Up to date spellweaver best build?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by 9gag, Apr 3, 2020.

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  1. 9gag

    9gag Forum Greenhorn

    Could someone post a picture of the best spellweaver build for farming?, only items thank you:cool:
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  2. md-mangi

    md-mangi Forum Greenhorn

    yea i also wanna know what sets i need for my mage
  3. iBaiT

    iBaiT Forum Greenhorn

    Gloves boots ring : Dragan
    Torso shoulder helmet belt :New moon event set
    Ring Weapon adornment Necklace : from premium set
    Weapon : full moon event (blood mage)
    Well it depends on your playstyle
    Many people use q4 others premium Belt , q1 torso q9 set q8 ( q4 q8 set is a good one to start) mate u just need to test every thing and see whats better for you I hope I helped you :)
  4. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Q9 set doesn´t crit therefore mostly useless Q8 set does almost 0 dmg to bosses Q4 is fine but still inferior to Q7 so by me
    Also 3 cube items are quite useless bcs as a mage there´s no need for additional crit dmg as in case of other classes im running w 397 alone w/o any runes nor item sets

    • Boots gloves ring : Dragan(Gloves Q7 w Q7 then you ought to use dragan helm)
    • 2nd ring : up to you (Valid choices are cube ring, tearholder, mortis(Tho you loose lot of hp for a little at.s), zeal ring etc..
    • 2H :Bloodrune or Q7 or even Q4 if you like it
    • Belt :Witch seeker for BR Zeal for Q7 Q4 for Q4
    • Torso :Witch seeker for Rune and Q1 for Q7 & Q4
    • Shoulders :Mostly witch seeker tho i saw some Q4 & Q7 mages running w fercious/Q5 or the Emilia shoulders which are better for Q7 than Q4 i guess
    • Helmet :Witch seeker for rune for Q4/7 dragan (for Q4 mainly bcs of the 6% weapon dmg as well as free ring slot)
    • Amulet :Q9 or Dragan´s amulet
    • Cape :That´s mostly up to your abbilities of obtaining them but i propose herald :D
    • Adornment :Tenebrous spider adornment or cube adorn depends on your choice
    *You can also run Q8 set but i´d not recommend that as you rely on skill variation instead of direct sphere spam+ the dmg of IMs themselves is pitiful to even think about it mana build w MM use w mana refresh of 5/hit usually works better + you can spam pots much more efficiently

    If you have some questions, ask
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