Unique runes and a unique rune slot on certain items

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Jun 21, 2019.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    You all missed it.
    Instead you changed this into a set bonus and character class mud slinging.

    However let me show you.

    Rune of uncompromised armor:
    Slot: torso
    Everytime a player gets hit by an attack there is a 5% chance he will be granted a spirit shield providing 15% armor and 15% resist for 5 seconds

    Rune of revered alacrity:
    Slot: boots
    Whenever the player receives any elemental damage his runspeed gets increased by 20% for 2 seconds.

    Rune of Fyrgons wrath:
    Slot: Weapon
    With every attack the player has a 10% chance to cause Fyrgons flame inflicting 25% fire damage of his base damage per second for 3 seconds. <- (there could be 5 versions of this aka fire, ice, bleed, poison, ander)

    There could be 100s of types of runes
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    ...that work with skills. PoE.

    Again, we need a better exp tree, but I don't trust them to make such a change.
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  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    meh who cares about it if it worked like PoE?
    We already have gems, how many other arpgs have gems?
    We already have runes, how many others use a similar system?
    Theres games with unlimited levels of Soul xp
    We might as well throw in the runes
    Heck we cannot even fill our xp skill tree skills all maxed :/
  4. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    This game doesnt need another layer of grinding and runes scream grinding.

    What this game needs desperately is a complexity layer on core level, for all lvls from 1 through 55 (or 60 sooner or later which, btw, should be last level cap increase).

    - Challenging bossfights
    - Complex bossfights requiring strategic planning, reactive gameplay and smart playing.
    - Rewarding drops.​
    - Raids (10-20 groups, mostly for organized guilds)
    - Can be just already available dungeons/bossfights but cranked from "your average, random group can do it without many issues" to "you'd better stay in this particular place cause you dont want to cause a 20 man wipe and start over".​
    - Build/items diversity
    - Little to no low level uniques (you're already storming through "old world content" like a rocket, no need to waste unique items there).
    - All uniques available for lv 55 charactes.
    - Majority to all unique items being somewhat useful even for endgame players.​
    - Sub class system (aka much more complex skilltree, skills customization)
    - Spellweavers [ranged dps]
    - Ice Mastery [long range]
    - Heavy focus on cc using ice (mana as resource)
    - Pros: cc, mobility, survivability, range
    - Avg: dps (AoE & ST)
    - Cons: -​
    - Flame Mastery [long range]
    - Heavy focus on DoTs dps using fire (mana as resource)
    - Pros: dps (AoE), mobility, range
    - Avg: dps (ST)
    - Cons: cc, survivability​
    - Lightning Mastery [long range]
    - Heavy focus on single target dps using lightning (mana as resource)
    - Pros: dps (ST), mobility, range
    - Avg: cc, survivability
    - Cons: dps (AoE)​
    - Dragonknights [melee dps, tank]
    - Protection [short range]
    - Heavy focus on cc and survivability (rage as resource, 1h and shield, tank)
    - Pros: cc, survivability, tanking
    - Avg: mobility
    - Cons: dps (AoE & ST)​
    - Berserkering [short range]
    - Heavy focus on dps and survivability (rage as resource, 2h weapon, heavy damage)
    - Pros: dps (AoE & ST)
    - Avg: survivability
    - Cons: cc, mobility​
    - Reaver [short range]
    - Heavy focus on dps and mobility (health and rage as resource, using abilities on low health enemies or being low on health provides special effects)
    - Pros: dps (AoE), mobility
    - Avg: cc, dps (ST)
    - Cons: survivability​
    - Rangers [ranged dps, melee dps, off-tank]
    - Sharpshooter [long range]
    - Heavy focus on ranged dps (concentration as resource)
    - Pros: dps (AoE & ST), mobility, range
    - Avg: cc
    - Cons: survivability​
    - Beast Master [mid range]
    - Heavy focus on pets (concentration as resource)
    - Pros: survivability
    - Avg: dps (AoE & ST), mobility, range, tanking
    - Cons: cc​
    - Survival [short range]
    - Heavy focus on cc, mobility and survivability (concentration as resource)
    - Pros: cc, mobility, survivability
    - Avg: dps (AoE & ST)
    - Cons: range​
    - Dwarves [ranged dps, tank]
    - Steam Mechanicus [mid range]
    - Heavy focus on turrets and creating useful tools on the go (e.g. dwarf-in-the-box) (steam as resource)
    - Pros: dps (interchangeable ST & AoE), survivability
    - Avg: cc, range
    - Cons: mobility​
    - Firearms [long range]
    - Heavy focus on gun, bullets and explosives (steam as resource)
    - Pros: dps (ST & AoE), range
    - Avg: cc, survivability
    - Cons: mobility​
    - Iron Dwarf [short range]
    - Heavy focus on survivability and tanking (steam as resource)
    - Pros: survivability, tanking
    - Avg: dps (interchangeable ST & AoE)
    - Cons: cc, mobility​

    This game needs horizontal progression instead of another layer of vertical progression that will eventually lead to inevitable stats/damage inflation.
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  5. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I like this

