Unbalanced PvP games

Discussion in 'PvP Players Wanted' started by ZoditoBG, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. cogix

    cogix Regular

    PVP game/event is one of the worst event I ever played.
    Not only because the buff still is bugged (buff disappeared after changing the map). I wrote support, they know it, but still sell on the store, so people will buy it and get mad.
    But PVP matches are full of people "fakes": people staying somewhere in the map, not actively participating, people entering in the match and quitting, leaving the group with less players, people using cheats.
    and group very unbalanced: today this was the group
    RED: centurion, ardent recruit, ardent legionnaire, seasoned centurion, ardent knight of the order (me)
    BLUE: grand marshal, marshal, field marshal, grand marshal, marshal

    You said that it does not matter? well.. having higher level means having many points in attack / defense / anti-stun / regen ... and with new way to calculate points, it takes forever to change level.

    The only good thing about this event are drakens and maybe gems... not even the amulet is useful (my opinion)

    Developers really need to think about something to make this game again interesting and worth time (and for some people also money) to play
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  2. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    He's not 19, he's 55. I played once with him. The name is a duplicate, you cannot find the level 55 by name. I know him from Balor, he was bragging all the time how much money he invested in this character.
    I know he moved to Heredur from Balor, with the same name, even that the name already existed on Heredur.. anyways, everyone is telling me it's not possible and I'm dreaming. I even had a thread here that was immediately closed. It's a subject we cannot speak about.
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  3. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    When BP finally nerf cooldown on rage attack in tank and delete healing for dwarf and tank? No-one can win vs good tank bcose they have unlimite stuns, more speed with rage attack and all time heal. Dwarf have unlimite oil (you cant escape from oil and they can hit you many times when you are slowed) unlimite heal and jumps. Tank and dwarf are most unbalanced class in game.
    With crit shield, more speed on weapons with crits tank is unkillable beacouse they all time have stuns, skin and healing.
  4. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    No. Just no.
  5. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    When they will make all classes have 240% dmg on ice sphere, EA, and heavy shot and no regen of resources, they will be able to nerf it ;), also decrease dk anti stuns to 10 secs and 20 secs. Oh wait, i think everyone will say to me it will not be balanced haha.

    Again this? Really? Improve your gameplay, play more 3 months non-stop PvP, maybe you can get some skills... Just look at Facebook, Youtube PvP videos, you can win a dk , seach for "Black Shadow vs Kaleda" on Youtube, he defeated one of the best dks from Agathon without much problems. I played vs him and I dindt win by 1 or 2 smash, thats a really very balanced fight, he also said im a bit better than Kaleda ( I dont think i'm).
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  6. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    If we haveto be technical ice sphere does 350 but has x2 cost of smash so technically smash is more effecien. Trying to be annoying :D
    Only ice sphere has recource regen, heavy hsot doesnt. And ahem u get resource regen when u get hit. I mean i get your point but your facts arent true, this may lead to missunderstanding
  7. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I played a few times 5v5 and flag against a team with 4 good DKs in it. No chance against them, unless your team is the same.
    They can carry the flag in chain using the dragon skin and you cannot do anything about.
    In 5v5 they were staying together and at all times one of them had the dragon skin activated and you have to run. Again, no chance. Plus that they heal constantly and takes long time to kill 1. To kill all 4 while they stun you non stop, mission impossible..
  8. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    No if you consider the range of it. Btw you dont need to go technical because it was a joke, just to show "remove crit shield and regen" is stupidity, and also to the ppl who think all classes should have the same amount of HP, armor and resist (why only these 3 things and not range, regen of resources to zero per sec like a dk? :p).

    Which facts arent true? You can win a dk if you know how to play, the same for the dk. I'm friend of the most skilled mage and prob the best ranger actually on agathon, if he do 1 mistake I win, if I do 1 mistake he win, just like that. The diference is in the playstyle dk, im not that ones who just run for 2 mins to win at exaust, this not mean I dont run to regen some times.
    I cant say about mechs, because I cant find a good one in Agathon actually :oops:

    Well, I was in a 3v3 vs 3 dk's while I was the only one in my team, if they play together is really close to impossible to win
  9. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Seriously? You must be the worst mage. Just look at Agathon Mage Pvp scores.

    Isabelyy wins 750 losses 20
    Khaladin wins 894 losses 13
    BlackShadow wins 1124 losses 19

    compared to best DKs:

    Kaleda wins 512 losses 45
    Bestsoul wins 326 losses 76
    Darkmaster wins 295 losses 98

    It is clear which class is more powerful.

