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Discussion in 'PvP Players Wanted' started by ZoditoBG, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. ZoditoBG

    ZoditoBG Forum Greenhorn

    Hey guys! I have a problem and this problem is rangers....I am playing with ranger and i think this is a suicide when i am playing it in the arena! I have no chance vs Dwarfs and Mages when they are using there heal skills! The only thing that the mages are doing is guard and hole...and thats it...The same thing is with Dwarfs....Only the tank heal skills are okay and not very op. But for rangers what?...NOTHING...they havent got any heal skills and this is not okay..Maybe a lot of people will say (you have dogs)...yeah but they are on one hit!!! So i need to know when you will equalize the forces and WE will have a chance in 1v1 arena? Or i dont know maybe to nurf dwarfs and mages....But please do something....In 216(i think) you nurfed rangers dmg and now it is two times less! I dont think all of this is okay for the game!o_Oo_O
  2. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum Apprentice

    Yes it is so unfair hunters are the weakest class in pvp why bp nerf explosive arrow? It does physical dmg now and by that we are now weakest class, remove the healing from pvp.
  3. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    where mag has heal? xD 10% per kill? if he kill u on 1x1 he doesn't need this heal xd
    ranger have best dmg per shoot but he need use green first
    also u have heal from wolf = mag doesn't have any heal xd
    also u have dance = hard to stun rangers
    also u have adrenaline again after 8sec = u are most mobile class

    ranger/mag is ok
    tank = need nerf gwen~ shield
    dwarf = only this class is unbalanced as always

    so i think u are weak or u can't play
    look on grimmag on 'thedarkranger' or 'pebody' they are rangers and they do diffrents on arena
  4. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    ranger/mag are doing rock and roll in arena
    tank= need nerf mag singularity
    dwarf= pathetic class for arena

    so I think u are lacking some knowledge of game
    look that it shouldn't be class that do differences in arena

    Overall,you people know that even if you have all max items you will lose sometimes? And that is OK, it should't be "immortal" players or classes
  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    We can't really find out which class is stronger and which is weaker as long as the exploiters are still here.
    Read this:
  6. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    What to say, report him (nothing will happend)
    We have bug pvp users,bug daily deal users,bug craft users,bot users.....Is there "normal" users?
  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I know a lot of tanks who utterly hate the dwarf or others rangers instead of mages so unless somekind of justification is presented to me it just looks like its a tank not being on par problem , not mage/ranger op kind of a deal
  8. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    there are many buggers
    when i play arena = sth i need rest from pve ;p = i play 5x5
    as i remember if u take flag u get -30% travel speed but i see there some ppl who are faster with flag than me without the flag xD
    i see many ppl with ridiculus dmg like mage who hit me 20k+ without singu~ when normal mag hit 5-10k ;p
    also tanks who's kill me on 2 shoots when i have 25k~ hp + 80% block rate ;p

    one day i send ticket with movie about bug user where he put movie on yt where u can see how he's using bug and he show how to using it ;p support answer me that movie isn't an evidence xD

    so dso had bug users, have bug users and will have bug users bc bp don't want to ban anybody even if they can do it
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    That's perhaps because polish support sucks... it's a pity nothing can change about that and we can't even move away from them and message EN support instead.

    The problem is, I think that most of people whining out here, especially DKs and dwarfs, are judging the strength of the class by the buggers... who knows, perhaps even we are overrating their power 'cause all we see are buggers.
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  10. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum Apprentice

    I wanna say it is not normal a mage does elemental ice dmg 1 or 2 hits and im dead.Ranger does physical dmg all class have high armor its so unfair now.Fix this is not normal look youtube ranger nerf this patch.
  11. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    What you talking about? Mage must kill your tree (10% free hp) or dogs (30% free hp) and if they put guardian you have all time free 30% hp. Which ranger don't use deadly blow?
    You cry about mage singu and guardian. If you give me that mage this is perfect play. They use guardian and singu, free hp and concentration for ranger and you can escape from singu with blade dance, what problem?
    Tank heal skill not op? This is terrible skill and with this skill anybody can kill this class on 1v1. Provably you are new on ranger class or in game but you don't know anything about game.

    Weakest class in pvp? Try play against rangers on grimmag and say that again...

