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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    The content expansion has been with us for a few days already and the lands of Lor’Tac are now full with brave champions in search of adventure and glory. Have you already visited the Dwarven expedition camp and set foot in Frog River Delta? Have you discovered Yaltepetl and the kindness of the Tayaz tribe? There are so many places to discover, so many challenges to face…​

    And why not do it in style, wearing a fancy costume?
    Do you have “mad skills” and want to see something of your own creation in the game? Then join us in our official Lor’Tac costume event!​

    The event – an overview:

    There will be two final winners: one costume for males and another for females and they will be implemented in the game! Since this is an event that requires the magic of our art team, they will make the final decision on which two Lor’Tac costumes get implemented in the game.
    However, we will also hold a community vote to reward other amazing designs. Keep reading!


    Reception of costume proposals starts: 1st of September
    Reception of costume proposals finishes: 14th of September 12:00 CEST
    Facebook community vote: From the 15th to the 21st of September

    Rules of this event:

    IMPORTANT: If you want to participate, make sure you FOLLOW THESE RULES. You may be disqualified if you do not comply!

    • You can participate with TWO DESIGNS per GLOBAL ACCOUNTone female and one male.
    • Please do not submit two male costumes or two female costumes! And please do not submit a third design!
    • Your costume needs to have a front and a back design (obviously...)
    • You will find a basic model for both bodies HERE and HERE – please use them so our art team can have a better idea of what you are proposing. ;)
    • Please do it in color!
    • Topic/theme: Lor’Tac
    • We will accept the following two mediums:
      • Photoshop/digital creations (designs made with Photoshop or similar editing programs)
      • Non-Photoshop creations (designs not made with Photoshop or similar editing programs. For example, you may print the basic model and draw/color your designs on it. Then you only need to scan it).
    • Design restrictions: we want to celebrate Lor’Tac so please stick to that topic. If you want a good guide, simply look at the existing costumes in the game – and be creative! Obviously stuff like angel wings or long floating gowns are not possible in Drakensang and even if those designs make it to the community vote, they will not be selected by the art team.
    • Art team disclaimer regarding designs: please bear in mind that the final costume design might be slightly changed to fit our tech specifications. By submitting your design to this competition, you are agree to this condition.
    • Please send good resolution filesdrawings or designs that are too detailed or poor in quality will not be taken into consideration.
    • Please, do not plagiarize or use content that is protected by copyrightif we believe your creation is not completely original, we will disqualify you immediately! Of course you can get inspiration from other sources but there is a big difference between inspiration and plagiarism.

    Important rule of this contest – pre-selection and community vote

    Once the deadline of this event has passed (14.09), the art team, along with the community management, will get together and select a final number of designs that will move to the finals. This is the pre-selection process. This final designs will appear on Facebook the following week (15.09-21.09), when voting will commence. Results may vary, depending on general participation.
    By the end of that voting period, we will announce the two final winners chosen by the art team, as well as the Top 10 designs picked by the community! (Read below to check the rewards)
    By sending your design to this competition you are agreeing to this particular condition.

    How do I send in my designs?

    Once you have finished your design, please send a message, with your design attached, to the following email address:

    Please include the following information:
    • Account ID
    • The name of your character
    • The server you normally play in
    • Your country
    • A brief description of your design (what inspired your design, for instance)
    Please make sure to include all the required information! If anything is missing, we will not include your design in the competition.

    Please remember that we will not exchange any special/personal emails with you until the finalists are selected! If you are a finalist, then you will get a message from us.

    If your design does not get selected for the Community vote round, you have not made the pre-selection round.


    ++ Selected by the team ++

    Final winner – Male Costume
    • The costume you designed, once added to the game + 35,000 Andermant + 30 days of Premium + 1 Flawless Ruby
    Final winner – Female Costume
    • The costume you designed, once added to the game + 35,000 Andermant + 30 days of Premium + 1 Flawless Ruby
    ++ Selected by the community during the Facebook vote ++
    • 1st prize: 35,000 Andermant + 30 days of Premium + 1 Flawless Ruby
    • 2nd prize: 25,000 Andermant + 15 days of Premium + 1 Radiant Ruby
    • 3rd prize: 15,000 Andermant + 15 days of Premium + 1 Radiant Ruby
    • 4th to 10th prizes: 10,000 Andermant + 7 days of Premium + Polished Ruby

    The team vote and the Facebook contest are separate. Meaning, one design could win both the DSO Team vote and the community vote.

    However, one person who has submitted two designs (male and female) cannot win both grand prizes. We will only reward the highest ranked costume that qualifies for prizes (meaning, no one will get four prizes in total but two maximum!)

    Remember, the topic of the costume competition is LOR’TAC.

    Be creative and good luck to all of you!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. teddy.bear

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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Thanks to all of you who participated in our contest! We have received a lot of entries and have been surprised by the overall quality and originality! It has been complicated to select the finalists but you can see them already in our Facebook gallery, HERE.

    Our team of artists is still deciding on their two favorites. As a reminder, the two designs (one male and one female) that are selected by our team will be added to Drakensang Online permanently! However, we still have a Community Vote and we would like to have your votes there. Simply browse through the gallery and leave a Like on those designs that capture your attention.

    We will announce our final winners through Facebook and the forums next Monday, the 21st!
    Happy voting!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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