    The mage losses are only to other mages. These mages never loses to any other class but only to other Mages. Just ask them.
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  10. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    lol, that was not a good DK. He wasted his dragon skin by running away and entered more than once in the vortex without the dragon skin activated. A good DK doesn't do that. I'm playing sometimes against actually good ones on Heredur. They chase the mage, not the other way around. And they don't miss the stuns.
    As a rule, if the DK lets the mage staying in the vortex and not chasing him away, the DK looses. same if the DK misses the stuns. This is a game of stuns.
  11. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    Yeah, because we have a "little" diference of 10-50 ms in Heredur to 180-250 ms in Agathon. And this include stuns going inside the enemy but not hiting because he is already ahead, jump/charge doing rollback. In servers with good ms, if you use a stun in a dk at the same time of the dragonskin, you will cancel it and the dk will get the dragonskin back, it doenst happen in our server, you just lose the dragonskin. If you get hit by slow, you get a little rollback, so you think you are close enough to hit with rage attack, but then he slow you and you get rollback. Thats many more things which make harder to a dk chase a mage in Agathon.
    And I dont think you can chase a mage if he already put the vortex right after your dragon skin is gone.

    When I watched some videos of dks with low ms, I was all the time saying "he miss the stun", then the stun hit him. It really sounds like the range of dk stuns when you have good ms is 3x time larger

    Say is easy, I want to see you doing it.
  12. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Think what You want. Kaleda is the most skilled DK in the entire Agathon server period.
  13. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I wouldn't say so ... Didn't watch but I know combat mechanic against OP mages (full t8 3 x gl) - dragon hide is much more useful as anti-stun/stun protect than attacking shield - (entering the vortex without jump requires good memory *brain not DDR ;) ).
    Why - not even the noobiest mage won't stay in vortex if he/she sees hide on.

    You must have at least 3 skills combo vs. them
  14. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

    Not enough class imbalance, there are now two other problems in pvp:

    In Agathon servers, when a group decides to set up a strong group to make the 5x5 arenas, one usually does not have other groups to play on an equal basis, that is, this group catches other players playing solo, and the game is totally unfair and frustrating , my tip, group players are only called to the arena if you have another group registered, or it does not make any difference to be in a group, pvp would call randomly, as if it did not have a group.

    The other point is the use of auxiliary programs in pvp, such as "autoclicks", and macros for mouse, making the games even more frustrating, these players should have the account suspended for at least a week, and there is even a repeat ban, the use of auxiliary programs is easily proven with videos of the matches (I'm recording a game myself).
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  15. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    -matching level 54, 53, 52 people with level 55
    -not reordering ctf teams when there are 2 tanks in one side and none in the other one
    -pre made teams vs random teams

    if balancing classes is too hard then there are 3 simple things to fix but apparently they dont see any problem here because this is the way pvp has been working for years, that means they dont know what they are doing or they just dont care
  16. Bombina

    Bombina Forum Greenhorn

    after a break from dso i decided to return to the game , now this new pvp i gotta say its the worst thing ever, now when gems , runes and set bonuses aro no longer works in pvp it just more out of the balance than it ever was, plus many players using macros autoclikers and cheats for travel speed and etcetera,,, skillls from all clasess needs needs serious rework , pvp set bonuses are needed also
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  17. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    I didn't feel to open a new topic regarding PvP, i hope that's not a problem. :oops:

    I noticed that the group PvP only consist of the 5x5 Death Match.
    I play a lot of PvP but only 5x5 attack/defend the castle.

    But that one is no longer available, any reason for that?
  18. Sayaa

    Sayaa Advanced

    I know problem in unbalanced pvp games - its making an group 4pvp, system never will find exactly the same opponent (or even group),
    devs should disable teams (let it be random).
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2020
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  19. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Active Author

    I have been playing for 8 years and I have been talking about pvp balancing for 8 years. result? you can see it for yourself. Instead of bringing the discussion about unnecessary competition on which class is stronger, the clear division of classes should be clamored. specific skills that increase the gap of each character. the war must make the war, the magician is a magician etc, but I don't think they will listen to us, their attention is turned to introducing nonsense (potions, nuclei, infinite elixirs and various recipes) to pve, to make some extra money, amen
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  20. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Just need to reply to this post because it has shown how easy so many people CHEAT on this game and nothing gets done about it
    I play on Agathon server too
    What do the 3 KNIGHTS have in common ?
    They are all end game 55 level player
    What do the 3 Mages have in common ?
    Isabelly is a mentor player and since they got to 55 don't do 1 v 1 because they get smashed
    Other 2 are low level mages that do not move levels does not matter that they PVP all day every day both mentors too
    Let's see how bad the CHEATING is on AGATHON server then
    Claravel level 20 Knight does not move but wins 300+ 1 v 1 duels also wins 645 team matches and only has to kill 2 people ?
    Expectropatronum level 25 Mage comes 2nd in Agathon Server but hey has not leveled in 6 months to a year
    Lucifagodemonio level 20 Mage comes 6th Agathon Sever but hey has not leveled in a year or more
    Also manages to win 643 Team matches and only has to kill 3 people ?
    Beartrap level 20 wins 48 Team Matches to die 1 time
    Pitokus level 20 Steam Mech finishes 4th overall 54 team matches 0 losses

    I could go on but NOTHING WILL EVER BE DONE about the cheats in Lagensang by Bug.point the cheating is blatantly obvious
    You wonder why your game is dying and new players don't hang around ?
    Your low level mentors plain and simple