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    Why is Dragan not returning this year?

    We were not able to start working on a new/improved Dragan event yet and didn’t want to let him return without any changes and improvements like the adaption to the new monster balancing, more progress bars, more/new content etc. That being said, we try our very best to wake him up for January/February to have a great start in the new year 2020!​

    What does transmogrification mean?

    It’s a new way to change the appearance of your items. For example: You have the “The Herald's Burning Thunder” equipped but you can put the skin of “Tayaz Two-handed Obsidian Sword” on it. ​

    Will old items like the Mortis mask and the Sargon set be obtainable again to use them in transmog?

    Except for some very old and outdated items all items will be obtainable again and can be used for customization. The Helmet of Death (“mortis mask”) and a new Amulet of Death will drop from Mortis. The old Sargon set will be reintroduced as a Gnob offer. ​

    When will be Premium Day?

    This year for sure but not in December!​

    What about PvP?

    The PvP milestones (Equipment, Talents, New battlegrounds…) are still on-going but only delayed for next year. ​

    Why did the roadmap change in the first place?

    Developing a game means to consider several factors. Even if we expect the unexpected we sometimes must shift priorities and change plans. This time e.g. we had to put more technical resources on our game stability to improve the overall performance of the game. Even if those changes are still not noticeable on your average play session we investigated in ways to improve the client and server stability and are still working on it with a lot of effort. “Downside” of this: the development resources on bigger features (e.g. PvP, new events, new content) are limited and thus decreased. ​
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