Unbalanced PvP games

Discussion in 'PvP Players Wanted' started by ZoditoBG, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    You don't know how does at least half of the skills work.

    In the name of what? Of making a mage a both low-dmg and low-hp class?
    Moreover, "340%" doesn't say anything... FS is not a single-hit skill. It has trail damage and explosion damage. The total damage dealt by the skill can be only trail damage, only explosion damage, or both... and the trail damage can hit one or more times, depending on the circumstances.

    5k resist? What does it say? Singu doesn't decrease resistances in a specific amount, but rather by a percentage. Yet you are saying "you lose 5k resist"... when you are saying "you" - you mean me, right? Nope, you might lose 5k... others might lose a different amount. From how you described that... it looks like you're saying that the armor break is the same in the whole singu area - perhaps it is, then it is a bug.

    So that I can change your team for a moment in group pvp? So that I can force you to team up with me in FFA? What would I do in a duel with it?
    How do you want it to work on players? When has it worked on players?

    Wat? Yuo waht?

    You don't know how ALL the jumps skills work in this game, do you?


    Also, what 380%? EA consists of direct hit and explosion damage... similarly to FS.

    Maybe, maybe...

    This is all bonkers.
  2. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    Mind control worked against players from r214 to r216
    In my opinion as an especially mage player in pvp, it was one of the most powerful combos that the mages had because it allowed to use the teleport without cd thus allowing some combos. In a duel, well, maybe you were not an active pvp player at the time or did not know how to use your skills correctly, but the mind control + teleport + frostwind combo against mechanics was deadly because if they jump, use tp + frostnova + singularity + frozen sphere which took more than half of life of the dwarf, which is why I achieved a duel win rate against dwarves of almost 100%, the combo was also useful against other classes but not with the same impact.
  3. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    Man, just use a bit your brain, did you already saw someone saying "wow, I hit "X" amount on trail and "X" on explosion". 340% should be total amount of dmg, dont matter if you deal 300% in the trail and 40% in explosion, or 40% in trail and 300% in explosion.

    In name of the balance, you guys really wanna take off the regen of mechs and dks, and keep the huge dmg you guys have? Lol.

    Wow, you are a genius by know that, I would "never" know that. Lol.

    Some mistakes when I write it... Yeah, I mean me.

    Orochimarusama already answer that one. Did you stay 3 years without play?

    If you want we can make that same change for all classes, but would be weird a mech fall from his jump because he got stun, or stun the mage in the "middle" of the animation, or who know hit the dk with the high speed of charge. Up to you lol. Is just unfair, you stun the ranger, and you cant hit him, because he could use blade dance 0.5 secs before your stun.

    I dont think I need to Ctrl+C;Ctrl+V for this one, right?

    For shure maybe, if the dmg is decreased xD

    Why? Did mages and rangers think, "lets gonna remove everything from mechs and dks, make them unplayable, just because they can regen and we not, while we dont lose anything because they are the problem, and not our huge dmg".[/QUOTE]
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Mind Control never worked against players. A certain talent of it did, yes, but it's a detail that matters a lot... I am going to correct everyone saying it the wrong way. Wanted you to get to what you got wrong yourself. Welp, you didn't.

    You can hit him... all you have to do is direct your attacks at the end point, which is easily found with the help of the minimap.
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  5. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    any minimally experienced player knows what he is talking about,
    and if you do not know how to play or do not play with the class you should not expose horrible arguments just for the purpose of denigrating another player's suggestion when it has sense .
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  6. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    Tell it for dks or mechs, which have low range, and if you are in the same situation as almost all agathon players, with 200+ ms, even with my mage is hard to hit the ranger after the blade dance, because when show him in minimap, he already walk.
  7. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    mage doesn't need mc on pvp now
    u need to learn how to use singu now and it's even more powerfull than it was with mc ;d
    only one thing what mage is needed is mobility bc every other class have it but no mage = weak or average mage are like walking potions especially for dks

    i play arena now = bc there isn't anythink to do on pve and i see few thinks what need correct

    1 tanks = they are too op on gwen shield = they can easy kill everyone and they can run away and wait for end of time...so they run around and wait for end of time = so u need to hurry up bc u don't have any chance agains them when time is over but when u run after them = they can turn back and kill u xd it's parody that u need to kill tanks, when they don't need to kill u xd

