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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by tighthipflexors, Jul 3, 2022.

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  1. tighthipflexors

    tighthipflexors Forum Greenhorn


    I'm a new player and I started playing about a month or so ago, the game has been really fun! I am currently level 53 with a dragon knight (my main character, I have filled the rest of the slots with characters too but don't use them much).

    There's a merchant called Gnob in Kingshill that sells unique and set items for drakens. There's a couple that have really cool effects which give bonus talents to Price Fall (III) and Rising Vigor (III), however, their base stats seem pretty low compared to the gear I already have, mostly because the gear I have is about level 70.

    Is there any way to upgrade these items somehow, outside socketing gems to them and reaching higher levels before purchasing it? Or are these item "noob traps"?

    I get that I shouldn't really bother buying gear whatsoever while I'm still not at max level since I'll be replacing my gear all the time, but I wanted to understand what the deal was with those. I'd totally buy them for fun since I have a few extra drakens that I wouldn't really mind throwing away on that.

    Likewise, I tried googling a bit but most info I find seems to be very outdated, apparently at some point the game got changed radically and I can't find many new things to learn from.

  2. silverseas

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    Even if you're at max level, I would not buy those Gnob items because you would obtain them at level 100.

    Those weapons/offhands are totally not worth it and you can score them for free at level 140 (or at least above level 100) if you farm events such as the New/Full Moons and Terrifying Shadows.

    As for the other Gnob uniques/sets, again, not worth buying from him because they're limited to level 100. During the Summer Solstice last year, there was a scroll you could buy with Anders that made it possible to drop them at level 140. At that point, I'd say it "has potential" but idk if it's worth the cost.
  3. tighthipflexors

    tighthipflexors Forum Greenhorn

    Ah well, that's disappointing. Thanks!