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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by rance_1983, Sep 4, 2018.

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  1. rance_1983

    rance_1983 Someday Author

    Cloak Wrath
    This weapon should have the 77% or 80% critical damage as the unique value with the 20% rage. This is the reason dk players loved it because it had that crit.

    End Of Time Weapons
    This weapon should have that 20% attack speed as part of the unique value.

    This should give 5% attack speed and 5 mana regeneration to magic missile as part of the unique value.

    Ammon Uniques
    These are parallel world items and they would be better if you started them at tier1.

    Watery Grave Uniques
    These items can drop in Mortis world for level 45 from death knights.

    Sergan Uniques
    Give the ability to increase the tier with dark cores or have the items drop from his corpse.

    Golden Dragon Set
    The unique value on both items needs to have 10% fire resistance each with the crit rate.

    The health unique value should be upgraded to 2000 with 50% block strength.

    Sigrismarr (normal world)
    All armor unique items that drop from him should have 5% ice resistance.

    Eye of M'edusa
    Give it a stun monster unique value effect.

    Seal of Betrayal
    Add 5% critical damage to the unique value.

    Parallel World Tagan Suit of Armor
    Give it a stackable amount of armor effect like 5% armor that stacks 5 times.

    It had damage before so maybe put it as the unique value at 60 or 75 points.

    The game can be more fun with little changes like more difficulties improved items and more unique set or single items.
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  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Cloaked wrath really does need to be reworked and making the crit damage the unique value rather than rage would make it viable. Extra rage is usually pointless for a DK. Nobody uses the DK unique chestpiece (Tegan's?) for the same reason.

    btw, it should be noted that the steam mech version (avenger) is incredibly useful as is - with no need to craft. Going from memory, I think it has potentially up to 138% idoti and 18% speed plus the 40% steam results in all the enchantments and unique values being useful as is if you get a T6 version.

    If cloaked wrath came with the same 138% idoti and 18% speed and a better unique line (such as crit damage) people would use it.
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