    About buggers. Polish support don't do anything beacouse many players are in guild with mods and they don't touch his 'friends'. Even in other countries mods don't do anything when you report his guild friend.
    Better way to end this is move all moderators on 1 serwer - Balor and this will be moderators serwer without any knowledge and dishonesty and don't give chance to play on other serwers
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  12. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Have you tried calculating what would their damage have to be if they deal such damage to you?
    I'm quoting the post I made some time ago once more:

    About this...
    Haven't laughed so hard in a while :D:D:D:D:D
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  13. Iani19

    Iani19 Forum Greenhorn

    WOW a new pvp look good, until you go there and the same players that use bugs and cheet come again. Go to youtube Daksan&Sisi2006 chanel and see it for yourself. Big Point are the best pfffffffffffffffffff
  14. Player122

    Player122 Forum Greenhorn

    wizards were much stronger in pvp than the other classes because they only receive improvements and were never balanced:
    Cold wind, puts the archer's liberating ability to cool, and has no beak radius, it always freezes everything in front of you.
    Frostbite deals an abusive ice damage, the pvp resistances are smaller than the armor, with good items all can get 80% reduction of physical damage already in the case of the resistors even with better items you do not get to get nor 70% reduction .
    Archer has to score and to deal minor damage to the ice sphere, whereas archer does not have sufficient concentration to shoot two explosive arrows as the magician counterattacks with two ice balls.
    the armor break with magician uniqueness puts in slowness and breaks armor permanently to the time of the skill already the archer can not have supply of its break of armor,
    because lack concentration to shoot twice in a row, reduced attack speed in pvp disrupts too much archer to use their abilities since they have no damage in area, the useful ability in pvp was the explosive that burst in the air that today goes off in the air without cause no damage.
  15. osseab

    osseab Forum Greenhorn

    I'm a mage and right now im being destroyed by rangers , even rangers have speed adn attack speed reduction abilities, and we can only shot 2 ice sphere not 50 ,wich are very slow compared to explosive arrow

    we are in the same situation btw
    i tried 8v8 and i only saw tank dk winnink
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  16. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    Different classes do differently depending upon the modes.
    8FFA - wars and dwarves do well standard however mages and rangers can also do well if they save their hp.
    5v5 TDM - strong war with 1 ranger 1 dwarf 2 mages working as a team will do very well. 3+ wars is really hard to beat since they have overwhelming stuns. Again this is down to tactics but seems evenly balanced if all players are good.

    Mages and rangers suffer in 8FFA since they do not have healing capabilities as dwarves and wars do, if they are able to hold off and save their hp they can win and I have seen people playing mages and rangers literally teaming up to kill the wars and dwarves in a non discussed treaty ;)

    HOWEVER mm is kinda broken, I have had multiple teams now where none of us have died at where the enemy team has just been dominated so hard.
  17. .FOX.

    .FOX. Forum Greenhorn

    Um....its been a while since I played pvp on my knight of the order ....but I went into a 1v1 vs a same level RECRUIT and was annihilated....like how fair is that... KNIGHT OF THE ORDER v same level RECRUIT and I get slaughtered...like come on GREEDY bigpoint....make it fair
  18. ROOK

    ROOK Someday Author

    Healing isnt the main problem, many skills are unbalanced, actual pvp is 80% based on stun. All classes have instant stun except rangers.
    Net and bird can be easily dodged if you cast them far from your opponent and can be easily interrupet if you are close (due to their long animation delay); so an easy initial rebalancing could be that all classes stuns have the same delay.
    Or at least bring back in game the old 4" immunity after first stun
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  19. 66Styve66

    66Styve66 Someday Author

    Most important thing for begining , nerf gwenfara dk's shield's critic base stat , slow down to same critic as wolf or dragon shields.6K critic on a shield is completely unfair for others class. Then you will see that healing is far away to be a problem to beat a strong dk.
    trap is an instant stun...
  20. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    1. Decrease ice sphere dmg to 340%.
    2. Make the singu decrese less armor/resist/atk speed when you are in sparable, and the -85% when you are in the middle. (Actually you are just in the sparable and you lose 5k resist and 50% atk speed).
    3. Mind controll again work on players.
    1. Blade dance will stop when you get stun, so you basicaly can hit the ranger in the middle of blade dance animation.
    2. Decrease the EA dmg to 380% (with mark).
    3. Increase the range of green arrow/precise shot/EA.
    4. Decrease the concentration of EA cost to 55.
    1. Decrease the CD of Furious battle cry to 15 sec.
    2. Decrease the CD of Dragon Skin to 50 sec.
    3. Decrease the cost of regen to 40.
    4. Decrease the regen to 0.8% per sec
    1. Remove the CD on regen.
    2. Increase the cost to 30.
    3. Decrease the regen to 0.5% per sec.
    4. Increase the turret HP in 60%.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019