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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FAALHAAS, Sep 4, 2022.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Master

    @Shine2 @Melethainiel @Radec @anyothermods/admins

    Its been a while now that people abused the summer event exploit and gained gem/ingredient jewels. These people still have their jewels which they obtained unfairly.

    I remember I lost an item once and only realised this couple days later and support team told me they were not able to track it down in logs anymore because too much time has passed.
    -Its quite simple; since more time has passed now, these logs will not be reviewed and the exploiters will be rewarded with jewels which they do NOT deserve.

    People like me and others I know have spend money and didnt see a single jewel. So it would be real nice if you do one of the 2 things.

    1: you bann all the exploiters
    2: you compensate people that spend money on your game/bags.

    Its not fair if you let cheaters keep these most wanted items and people who support this game and play honest stay empty handed.
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  2. bilybob

    bilybob Someday Author

    They will do as we all expected, which is exactly NOTHING!

    They are hoping that with the passage of time the community will simply forget about those who used the exploit. So again, as we have suspected there will be no action taken to punish those abusers.
  3. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello @FAALHAAS ,

    We've taken action. Summer bag abusers have been punished appropriately.

    If you personally know someone who abused the bug and, somehow, wasn't yet punished, please write to your language Support Team and provide them with the name and the server, so they can look into it.

    Thank you.

    Good luck!:)
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

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  5. VDG1983

    VDG1983 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Faalhaas, I have also lost during last whatiscalled RELEASE 257 unique values on some of my gear, it seems like everybody is okay with that, but I´m not. What would U suggest me to do??? THx VDG
  6. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Really? Is there some official statement about it? The last semi-official statement I found was in August saying the tech team is still looking into it, afaik they removed some ingredients or whatever, but I have not found any confirmation the actual exploited items (jewels and such) were removed.
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  7. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello @ManaThief ,

    You're probably right - I don't remember there being an official statement in the hotfix announcement (we may have wanted to keep an element of surprise ;)), but the abusers were definitely punished appropriately.
  8. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    It seems to me that we are not understanding each other on the... nature of the problem, if so it can be called.

    Summer fortune bags - who might contain the jewels - could be bought with summer coins and, for those players who were premium (not my case) and with game currency to spend, also using andermants.

    Bigpoint has indeed removed in advance all the summer coins and tokens from those who abused the bug (as you know @FAALHAAS, in our guild there are those who complained a lot about it), and therefore prevented them from buying all the items who required such event currencies for the purchase.

    However, items who could be purchased from the premium merchant paying them in andermants remained excluded from the punishment. Whatever is the reason of it, I don't think that jewels gotten in this way (in practice, purchased with game currency/money) could be removed hereafter.

    Perhaps Bigpoint should have opted for a more severe and exemplary punishment, that means a sort of "ban" of all the event's merchants towards such players, but anyway they have chosen not to put it... or just they didn't think about it.

    And that's it all. Bye bye.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    For a start ... all those players could take BP to court and win the case easily. Any judge would make decision in player's favor. ;)
    The quest was so poorly designed, made and executed. It was associated with a wrong NPC at wrong place and with wrong mechanics.
    That just shows that all standard procedures and protocols were breached. No one could ever tell whether the quest was meant to be played that way or not ... meaning ... it can't be recognised as an exploit but rather legitimate quest mechanics.
    The quality control seems to be nonexistent nowadays in Draken.
    They can't afford the risk of being taken to court of law and lose the case and on top of it be exposed for exploiting unqualified (and probably underage) labor working for bubblegum.
  10. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    I never proposed a ban for players/their characters from the game, just prevent them from buying at the event's sellers - that's a vastly different (and absolutely fair) thing.

    Even not being a lawyer, I really don't think that common laws work in this way. Not in Europe at least.

    Finding the door of the shop unlocked and the alarm deactivated do not authorize a thief to enter and make a steal: if he/she goes in front of the judge, he/she will end up in jail anyway.

    The shutter and the alarm are deterrents for the thief but their malfunction is not a reason for grace his behavior.

    This is unless there is a sign outside the shop with which the property invites the thieves to come in and serve themselves as their own.

    Personally I have no idea what the bug was and how it worked. And I do not doubt that the quest was made in a rough and approximate way, showing lack of accuracy and control. But I certainly did not notice nor accidentally came across the bug (it could also be because I play little, anyway it doesn't matter).

    This is to say that it took a some kind of effort to find it, and therefore it assumes the intention to search for it and then to take advantage of it.

    Now let's not tell ourselves that we do not know that all these behaviours are against the terms and conditions, and that indeed this would entail the ban from the game, and not from some shop only.

    Then ok, the door may have been "somehow" opened, but the sign authorizing people to enter and serve at will was not in place for sure.
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  11. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Board Analyst

    the bug wasn't visible to everyone, not to me, so it was like a door intentionally left open to some, for the law it could be complicity ;)
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    FAALHAAS Forum Master

    Im not a snitch, but i know multiple people who still have their jewels obtained from exploit, so you didnt got even half of the people i bet.
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