War in pvp

Discussion in 'PvP Players Wanted' started by Ringo, Jul 23, 2019.

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  1. Ringo

    Ringo Forum Apprentice

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  2. Shine2

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    Hello Ringo, welcome to DSO EN Forums ;please kindly use English in this Forum.Thank you.
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  3. ArcherX

    ArcherX Forum Apprentice

    we miss the old pvp system. this new pvp system is disgrace. You have finished acting. Again, as before, pvp should be the priority of player
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  4. septamemo

    septamemo Forum Greenhorn

    I'm surprisingly having a hard time playing WAR in pvp compared to using something like MNK. The current meta seems to regard WAR as being top tier but I just don't see it....
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