    Also not sure if I shared this idea before but I have kind of a 4 directional upgrade system for items
    just like now
    glyphs gems runes
    and then a +
    so you can make an item t8 lvl 60
    +12 unique value
    see the +12 does not affect base values but instead affects unique values (does not affect set bonuses)
    But imagine you can make the mortis ring give 25% attack speed instead of 10
    bearach weapon giving 75% bleed damage and 1k crit (or for mages electric exponentially increased)
    Dragan gloves +15% weapon damage per unique value.
    How to increase the + of unique items?
    By dismantling items instead of melting them
    So you have 2 options with items now either dismantling or melting.
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  6. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Cool, another stats inflation. Isn't that a great idea?
  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Actually this can work to some extend. Q7 s opness doesnt come from the unique values , but from the ser componets. So q4 can be buffed by this so it can be on par with it . ( Obv bloodmage weapon should not benefit at all from this or it will be boyond broken.)
  8. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    lol with the r220 incoming a stats inflation is what we need xD
    Anyways do not just consider it a stats inflation.
    More consider it an effects inflation, but let me explain.
    Yes it is true some stats will be highly inflated, but consider this, q7 bonus remains the same.
    However every other weapon in the game gains on the q7 set this includes the golden dragon set <- useless as it is now
    dragan gloves boots and helm will make other 2h players gain same performance as q7
    Imagine the premium weapon for just a sec
    SW Lightning damage will go up to 75% and attack speed up to 15%
    Mec: same attack speed aka 15% but heavyshot cooldown up to 80% <- add some runes and they can almost keep up with q7 users
    Rangers could then literally spam net and have high attack speed.
    And once again rangers if they have 100% bleed per sec on q4 well q4 would be awesome
    But it doesnt stop there, the weapon from arachna, if the spawning spiders had more damage
    Same with q9 boots <- especially if those spheres did crit
    all in all this creates something called variety
    And by the way imagine the destructor set and the items with those stats
    Heck it doesnt stop there
    The temple guardian set would be the perfect tank set through and through.
    Not to even mention the belt of zeal ok well 15% runspeed with 25% attack speed and 50% damage :D
    Imagine the damage from the cube amulet if you wanted
    And the list just keeps growing
    The uniques from gnob
    The premium of hand uniques from prem shop
    The durian mace even with its unique line giving 1k crit
    The end of time weapon with 25% damage
    The 2h weapon from destructor would actually give around 1200 crit and mace level damage
    This would create so much diversity in the game
    Even the items from salvendar will be interesting
    Example if the helmet gave 1000 crit it would be viable for players to use
    The shotgun for mecs if the unique line was 25%
    The 2h item from gorga per class if it gave 25% attack speed
    If the of hand from shar karab worked correctly and did crit
    and your chance was increased to 15% to deal 450% of your base
    if the damage from the gwenfara buff was changed to 50% damage per stack of 25
    It would be Huuuge for all players to use certain items
    Lol I just cannot stop
    Imagine the q1 torso gave 75% mana
    Imagine the magotina adornment with 20% damage
    imagine the boots from q9 or magotina boots gave 20% crit
    Also, like the salvendar items I mentioned
    If you have more crit in this or in that you are able to put different stats in other items too such as hp and block you will actually be able to use them
    1h will also be popular without a lot of effort
    EDIT: again xD
    Another thing is for example q7 users will not gain another 15% weapon damage when they do not use dragan gloves
    Yes bloodrune is a problem, however premium weapon will shine like a superstar
    Q4 heck with or without the set bonus map farming will be a dream
    Have you thought even pouldrons of the raging beast with 25% runspeed wow just wow
    Heroes cloak coming in at 15% runspeed and 20% damage :D
    The Kerabosa cloak coming in at 25% critical damage
    These are awesome things :D
    Hammer of Zeal -_- :D
    How about the max value being 120% weapon damage and it starting of on 75% weapon damage?
    Edit edit:
    They should not remove the increase of only certain unique values with glyphs though.
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  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Perhaps kinda like PoE, but as long as skills don't start dropping around on the maps and depend on the subclass, we're good.

    Seriously, kudos to this.

    R220 is echo of the latest inflation aka platinum lines and new gems.

    We need a large exp tree expansion, preferably with subclasses, like @.RakshaRanja. said.

    Ehm... and new grinding all over. We already have lots of "awesome" new things to grind for: platinum lines, PvE leaderboard progress bar, stuff for royal gem improving, the recipes themselves (so perhaps lockpicks), and now the cloak stuff... and don't forget about the usual "old" things to grind for: gold for crafting, andermants, leaderboard ranks, materi fragments, realm fragments maybe, glyphes perhaps too.

    Seriously, rework the exp tree, create new skills, new talents (+more points per level)... new subclasses.

    What we have now could remain as a "base". Every subclass would unlock these. Thence, some skills would be improved for certain subclasses (eg. Ranger - Beast Master would have way stronger Wild Pack) and every subclass would get their new own skills and talents.

    If they did it correctly... it could be extremely good. Not much more grind, but added diversity, complexity, strategy, choices, easier balancing.
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  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Yes I like the class defining points too
    And yes there is a lot of grinding ahead
    But the 4 way item improvement system is still OP and will even make a more specialized build more specialized