Unbalanced PvP games

Discussion in 'PvP Players Wanted' started by ZoditoBG, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Could you stop being sassy and actually think such way of playing was feature a long time ago and it´s more than doable even nowadays to get a high glyphed low lvl and the matter of 5v5s is rather a matter of coordination or in the worse case of few accounts logged in by the same person which is illegal but you want to ban 7 accounts just bcs low is dead and he wants 5v5s ?
  2. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Sorry did I mention one of your account names ? Or just one of your friends accounts ?
    So my advice to low levels that are cheating logging numerous accounts on at once to get rank and the PVP mounts is quite simple really.
    Level to 55 and stop CHEATING so you can do 5 v 5 vs real players.
    Yes I have 1 55 on Agathon, a Marshal Ranger that 80% of his PVP is end game , that is the only account I play when I have time.
    To answer your other question , YES I would BAN ALL there ACCOUNTS as well as there 55's.
    You advocate CHEATING with your whole reply to me.
    I would say you know that they are LOGGING IN MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS from your response to me.
  3. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Neither as i play on heredur and i´ve never heard any of those names it´s just general thing that you are an ignorant who simply doesn´t like the way people are force to obtain those mounts with as there´s no legti way anymore to get5v5s under lvl 42ish as there´s simply not enough actively pvping players and even if there is they are in 1v1s

    I advocate cheating ? well if you think so fine then what about all the macros and auto clickers all around 55s what about tons of botters what about exploiters huh ? you want to punish one part and ignore the other maybe bcs the other includes you

    And about logging on multiple accounts fine then get your friends up and go get 20s so they can play legitly bcs nobody does that therefore that´s their only way
  4. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Ignorant because I don't like Cheating that is blatantly OBVIOUS and NOTHING is done about it ?
    No one is forcing anyone to obtain these mounts this way. They are cheating to obtain them and they are making this choice for themselves.
    Choice is simple level PVP as I go and then get to 40-55 to finish PVP mounts.
    Is it a player's fault that there is no one under 40's PVPing ?? NO
    I have had my say on AUTO-CLICKING and BOT users these should also be banned
    Why would I want to start another account when I struggle to play this dead game with 1 55 Ranger ??
    Maybe the reason no one is banned anymore is because this game is dying if not dead on some servers.
  5. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    You struggle ye than open your bloody eyes why would they level when they worked months for what they have on the low
    The game was quite dead on american servers and balor but with the infs it might seem it will die of totally
  6. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice

    Basically some of your ''questions'' answered.

    1)How can someone low lvl have such a high amount of wins with such a small amount of losses?
    2)How can someone have won like 500 team matches and only lost 10 or something?? (low level again)
    3)How can someone have won 300 team matches with only 2 kills? (low level yet again)


    1) I think you are aware of the fact that some people make a character, get it to level 22 and farm glyphs from Heredur or other low level dungeons, get their items to an extremely high level and just play arena like that, being unkillable, unless they come across someone like themselves, where it all comes down to skill (if their items are THAT equal).
    So if little Jeremy (example name) spends his life away farming low level dungeons and gets his items to level 50 at level 22 he is going to hit you with a 2k (I guess) green arrow and almost one shot new players who have just downloaded the game and make an insane 200-0 win streak in the period of 2 months.

    Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows though!
    One day little Jeremy queued up for an 1v1 and once he got in the arena he faced Melanie. Melanie had followed the excact same strategy as Jeremy but had just invested more time in it, so her items were level 60 as opposed to Jeremies 50. Jeremy got destroyed and decided that if he ever found Melanie again in a match he would just leave, so that he wouldnt get any more losses.

    Some time passed and Jeremy came across another player, just as strong as Melanie who also kicked his ass resulting in his 332/2 win/loss.

    That's pretty much the story behind players who have insanely high winrates in 1v1s

    2)Pretty much Jeremy except he is playing team PvP instead of 1v1s

    3)Little Jeremy other than not having a life, is also very cunning!

    One day he realised that in order to be as strong as he is he would have to keep farming glyphs while still being the same level he is, 22. But how could he do that? You can still earn EXP by defeating other players in PvP so at some point he would level up and ''lose'' some of his power. So he thought and thought and thought and eventually came up with a strategy.

    He called his friend George (who is pretty much a duplicate of Jeremy) and asked him if he could help him with his plan. George agreed and teamed up with Jeremy aiming to play some capture the flag.

    Once in the match begun George sat in his teams flag, and since he was impossible to kill, the enemy team could not get it. On the other side of the arena though Jeremy grabbed the enemy flag and ,being impossible to kill, brought it back to his base WITHOUT HITTING ANYBODY so he wouldn't get the EXP from doing so.

    The match ended 3-0 with Jeremy earning 3k glory points.

    (same logic as 1v1s, losing only to people just like you OR maybe disconnections like power cuts or PC crashes)

    Might have missed some things but that's pretty much how things go, or used to go in low lvl PvP (based on my knowledge)