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  1. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I take the Twitch for what it is. It is PR. This is a good thing since any organization that invests in PR is showing at least some level of commitment to sustainability. I want this game to be around for a while so I take this as a positive.

    As far as the content went there was not much in the way of news. This is overlapping communication from what already is available on the forums. Yes they did take a stance on the loot comparator. Not what I would have liked but also not surprising. The fact that they acknowledged that some of us wanted a disable option pretty much debunks the idea that they do not pay attention to what we post here. This was obviously a hot enough topic that it made it's way into the script.

    On a 10 scale here's my overall thoughts:
    • Presentation - 9
    • Content - 2
    • Interactive chat - 1
    Luck be with ye,
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  2. VMmage

    VMmage Someday Author

    Full Disclosure: I have not watched today's Twitch, nor do I intend to waste the data download on it and take the chance of hitting my monthly data cap. A very big THANK YOU to Voldemort for providing the Twitch summary beneath the announcement!

    Yes, Friends, you read that correctly -- I asked for something (a Twitch text summary) and a member of the DSO Team delivered it for me! Well, for me and a few million other people, but it's the thought that counts, right?
  3. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul


    I´m glad that you try to improve the comunication with fans, that´s always a good thing. I´m enjoying those streams, but what bothers me is the Q&A part. It´s a waste of time answering kids questions like "when is next patch coming?" ... everyone knows that patches usually come 2x a month. Maybe would help annoucing the twitch streams 2 days before it starts and ask players to write you some questions, here on forums or on facebook, so you can choose the most interesting ones and prepare an answer for them. Picking up questions which you don´t know how to answer is not very informative.

    I also liked the raffle, even though I didn´t win anything, but its a step foward.

    Regarding the compare loot said above me, you SHOULD listen to players and make a possibility to turn it off. Maybe some players asked for it, but it doesn´t hlep at all. It just bothers me when I´m selling/melting equipment, etc. ..

    If you want to make the compare loot really helpful, it should also show your final stats in the stat window. Here is a pic to understand what I mean ( sorry for my bad painting skills :D )

  4. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Thank you for the feedback first of all.

    A) let me remind you that of course there will be overlapping information, because we operate many channels that will provide the same information. So it is highly likely that you will stumble upon something - perhaps on facebook - before you see it on Twitch or vice versa.
    We do this of course on purpose. Why? Well, one cannot guarantee that the fans will understand/listen to a piece of information if you only mention it once. Yes, YOU might have gotten it the first time but what about your neighbour?;)

    B) As a matter of fact we DO read the forums and respect them - but imagine - I cannot personally be present on ALL forums - as we do not speak all the 20 languages.

    C) Who do you think provides all outgoing information about releases, including pictures, summaries etc. that's right, the CMs?;)

    Our mods are in good contact with us and they are doing a great job distributing the information and maintaining communication with you guys!:)
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Referring the compare loot tool i will copy/paste my posting from another thread.
    "Compare loot tool is a story by itself ... I can't recall that players were asking for such a stupid tool ... here nor the old forum.
    It is obvious the Dev Team wants to steal some ideas from other games ... but they are missing one point ... if we were liking those contents ... we would play those games instead of this one." :rolleyes:

    About social media:
    You can't be serious you are collecting info through social media???
    Any fool can hit "like" on DSO FB page and post thousands of comments ... even if he/she don't even play this game.
    The real feedback is here on this forum. If anyone is posting "fool" demands/requests ... he/she immediately get answers from more experienced players.

    Greg when I (we) say "You" we are talking in plural ... I (we) don't refer to you as a person (and I believe you are great person) ... but we are talking to Dev Team ... so please don't take our objections personally. :)
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  6. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I like Twitchhh ^^


    I think I'm a born winner, he he :D
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Same people getting rewards all the time?
    "It must have been luck" . :D:D:D
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  8. Disoriented_Neighbor

    Disoriented_Neighbor Forum Apprentice

    Sounds to me more like "love," but I bet it's over now.
    Teach me your ways, good sir. Congrats ;)
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't even bother to access my e-mail for those prizes. :D
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  10. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    But of course it's luck, what else? ;) Just joking, the questions are just very, very easy ;p

    Something else..

    Damn it! :D

    Another thing, hmm...


    We're waiting, Greg ^^
  11. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Twitch please stay. Take the bad with a grain of salt. A game to have something like this is a blessed thing please never stop.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Ahhhh ... i am so touched. She doesn't know on what server he plays ... after several rewards given ... but lets make it official for the public. :D :D :D
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  13. Ulfasso

    Ulfasso Someday Author

    So, I'm probably going to look retarded, but I'll take the risk.
    To answer the quizz I have to make a twitch account, right? Or how does that work if it isn't the case?
  14. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Yep, I thought they would already know my server by now.. :p

    Yes you'll have to make a Twitch account :)
  15. Noriyull

    Noriyull Forum Apprentice

    Hello Gals and Lads i have question what now will be whit the CoT event (Lost truth) ... any plans?? and or we will get any compensation for items we have in inventory ??? its now i think 1 year or so that his event is not on main servers and Cots are history now!!!
  16. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Since CoTs are no longer relevant, so is an event to rescue them.
    In order to free up inventory, I just tossed 7 keys to dwarven treasure. I hope it wasn't a waste.
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Also, compensation... What are you thinking. This is BigPoint we are talking about.... they barely give compensation when they should beyond a shadow of a doubt. Here, it doesn't even make sense for them to consider compensation because there is never a guarantee that an event will come again and holding onto things from any event is a gamble that the event will come again and that it will be worth it. There are some events that are more of a safe bet than others, but nothing is ever for sure.
  18. Duriastriker

    Duriastriker Forum Inhabitant

    I have 3 powerful sargon portals left, Oh what a dream.. ^^
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Discard them ... like I did.
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  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I got rid of all my sargon portals, light ess, and coffee beans as well. I even got rid of the 999 kill quest, which may have been a mistake. Probably not, as my character has the seal of death and needs crit, not damage .