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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Baallith, Oct 28, 2021.

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  1. Baallith

    Baallith Forum Greenhorn

    So I'm with a lot of delay in the game, whenever I change the map it takes more than 30s to load the map, if I'm alone in a group then the thing becomes much worse.

    Apart from the delay when I'm trying to play the items alone, the character takes 2 4s to pick up, in a group I can't play all of it, I don't even see my character.

    I've done a lot of things and I don't know what else to try, I started playing again for 2 weeks at the beginning it was normal now it's been 1 week since I've had these problems besides not being able to play I'm still wasting the premium time I bought....

    Good what to try to solve;
    - Reinstalled the game completely deleting it from the temp folder;
    - Installed drivers for everything, video, audio, internet, visual c++, java is more;
    - I formatted my computer;
    - I changed dns many times;
    - I downloaded the exit lag;
    - I got in touch with my internet operator, we've already done everything too, we've exchanged cables, reset the settings, exchanged routes and much more.

    There must be other things that I must have done is I don't remember at this point to mention, well I'm excited wanting to play and this problem doesn't let me.

    I don't know what else to do I hope you can help me, yes I sent a ticket to support they just said to reinstall the game something I did is closed the ticket...
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  2. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    That sounds a lot like the problem I encountered. Take a look through this thread to see if anything there might help: Game Won't Load

    I also recommend letting Support know.
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  3. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Padavan

    to delete temp game files i copy & paste below into "Run"

  4. MonkeyTM

    MonkeyTM Forum Greenhorn

    Having the same problem. Looking forward to hear solutions.
  5. RoyalFlush

    RoyalFlush Someday Author

    oh god.. what did they fix today? Seriously???????????????????? developers monitor at least something? give them. this is quite critical. Anything unnecessary is corrected, but it is not noticed. "flew" the patch release installed at one time. "map loading optimization" everything loaded quickly. Anytime. and suddenly, miraculously, in the 253rd release, all the cards are loaded again for 15 seconds .. it's impossible to play! How much can you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then before elimination. some players suffered for half a year. the gods descended and they found and corrected. now wait again. not play for six months? give it to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. GCollins19

    GCollins19 Forum Greenhorn

    I'm from Latin America and I will use the translator. I apologize in advance.

    Since December 6th, with sync release 252 #Hotfix 4. I have exactly the same problems as Baallith.

    I have written to the support and they asked me for some things. A diagnosis of DxDiag.

    In the CMD they asked me to make a tracert to the address of the server in which I play.

    They told me that it was my internet that was going wrong, but I have done the same thing several times, at different times, and the result that it gives me is less than 120-170ms.

    Even tracerting Tegan, it's less than 100ms and the delay is abysmal.

    I have checked at 2am with the internet at its best and it still takes 30 seconds or more to load each map. A 3-5 second delay in picking up each item.

    As far as I could I'm still running the Riot of the Rocketmen event. I have 60k progress left and I'll be able to finish it but it's not nice to spend so many hours doing something.

    I thought that only happened to me.

    I have changed my internet plan, changed wiring, updated drivers, OS, replaced old parts with new and better ones and nothing is fixed.

    I just hope that we are not less than 2-4 people who present these problems to be left waiting for an unlikely solution. Hopefully soon the Dso team (If it's a problem in the game since it doesn't seem to be from our internet or computer) I'll release a hotfix that will return everything to normal.
  7. MisterNoob

    MisterNoob Advanced

    Well, many users have system drive with letter C: but not everyone has HP set as account name :)
    There is much simpler solution:
    type %temp% into run
    (run can be launched with win key+r or press start and type cmd)
  8. RoyalFlush

    RoyalFlush Someday Author

    hi bro. what two) I can say for the grimmag server. Every third person has this problem. it all started. after installing 253 release. it is no longer possible to play. I'll wait. I'll be back in the game in half a year. maybe they can find a reason
  9. GCollins19

