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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Javah, Mar 1, 2024.

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  1. Javah

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    It seems to me that the developers have done a good job so far, managing to substantially reduce disconnections and various errors, and FINALLY also the problem of corrupt data packets, which was responsible for the abnormal use of bandwidth during map changes, and blocks on a variously colored screen at the end of loading. It was a problem reported for years, and unresolved for just as long... finally (if it holds up over time) they did a GOOD job.

    Let's be clear, a decent gaming experience is the minimum wage that a videogame producer should offer to its customers but, given how things turned out here, it's something that most players had stopped hoping for a long ago. And when something good happens, it should be given credit just as it is right to criticize when everything falls into ruin, as has happened recently.

    Just hope that now they will be able to continue along the same lines, and not end up falling back into oblivion as so often in the past.

    I wish all them good work.
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