Try to make the game interesting for players, (High and low level)

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by oOKellueHazeOo, Apr 6, 2019.

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Are these good ideas?

  1. Xp block Yes

  2. Legacy server Yes

  3. Both

  4. No

  1. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    it's really nice option but 2-3 years too late
    i had full friend list and many more friends on low lvl, now maybe 20 of them are still playing and any option don't make them back
    i had 1 of the best twink on my lvl but i go to 55 bc i don't want to wait 10 years when bp maybe unlock me block xp
    now i play another class and i have really nice eq so i don't want to start all from 0 to do twink so strong as i had
    i had twink 3,5 years
    in this 3,5 years i don't finish any of pvp quest so i really farmed for killing newbies on arena ^;-...and ppl like me was 90% of the twinks bc arena=exp so it's no worth go there more than u need to
    u think twinks are/was unskilled players? nice joke. 70-80% twinks was 2nd/3rd char ppl from 50/55lvl where they don't have anythink to do
    on twinks how many u was farming this was always not enought ;p so it was better option to play bc u have always what to do, not like on 50lvl where u do craft, 1-2month for glyph and it's endgame = u don't had anythink to do
    and trust me, when i play arena on my twink i much more prefer fight marshals vs marshals than marshals vs newbies bc it's senseless killing on their resp
  2. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    I was a twink for 4 months before leveling my character and yet so I do not agree that the exp block should come back. Why? simple, I see many players saying that in pvp lev 55 against novices, today or before, they are massacred etc, this is true however the twinks did not massacre they humiliated the begginers, I still remember some of the bad things I did in the past, for example if I match with a begginer in a duel I just stood immobile spamming emotes or made a snack and watched a video waiting they die for fatigue, and rarely any of these beginners could get 50% of my life. Does the pvp of today or even the OHK from before you should afford to stand still waiting for fatigue even against a novice?. Do you think that's fair? I at the time did not care, for me it was a game mechanic, however had a fateful day that I called two real life friends, who like pvp a bit , but what do you think happened?Aa twink did with them what I did with the others, result both left the game claiming to be '' too unbalanced '' and too much '' pay2win '' since to be a strong or medium twink was necessary only spend a few $$. After this event I decided to level my character and stop being an idiot. But the bad name of the game still remains among the international communities. Anyway if BP came back it would not be a bad idea, so the game would walk faster into bankruptcy and then I could open up more space on my HD.
  3. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

