We players are, or are already, in a DSO Lockdown

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Sprokkel, Feb 3, 2021.

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  1. Sprokkel

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    If the DSO team wants to get our players still playing in DSO, you shouldn't keep making the players weaker and the monsters stronger. I'm not saying this to blame but to let you know that when I try to play and again after this release 246, I am convinced that I can do less and less in DSO.
    For most players there is NO MORE TO PLAY BECAUSE ONLY THE MONSTERS ARE Winning.
    I would like to announce this loudly because it may also be that developers are developing their skills ..., with
    The more we weaken the players, the more brain damage we will incur, so I hope developers are still able to read this :)

    Where I could kill bosses yesterday, that is no longer possible.

    With my char I have to be in a certain area where I can find items that I can improve with, but that is no longer possible.

    I get weaker with every release and I don't make a dent in a packet of butter yet.
    With every release, I also feel less and less inclined to spend my free time on DSO.
    One option could be to fire your current developers and hire some good developers who understand that the other way around.
    So in these heavy corona times where we have been in Lockdown for a long time, the lock on DSO also goes for me as long as nothing improves.
    In other words, in summary ...,
    Restore the relationships between players and monsters so that players can enjoy playing DSO again and that we are able to improve ourselves.
    Treat us with respect and the latest releases are not a good example of that.

    We players do not let ourselves be used as the plaything of developers.
    Until developers understand what needs to be changed, my DSO account will go into a DSO Lockdown.
    I log in daily but will not start playing again until DSO is playable again as before.
    All playing time that is currently invested in DSO makes no sense anymore.

    Good luck to the developers in finding the right vaccine. ;)

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