentice

    Alright, i have had enough.. since the bloody 2nd patch that is saying WINDOWS XP and VISTA is solved. I am now getting the error code 23...

    I am on WINDOWS 7, about 21 hours ago there was a sudden lag and my char had a 5 - 10 secs delay in replying chat as well as not moving and skill was totally wasting essences as there was no damage.

    Next thing happened when i teleported back to Kingshill, "ALL ATTEMPTED CONNECTIONS HAS FAILED" <<< some thing like that showed up. So i just waited for about an hour and came back online and WOW ERROR CODE 23 appeared at Malaysia time 1.30am. Now is 9.30pm and i still get error code 23. My premium is counting down and yet i am unable to play.

    I took the chance to log in with my other account to find that my lvl 15 char is still online but can't chat as it says UNKNOWN USER NAME.
    Sent a ticket to support and all i got was the standard reply of check this , check that, clear tempt this , clear tempt that...

  13. And did you? Specifically, did you run a general internet speed test on your connection and run a ping test to a CA server and run at least a ping test to the Tegan server, pref. a tracert to Tegan and then let Support know the results?
  14. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Just letting you know ... its still happening. Just happened to everyone in my group as they teleported back to town after finishing a run. Cant get on through my account .. ALL CONNECTION ATTEMPTS HAVE FAILED ... ERROR CODE:23... Wife was able to log on and look for the players I was with... when she tried to whisper them to let them know I was bounced from game... she got "UNKNOWN USER" for all of them.
    This happened @ 15min before this post.
    hope that somehow this info helps to zero in on a cause.

    thanks, Doc.
  15. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I can log into Tegan just fine, but as soon as I try to leave town, I get this: What a joy it has been this week.

  16. adidasos

    adidasos Forum Apprentice

    Yet again today, every time I try to log in to Tegan server, all I get is all connection attempts have failed. This is the 4th day in the last month this has happened, ignoring completely the other log in errors, the game crashes, the freezes, the lag, the rubber banding, the errors in lvl reporting of characters in achievements, the graphics problems of machine gun fire with steam mechanus. I'm sure there's more, but you get the point. Seriously, what is the problem? You have had SO long to fix this and you haven't. It is very frustrating to your customers who support you that you don't. It also makes you appear not to care, regardless of whether you do or not. It also makes you look incompetent, because you fail to fix the problem/or fail to do so in an acceptable amount of time. Tegan server is broken, it DOES NOT WORK like a good server should managed by knowledgeable/capable IT staff. I thought the whole point of a business was to make money, how do you make money if people can't log onto the server? The hardest quest you'll ever do on the Drakensang Tegan server? The one where you try to log on to a bug free game. nuff said
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  17. fireball991

    fireball991 Forum Apprentice

    Yes i did. My connection is fine no problem and i was able to solve it with supports help. But it took me almost 2 days to recover.
  18. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    You really have to love the customer support people, especially when so many players are having connection issues. I sent my traceroute and speed test info and they seriously made my day :D I'm still laughing.....

    All the servers are up and down like yo-yos right now. We've sent an emergency SMS to Big Point for them to ignore.
  19. On the bright side: at least with the servers being down more than up, fewer people will be getting Error 23's :D
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  20. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert

    Ok, I realize you are completely within your rights to state your opinion, be it positive or negative, but honestly. No one is forcing you to be here. There are plenty of people who really enjoy Drakensang, and though many do pay, most don't. The point is to have fun and enjoy yourself. And, yes, Drakensang has bugs, but so does every other game out there. No matter where you go there will always be problems, they are just different. I'm not trying to talk down at you or in any way belittle you, but just try and take that all into consideration before you judge.
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