Ultimate 1h build for pvp

Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by Nostradamus88, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    Hi guys! I would like to hear your opinions on how to settle a good 1h build to enjoy playing pvp. Here are my thoughts:

    sigrismarr set (adornment and torso) + dragan set (gloves, boots and ring) + arachna set (weapon and necklace) + heredur set (shield and helmet) + spider set 2/3 (cloack and shoulder) + bearach belt and ring of life (or mortis if i need more chritic hit value).

    I would like to reach, crafting 4/4 leg on to these uniques, 80% chritic hit rate, +400% critical damage, 80% block rate, 10k max damage, and as high as possible life, armor, resistance and speed.
    What do you think?
  2. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    I always like this kind of thread.

    80% critical hit rate
    - 118%-120% IcrotI on wep deco with 900-1000 crit rate. Full onyx gems
    - 2 rings with base 900-1000+ crit rate
    - crit rate from bearach's belt
    - crit rate from sigris set
    - crit rate from 1h axe
    - 14%-16% crit rate booster from other item such as helmet enchantments.
    80% critical hit rate target may affect on damage. By using 4/4 % dam enchantments on helmet of course able to boost overall damage quite significant.

    +400% critical damage
    Very challenging target here..
    - 70% crit dam from amulet
    - 2 rings with each 70% crit dam
    With above 3 items one able reach 310% crit dam.
    - Other addition would be from Dwarf heist runes, any other item that have chunk of % crit dam.
    +400% critical damage target would affect on HP. By using 4/4 %Hp amulet will boost overall Hp.
    While % HpoI Runes can be used on both rings.

    80% block rate
    80% block rate target won't affect much of any offensive targets.

    10k max damage
    I tried to calculate some possibilities.. but it's a bit hard to reach this number.
    Though in my calculation I use 5 royal rubies in lvl 60 Axe with 200% IdotI enchantments. The max result about 7k-8k max dam.
    Might achievable on coming T5 items.

    Fortunately Dragan's glove & boots may reach 2k base HP on lvl 60. These items are very potential to be filled with %HpoI Runes.

    Armor & Resistance
    I believe high Armor achievable without affecting other targets.
    While Resistance might a bit need some decision whether to use %Dam or %RoI enchantments on belt.

    Attack Speed
    1H Ats is already high enough. More speed with 4/4%Ats enchantments on glove. No problem.

    Run Speed
    4/4 of 7.x% Move speed enchantments on boots + dragan set bonus makes ok-ish move speed.
    But for sure can't not catch a toon with old 4 X 9.x% enchantments on their boots.

    At the end the build pretty much like building 2H. But to replace the 2H with 1H+Shield.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
  3. AlmosTBlack

    AlmosTBlack Forum Apprentice

    Hi everyone, what about 1H PVP gear and build for today?! what should i transfer in Dragan shoulders? and wich shield is best for pvp Heredur shield or shield from cube?
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    This is in the SW sub forum, but the rest of your is not too far off.

    The cube set will be the best bet because it has the 50% crit damage and 50% HP for the full set, not to mention the cool down reduction for Teleport. With the set, it is still rather easy to reach 80% crit in PvP, and 80%/70%+ block rate/strength.

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