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  4. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Every single lazy person will tell you that you need to spend money to be good, no you dont.. you just need half a brain.
  5. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    yes I fully agree with you, but no online games are supported by what experienced players think, often the initial impressions are what really matter when we deal with marketing, and back then the pay2win with a unfair pvp for beginners certainly influenced in the bad reputation that exists today on the game, which directly impacted the very smallest current population, besides we can not call lazy those who left the game because they had the wrong initial impression, it was the game's mistake in not avoiding it, after all we are talking about of the ultra saturated market that are the online games, where it takes the best that has a good presentation, I myself stayed here only because I already knew the game for a long time , but for someone who is analyzing several games to dedicate, he would probably choose the one with a good reputation and initial presentation of its interesting gameplay right at the beginning.
    So I believe that the decision to remove the exp block was correct
  6. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    But what new players dont understand when they go into a game is that they cant expect it to be catered around for them just because they are new, they have to learn and adapt to it, it's the same in many many games besides from those that are actually really fair (which means they are extremely boring).
  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    You abviously have no experience with as you said "really fair" games. EDIT are such an example. You learn to get good to enjoy more not to be able to do smt on a basic lv. Dso Has nothing fair and it will never have.
    Twinks should not exist, thats basically a free rain on low lv after you have the knowledge from high lv which is indeed toxic.
    Dont look at the other games from DSO's perspective, instead do the opposite.
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  8. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    I never said that dso was fair, I said people have to adapt to the game and learn to get better. Fun fact, fair games are extremely boring. And I try to look at dso from other game's perspective and in twinking is what kept me and a lot of people to carry on playing lol, there was 2 objectives for us, make our char the best, and become the best in pvp. You was never plateaued at a certain damage cap because you could always increase your stats and there was variety in what people used. And now when I look at the game its as mundane and dry as it can be, you can defend this game and level 55 as much as you want but that does not escape the fact that the game is extremely boring as we repeat the same maps about 2/300 times , the events suck, the DEVs dont listen to us they just close our threads. It hurts to look at this game from another game's perspective. :p
  9. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    If they are boring how are they on the top right now.....Boring for you and not for literary 95% of the world.
    Bruh twinking is the same as lv 55 , BUT you punished low lv players + the content isnt meant for that op ness.
    All yor arguments are helping you and noone else
  10. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Which truly fair games are at the top right now? FPS and BR dont count, neither do games which put better or worse people than you in the same match as you. Yes twinking is the same as level 55, BUT there's a difference between us, You lvl 55's all think the same about us yet never actually being a twink yourself "oO yOu jUsT wAnT tO kIlL nEw pLaYeRs" Get a grip, we was wishing pvp would match us against skilled players oh yeah and lets not forget a lot of 55's kill low players and new players in swerdfield/wild forest and slifmoor. Another difference is that twinks would do anything they could to help people 6+ levels above them, a lot of new players actually finish their parallel world quests because of us because you lvl 55's were too selfish to help them, same with new lvl 55 players, you dont help them either you just tell them they are a noob and have bad damage and shouldn't be asking help for inf1/2.
  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I tried the twinking stop assuming things only to use it as argument, and it was killing the game.XD agahaha u " wished to be matched against skilled players XD what a nice joke... ye playing on low lv vs players with almost no gear will give you the " skilled players" now you sound dumb...
    And yes ill repeat twinking KILLS the game. If a developer wants to make a new content he has to make it for lv 55 but o wait o wait 50% of the players are twinking so we wont be able to do it aka they cant make new content since twinks wont be able to play and they will flame and hate and thus the game wont be allowed to develop.....Twinks DONT help ppl 6lvs above you if you did good but you are the only one. Us lv 55 being selfish ?
    Let me ask you 2 questions right here:
    1) On what planet are you playing
    2) On what universe are you in
    When lv 50 came who carried the 50lvs in PWs , on lv 55 who helped players on Inf 1 when everyone had to rebuild their characters ?No one. So dont play the " hero of justice here" Took me 3 months to get my first set by farming matery on painfull when lv 55 was reales. Now being on top, and im gonna say yes it was worth it. Because now i cant think how to play and not only to cry in chat without pride " pls pls help me "..
    Fps games do count because they are " fair games" because they are the fair games. And if you dont count them ill say again Poe.
    Twinkings was toxic and will forever be toxic. You didnt experience what is to be on the other side so you just assume and throw garbage argumentsw to sound like you have a reason
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  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    it's booring to read this EDIT
    if u have op stats and u go pvp, if u get noob opponent u always put off u gear and let him win?(i don't think so) in any other case this guy doesn't have any chance to win = it's the same situation like on twinks, if twinks get noob opponent = easy win
    it's the same situation and the same booring pvp = u easy kill opponent

    ur opinion about 'twinks killing the game' nice joke
    in first place twinks was helped many ppl with farm = how many ppl u help in farm on 55lvl? 1? 2? twinks helped tons of ppl with farm/events etc bc thay have profits too from it
    in second place looks on server = how many ppl are still playing? how many ppl was playing 2years ago when twinks was still exist? i tell u that 2years ago was playing many more ppl than now

    and best on the end xD
    nice parody
    show me WHEN devs do anythink special for twinks...any map? any event? anythink? no, devs don't do anythink for twinks, and twinks even aren't in dev's plan, it was side effect of block xp with +6lvl
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  13. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    ok so this is the case of " call my twink friends to argue with smt that everybody agrees on but we need ppl to defeat this dude because normal logic makes no sence so we are gonna defeat him with being more ppl"

    """show me wWHEN devs do anythink special for twinks...any map? any event? anythink? no, devs don't do anythink for twinks, and twinks aren't in dev's plan, it was side effect of block xp with +6lv"""

    You should not make maps for twinks. Developing a game is giving more options end game , not early game . Go play other games and tell me where developers give things to low lv only......if you find one ( that is not chinese) then congratulations you have 1...1 game

    I refuse to argue with ppl like both of you because all your arguemnts benefit only your character and only your playstyle, aka abusing the game. Even if you "help" even tho you harm more than you help, The one who gets benefit from this is noone but YOU.
    If they do smt for lv 55? Guess what everybody gets to play it. Because the POINT of these games is going for the MAX level. Low leves are just introduction, beat it in your heads.