    GCollins19 Forum Greenhorn

    Hopefully they can fix this issue soon. It affects several players, I hope you enter these days and don't wait half a year to see a possible solution. Greetings!
  10. RoyalFlush

    RoyalFlush Someday Author

    solve?) do you think they know?) the problem does not solve this problem. solve it in 5 minutes. write the code for it and install the patch in 15 minutes. to solve it. need to monitor the situation at least occasionally. half a year I wrote not from the "balda". but from previous experience. larger team. there they fussed. already when 80% of the players started complaining. here are a couple hundred. no one will notice)
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  11. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    The bloodchests quest should not start when players enter map, but when they start the map, same as the old PVE leaderboards. Too many times the lag ruins the bloodchests rounds.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    They brought the old laggy selling bug back :D
    Selling in town is again slowing down the game and the items are disappearing one by one with few seconds lag in between.
  13. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    what beautiful old days...
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  14. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I have a fast gaming computer and high-speed internet. The lag on this game has really been bad lately. It would be nice if someone would do something about it.
  15. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    agrees with your opinion.. many problems in the game, have the same age as DSO.. and they have not yet been repaired..
  16. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Even worthless to continue to report it. But it is one of the many answers to those who still ask me why I log in, and I immediately go off. Well already the game is a deadly bore, then if I don't even see the screen what should I stay to do there?

    Yeah before someone repeats the usual stuff once again, by my side I already tried on different pc, cleaned temp folder, reset dns/ip config, checked for viruses, and all those grotesque things that nothing solved as usual. Rather it would be time for a signal of status in life from the developer's side, if still any.




    4G network stats:

  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    This will likely not help you with the issue ...
    That is not how you test your connection. That is the server nearest to your location and honestly your connection suck :p
    42ms lag while testing server in your neighborhood is really bad.
    Instead of just clicking on the "GO" button ... you would need to change server first.
    Since you are testing the game server you should test your connection relative to a server approximately near the game server.
    Lets say the game server is in Berlin ... so you would have to change server manually.
    Press change server and then type "Berlin" and select any of the offered servers in Berlin (lets just say Deutsche Telekom Berlin)
    Then press the "GO" button :p
    This way you would have much better picture (not quite precise but better) on what is the performance of your connection relatively to the place where the game server is located.
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  18. RoyalFlush

    RoyalFlush Someday Author

    are there any moderators here? what are they doing? Already half the server says that the loading of maps is broken. need to close the game for prevention. pass it on to the developers to fix it. and here it’s generally quiet) hello the game is broken!!!!!!!!!)))))) what are they doing there?)
  19. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Hey bro, seriously you underestimate me to such an extent? ;) :D

    I performed tests toward Berlin and other locations often, and they provide 48ms since now is morning and net is free, up to 55-60ms in the worst moments in the evening (often in conjunction with football matches, but that was not the case of yesterday).


    My sucking net - that never changed for years in its "poor" performances - always allowed a game latency between 50 and (very rarely, in the abovementioned moments) 75ms, and the game never went unplayable, as now it is, due these latency levels, rather causing just minimal, often almost imperceptible, lag delays. With 75ms the map loading screen takes up to 7-8 seconds, but when you fall inside you are in a perfectly loaded map and you have no problem with bloodchests solo, for example. Nothing I hadn't gotten used to, and nothing I ever complained about.

    Ah, since i didn't mention it, considering it obvious, more modern and performing online games work on my PC/net much better than dso did in latest times.

    Believe me, if now the management thinks that most of players would be equipped with a 5ms fiber connection in order to play a prehistoric videogame, from which it is reasonable to expect at least a claim of minimal hardware and infrastructural requirements (as always been in the past after all) they are very wrong: a lot of people are still here just because they can't play much better games with the low-level computers and networks they own.
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  20. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I play DSO solo cause my connection is bad, yes I have a low-level computers, but, belive me, 160 ms with 4G, means "lag" in Italy, because in that moment a lot of people are using your same connection.
    I tested it in summer, when more people go on holyday in my sea-country ;)
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