Twisted Woods

Discussion in 'Quests' started by ABN555, Dec 30, 2020.

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  1. ABN555

    ABN555 Forum Apprentice

    How do I unlock the twisted woods and other areas pls.

    So far have only unlocked Brigavik and,Telepolos. Have access to Tetaconetl but its says its not unlocked, most likely because I cant kill the memory of Nefertari.
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I am fairly certain you need to continue progressing through the main quests (yellow ones) to unlock Twisted Woods. The only people who would be able to help you with Memory of Nefetari would be other folks who haven't finished that quest yet either, so alas, I won't be able to help and neither will most of the experienced players on the forums.

    Although... if you're a SW, there's a neat way of making Nefetari bounce around like a ping-pong ball in there while you focus on killing her. xD
  3. ABN555

    ABN555 Forum Apprentice

    tks for the reply. The only non side quest I have is The Union of 2, cant find any more, which is the one where you need to kill the Nefetari. Need light essences to damage her. By the time I have harvested enough will have leveled up more which will make her even more difficult. Only white items are dropping so cant improve my toon, its effectivy getting weaker at each level up.

    Only returned to see what the CE was like. Seems wont be able to do so will go back to playing [EDIT].
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  4. Nethielle

    Nethielle Padavan

    Are you sure? I don't remember I used light ess... I'm pretty sure I used white ess....
  5. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi ABN555 as Nethielle says you don't need light ess to kill Nefertari. The quest you talk about ask you to kill 10 centinels, i mean those boxes that are on the map flashing... then kill the boss to open the door for the memory of nefertari, take an object, and re do the same, kill 10 centinels more, kill another guardian and kill the memory of balor and take an object... put those items in places to open some halls etc... i don't wanna be a spoiler...

    In a mission you are gona be asked to collect 50 light esse to clean something in the temple once you defeat a bad chaman, i mean bad cos it's really bad like enemy... and don't make talk more...hahaha you must find out by your self what you have to do unless you find a bugged quest, that there are them. but by the moment this is the only mission that you are asked for light ess...

    Enjoy since you can,
  6. Leruko

    Leruko Forum Greenhorn

    hey i unlcok the twisted woods quest but i cant complete the last tick doesn anyone know how can i complete this mission what do i need (ikili birliği görevinin son aşaması olan nefertarinin anısını yen kısmına geldim ama nefertarının anısını nasıl öldüreceğimi veya oraya nasıl ulaşabileceğimi bilmiyorum yardımcı olabilir misiniz)