    @KulawyMao even if you want , you cant play. So we are just arguing on a dead topic
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  14. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    normal sence is that u do exacly the same things on pvp like twinks was doing and u ignore ur game and looking for scapegoat

    ps. i don't play twink from 2years and i don't will be playing twink again bc i don't want to do another new char every 2 years
  15. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    This was the main problem with pvp, one that the community brought up thousand times. The match making algorithms were bad (based on K/D percentage, meaning that a beginner, i.e. knight of the order with a very good K/D % was matched against a grand marshal with same K/D %).
  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Thats because there arent as many players as such a thing as pvp requires. If you have insanely large pool its easier to find equal opponent. Plus basing smt on rang wont help either, because things can change dramatically.Ecample:
    My character was knight of the order at lv 25. then i fast leveled up and on lv 50 i fought knight , which again isnt fair, but that is just how such systems work when you have low pool of players in the said area.
    Pvp is probably the least important thing in this game, you cant make it important. Pvp lovers are gonna hate me ,but it was always a side thing. You cant promote good and healthy pvp in such a gama , which means it can never be major point for playing.But if smb thinks it has , then they just dont realise the amount of time they loose for the low quality effort put in the product which always leads to dissatisfaction.
  17. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    No, you probably never participated in social groups of online games, and never discussed with other players who tried drakensang online and listened to what they thought about the game.
    Twinks were rather one of the main factors for the death of the game, why? Simple, bad reputation that the game got by players who as soon as they started the game to see a completely broken pvp as well as apparently pay2win factor, we all know that for a low lev player at that time to become a medium twink just need spend a $$, yes I did it, i bought a andermant set and put gems in it , and only with that I already massacred many normal beginners.
    Help others?what are you talking about? do you even know how to maintain and grow an online game? No online game stays as you think: You help a player and boom He will be happy and play for several and several years. No, it's not like that, it's totally different.
    In an online game it is normal and natural for the veteran players to leave the game, in fact this is completely expected, and the maintenance of the game is given by the new ones that are coming, those novices who were leaving the game for found unbalanced,and induced by others who said that the game was pay2win, and then those few players that a few twinks helped continue ,
    but not compensating those who were leaving the game
    And not at that time just before the end of the exp block, was already observed a reduction in the population of the game constant and more and more accentuated, perhaps you did not realize but I discussed this even with my guild and friends including the factor of the block exp as one of the main causes , maybe you've got blinded and stuck in the world of your own mind thinking that if you help a lot of people it would make your exp block practice correct
  18. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I find it interesting that some folks believe removing xp block removed the ability to create a twink in this game. It did not. It did reduce the number of twinks but... only the low-level F2P twinks. It is still possible to create a F2P lvl 40ish twink. And if one wants to dump some cash a twink at any level can be made. In fact, it is cheaper now than ever since there is no need to buy expensive gems.

    The devs have been playing mind games with the anti-twink faction almost since the start. R039 was the first alleged anti-twink measure six months into the game. Then the map locking by lvl, removal of pots, removal of ess, removal of pets and with r185 they made the Darbmoor/G-stone legacy items obsolete. All the while leaving enough wiggle room for players that really wanted it to keep on twinking.

    It was not until the vast majority of pvp complaints were about the one hit meta at lvl 55 that they finally decided to remove xp block. And shortly after that, they got to work coming up with the absurd pvp we have today. Which ironically brought about a surge of something that is is way worse, imho, than twinking ever was... the bug exploiters.
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  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    you have to find more capable managers to make this game interesting
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  20. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    there are 'twinks' but i can't say it's twinks bc they haven't the same stats like it was 2y ago on twinks
    if u say 30lvls with eq on 35lvl are twinks = they are but they aren't xd they are stronger than normal ppl but they are much weaker than old twinks

    and why remove block xp kill twinks?
    on my twink i needed 5-10kk glyph for upgrade 1 item per 1 lvl = so i needed 5-10kk glyph for 15 hp/def...
    on grey map i can do 20-30k glyph/hour = i need to farm 200-500h to upgrade 1 item per 1 lvl to get 15hp/def...
    on q i was doing 10x more glyph/h like 200-300k = i need 20-50h for 1 upgrade = it was acceptable
    but the best thing for me was doing events like fullmoon where i can do tons of glyph in 3 days
    so i could still play twink but it wasn't any sense to play few months to get 15hp/def...or play arena when i needed to wait 1-2h per 1 fight bc i play to have fun not for waste time to waiting 1-2h and do nothink