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Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by Callisto, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. DjPatryk123

    DjPatryk123 Forum Apprentice

    you should go too crypt of kings and start one shotting armys and you will get good gems and an unique that i got its called weapon andorment of splender it gives you +4dmg ,2,50% faster attack speed and 50 crit value its lvl 20 unique as i was one shotting with my lvl 50 mage (using the chain lightning spell) i came accross it and i wont use it as its lvl 50 but i will use some glyphs of power for it this is just an thread about the an cool unqiue:)
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    One, it is nothing special.
    Two, this doesn't belong here... there is a thread for SW uniques that everyone ignores anyway because the wiki's list is more useful.
    Three, it doesn't drop often enough to make for reliable farming of glyphs, so going there to one shot things isn't suddenly going to make you rich when it comes to glyphs.
  3. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but since SW items are being discussed here - i need help with a few questions, if some one can help answer:

    As an SW, what are good sets (from events or PW) as a high 2H damage dealer?
  4. Nalros

    Nalros User

    Hello ShamisSabri, most of the current end game Spell Weavers are using a combination of the Q8 Sigrismar Set (Adornment/Torso), Q4 Bearach set (Weapon/Belt), or Q7 Herald set (Weapon/Gloves). The Dragan Bellicose set is also desireable, but the event just finished recently. Have a look at the unique item page for Spell Weavers on the Wiki to get a better idea of what to work on :).
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  5. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    thanks ")
    appreciate the reply

    i luckily did manage to get myself the entire dragan set but still feel weak in PW :/
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  6. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Do not worry- slowly, step by step you will become better:) It's only matter of time:)

    good luck!:)
  7. Its a combination as Shine said of different sets and pieces that make a mage strong along with crafting if you can. It is going to be a work in progress and you will have to tweak things to get certain stats up and switch things around as you need.
  8. Kokrzeczko

    Kokrzeczko Forum Apprentice

    Hi guys!
    Quick question. What do you think about this way:
    necklace - cubes
    cloak - herold
    belt - premium day
    ring 1 - dragan
    ring 2 - premium day
    boots - dragan
    gloves - q7
    torso - q8
    pads - witch / kali
    helmet - dragan
    adornment - q8
    weapon q7

    I have to change on ice in basic atac (q8 set). It will give on 1 shot 55% dmg (second atack when mob is frozen) so q8 gives 3x = 165% on basic atack (Am I wrong?) + get extra resistances on ice and lights.

    Im still thinking about torso from grimmag and adornment from cubes --> extra mana and bonus set from cubes. Same about pads...

    What do you think? Which way is better

    It is almost imposible to drop belt from amphoras and I am not going to waste more drakens / premium currency.

    Thank you for help :D
  9. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Forum Apprentice


    Found this Fearsome Explorer Helmet in Tegan's Sanctuary, it actually seems to be very good because of the unique values. Even better than Dragan's Bellicose Helmet because it gives 6% damage instead of 6% two-handed weapon damage, along with 4,5% runspeed. If you have Dragan's ring to still keep the 3/4 setbonus, it will definitely be better.
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    weapon damage is always better than damage.
    Fearsome Explorer helmet is good ... for beginners that are having nothing else to equip :)
  11. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Veteran

    Except that most people either already are having either the boots (me) or the gloves (most) already swapped to something not Dragan gear. I'm currently (still !!!) trying to get a different weapon adornment so that I can swap back to my (turns out) very good dragan boots (2 gold base lines).

    That helmet would have been great to have will coming up thru levels 48-55 before getting to go to level 55 Dragan Event. It's a shame that there isn't 5 other pieces to go with it all with 6% damage & something each. Now that would be a non-set set. :)
  12. Totentamten

    Totentamten Someday Author

    May I ask for listing here what are tier VIII, IX and X base damage values of blood rune staff without glyphs please?
    t4: (223-289) - (307-373)
    t5: (258-330) - (342-414)
    t6: (299-371) - (383-455)
    t7: (340-411) - (424-495)
    t8: ?
    t9: ?
    t10: ?

    I'm also not sure about that t4-7 values, are they up to date or not, just took it from wiki page.

    Thank you.

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