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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by teddy.bear, Mar 23, 2016.

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  1. GoldenBoy

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    Hi, i found one too:)


    Before anyone says its a bug, it is not...because i have reported last month and last year and since it hasn't been fixed it can only mean its a text error and it should be changed to "Size of dropped item stacks for +lvl 50" or change it to 100%.

    Also Materi Fragments should be removed, since there are no Materi drops outside PW.
  2. It is not a bug, nor is it a translation issue.

    I recall your previous post and while I didn't respond at the time, you are missing something important for us to actually be useful in diagnosing the issue. Please provide un-cropped versions so that we can see the associated level/group status. It didn't look right to me. I have my suspicions, but without an un-cropped screenshot, I'm only guessing.

    Here is a brief explanation. Normal is considered the base drop rate, or 100%. Painful is not 150% more, it is just 50% additional Andermant drop. In this case, the drop you are used to seeing in the normal version of the Moonsilver Mine is probably 10 Andermant. If I'm right, you are asking yourself why you're not getting 15. Well, I'm sorry to tell you about rounding. Because you are still leveling up, the game uses a formula to calculate what your drop of Andermant should be. Any drop between 9.50 and 10.49 at the game's calculation engine would round to 10 Ander actually dropped. However, 150% of 9.50 is 14.25 which is why you'd get 14 in Painful. In fact, the drop in normal could be anything between 9.5 and 9.66 and would round up to 10 ander in Normal, while still producing 14 Andermant in Painful.

    P.S. I see you are in a group. What level are the monsters in that map since that too could affect your drops?
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  3. GoldenBoy

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    Hi YouWinOrYouDie,

    As you requested an un-cropped pic...don't really know why you want one, because the one i gave before you can see everything needed.
    As for being in a group has no effect of the drop size/amount, since outside the normal play/world the drop of items is based on players lvl and not of the highest player in the group like it used to be.

    At lvl 40 (player) or lvl 40 mobs the drop amount is 14 ander. (see pic below, location - "Atlantis above Water")
    Info for the pic below.
    Players lvl - 40
    Mode - Painful
    Ander amount - 14 (instead of 21)
    Release - 207_9 (today it's the 207_15)

    For me its a bad typo and should be posted here, because i reported it for the first time in August 2017 and again in February 2018, since the dev team did nothing its save to assume that those increased values are for players lvl +50 only.
    So the whole info tab/window should be re-written accordingly to players lvl and not misinform us, like it has so far.

    Thats all for now, thanks for listing and i hope you can talk some sense into them (dev team).
  4. Ah, now I see your issue more clearly. You are comparing apples and oranges. These are different types of maps that behave very differently.

    Your "Normal" map is one of the old, original, non-scaling, maps where the Andermant was set (as opposed to "scaled") to 14 for any character LVL 40 or lower over four years ago. The monsters have a max drop of 14 andermant if you are below LVL 40 and the amount drops off as you level up. To my knowledge, this hasn't changed since levels above 40 were released and even applied to a LVL 40 farming in a LVL 20 area at that time. This was meant to deincentivise farming in low level areas for easy Andermant.

    On the other hand, your example of a Painful map is a dynamic map that scales from the lowest level to the max level and the Andermant scales accordingly. That means that Normal in a dynamic map has an Andermant scale that covers from LVL 1 (even though this is theoretically impossible these days) all the way up to LVL 55. On this scale, a LVL 40 monster in normal is likely only worth 9-10 Andermant. It is this number that is used to calculate the drops for all Painful maps at a given level, even if that painful map is in an area where the normal map is a static level. Consider what happens to a LVL 55 player when they go back to Atlantis Above Water. If they go in on normal, they will get reduced Andermant drops. Instead of getting 14 like you do, a LVL 55 would get 1 Andermant. If the developers used that number as the basis for the Painful drop, 150% of that is 2 Andermant. On the other hand, normally a Painful map (PWs and LVL 55 areas) would drop ~20 andermant a drop. If the developer team didn't use the baseline scaling Normal map to address this issue, the scaling maps in everything below LVL 55 wouldn't be worth farming for LVL 55 players.

    If you want to compare apples to apples, you'll need to do a run in "Varholm - Normal" and see the drop there. Meanwhile, you should appreciate the drop of 14 in places like Atlantis Above Water because that is a remnant of an old system that the developers haven't altered in years. Perhaps the feedback that I should pull from your post is that they need to take their scaling equation for Andermant and retroactively apply it to the low level maps based on the average level of monsters in that map. That should alleviate confusion. Then, maps like Atlantis Above Water would drop only 9-10 andermant in Normal and their Painful counterparts drops of 14 would make much more sense. However, I'm a little hesitant to do this since the current antiquated system benefits newer players. So I fall back on what I said before... enjoy the high old-school drops in the older maps, but understand that the drops in Painful are exactly what they should be based on the current formulas.
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  5. GoldenBoy

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    Hi again,

    So i took your advice, did a few runs in Varholm normal until i got a drop to take a print screen and its 14.
    So can you please ask the dev team to change the info on "painful" mode, because its incorrect and misleading.

    Like i said before, the increased % is only for players lvl +50 and not below.
  6. Interesting. I'll pass along your feedback that the drop rate in Normal is too high. Thank you for the pictures.

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