    2 dwarfs = they oil spam is too op = i don't mean buffs/debuffs but slowed = perma slowed on it and 2sec after u go out of it is too op
    3 rangers = they are very annoying with an adrenalin and a dance but they aren't op
    4 mages = singu is op but mages don't have anythink else = 0 mobility = 0 healing = 0 another buffs/debbufs = it is funny that 'mage' have least buffs/debuffs, magician crap etc ;p

    so how to fix this?
    1 tanks
    - reduce critical value in gwen shield
    - change reduce cd in basic skill(5pkt)
    reduce slowed when u go out from oil from 2sec to 0,5sec~

    8x8 = delete this crap
  8. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    in fact the mc may not be necessary but before being removed it was the main skill of mobility and repositioning that the mages had in pvp, the current singularity is very strong but maybe it did not come at the right time, for example today without mc if you use the teleport and it is stunned by a missile of the dwarf you are dead, before ,good mages used the mc first so in case stunned still had the teleportation to escape.
    With regard to the dwarves I think that oil is not the main problem but the cures, the oil is easily diverted by minimally skilled players who know to move properly and also has a balanced cost, dwarves for me should work as supports with low burst damage as they are but not immortal whit infinite escape.
    But as cited by Zakier we can not analyze the facts in the way we nerf everything from this class and give everything to another class , mages for example are undeniably the class with the highest burst damage and current dps, it is no wonder that I continue as a mage in pvp , especially groups. And the other classes I do not play at high pvp level with them but I think hunters looks weak and I do not like it when there is more than one on my team, so maybe they need some buff.
    8x8 = delete this crap
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  9. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    They looks weak because there is not many who have a perfect aim which this class need. The combo of green arrow + EA + precise shot can deal more dmg as a mage, but as I said, you need a perfect aim. Thats why I suggest, to decrease the dmg, but increase the range.

    Yeah, actually they dont need. But lets suppose they do the buffs and nerfs like I said, they would need it, because mech would have higher hp on turrets, rangers alot of mobility, and dks more anti-stuns.

    Remember, everyone who is scared of buffs and nerfs in any class, they prob are going to do a new PvP tree, which means, an skill can still the same in PvE, but nerfed/buffed at PvP
  10. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    if u are mage u can't escape from oil
    start fight = u get first oil = u can:
    - move on = dwarf can hit u how much he want = when u leave oil dwarf has 2sec to put another oil in u = u will always get another one oil = u cant escape
    - use tp = if u use it and u don't escape = u get another one oil = u have 10sec cd on tp = back to 1st option

    u can use singu but this is still 5sec to next tp so only way to win mage vs dwarf is rush him, bc when u fall in spam oil = u are dead

    and mage hasn't the best dmg
    on dmg best have ranger than mag than tank/mech
    so why mages do best dmg/fight? bc he hit dmg with elements = on actually pvp we have much more armor than resistantes = so if ppl have low resistance = than get more dmg
    but this is for now, when we get tree/eq upgrade it can be changed but i don't think so that it will be hard changes bc mages don't have anythink else than good shoot xd

    mc was good but singu now is good too
    only diffrent is that on mc u had mobility but on singu u don't have it
    in other case if mage will have mc with actually singu it will be too op
  11. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    my dear kulawymao unfortunately you are completely wrong with regard to matchup against dwarves, I as a mage in pvp I do not have so much difficulty currently against dwarves in the 1x1, in general the fights against dwarves of the same level are well balanced.
    But good, first: desperate rush is never the solution in a duel against dwarves is to ask to die, second: if you are suffering with dwarven oil and you are not able to trade well or you are much inferior to him or you are erring your skills , remember that frostwind is not just an offensive skill use it to stop the dwarf's rush is very effective because it forces you to jump back and stop the rush, you know what happens if he jumps on top of a mage.
    Basically the mageand dwarf fight is about the magician not letting the dwarf get close enough while pressing him so that he does not heal more than takes damage and hold the life of both equated until the fatigue when you should should rush him.
    The problem with many players is just complaining and not learning to play against, if you really think something is as impossible matchup do as I evolve another class and find out for yourself and you will see that all classes have strengths and weaknesses that can be explored.
  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    so i think u don't meet strong dwarfs in pvp
    mage don't have any moblity so dwarf can go to u hit some dmg and run away and healing himself than he do the same few times and u are dead
    u want to fight 1x1 with dwarf without runing? u don't have chance when he hit u 200%+ per single basic shoot and u can only hit 2 sphere than u don't have mana to shoot more = u need to shoot basic skill, when it does 70%~ dmg form ice or 100% from mm
    u want to shoot ice to slow dwarf? are u remember that dwarf has bombs with reduce armor and he has the same range as u have? dmg is small but when he reduce ur armor = its strong
    also he has turrents = dwarf who use brain don't let u destroy it = second dmger when u are alone
    mage can kill dwarf but it isn't balanced fight

    ps. u forgot that dwarf has healing = if u fight mage vs dwarf U need to kill him, he doesn't need to kill u bc he always win on end of time
  13. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    First, play dwarf and learn some basics of dwarf playstyle
    Mage don't have mobility?! What game do you play?
    200%+ quick shot can deal only oil+c14 (it is problem if you don't know when to use teleport)
    Mage don't have mana?! Maybe first 5sec after 2 FS (again,you have teleport and put some points in something usefull)
    Mage can always keep dwarf in slow
    You can not escape from bombs?
    Turrets you can destroy easily (you can destroy them "in air" also)
    Now this dwarf you described use turrets, use oil, use heal…..you know how much steam all that cost + how much dwarf mana regen is?
  14. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    You probably have not seen strong mages playing against strong dwarves and how they play, but the trick is if you study a little bit about this class and its main weaknesses you'll see that it's not hard to beat it, I'm not here to teach after all though playing mage in pvp I still play quite a dwarf that was my first char. Anyway try learning to play pvp, talk to high level mages experienced in pvp.
    And a final tip: "No player is smart enough that when fought against another intelligent player of the same level let errors appear, and the winner is the one that best takes advantage of these."
    Inducing error of a strong player is part of the Player skill and dwarfs are severely punished when their towers are destroyed or when they miss the oil.
  15. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    If the dwarf's 1h weapon had the same range as hunters and magicians, they would not need to run. ;)
  16. anghelmarian05

    anghelmarian05 Forum Greenhorn

    Best way is to separate pvp by pve. So items are the same and just skills and dodge count in pvp.
    With all tiers is hard to have chance in pvp.
  17. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    Mage dont have mobility? Why they have teleport, frost nova?
    Yeah pretty much every good mage shoot the dwarfs with ice to slow them down to keep the distance.. and if a dwarf runs away they can counter push with ice either.

    "Dwarf who use brain dont't let u destroy it"
    - Go ahead and read what happens if a turret get destroyed, or in a better situation just getting removed by the dwarf.

    ps. If you cant kill the dwarf in 1v1 as a mage by the end of the countdown just dont play mage, its not for you. You might should start a dwarf, maybe you will win every single game. maybe.

  18. Durendhal

    Durendhal Forum Greenhorn

    every one complains about other classes but no one seems to complain about their own gameplay... My gameplay isn't the best, but i do with what is given to me, people here sounds like they always want to win against a specific class, well tough luck because not every one will let themselves get beaten so easily in the Arena.
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  19. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    1 tp per 10sec?
    ranger has adrenalin 1 per 8sec, where he can run full 5x5(old 3x3) map and mag how far can use tp? nah and he also has jump and sword dance
    dwarf has jump every 5sec, 3,5sec with catalyst and catalyst healing him ang give +run speed...
    tank has jump,attack and run

    so? where is ur mobility in mage? 1 jump per 10sec? do not make me laught
    team games aren't the same as duel
    in team games u can have lucky and get dwarf with active cd od without mana also u can kill him few vs 1
    on duel where he know that he has only mage as opponent is another story when tactict is simply to kill mage = spam oil
  20. Player122

    Player122 Forum Greenhorn

    pvp drakenang made for wizards and warriors with obvious imbalance among the ranger classes has no fun, no one likes to go into a match to stay dying several times in an easy way.

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