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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by gnarlymilk, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. gnarlymilk

    gnarlymilk Forum Greenhorn

    So I started the game through Kongregate.. maxed a character and spent time and money along the way. Took a break for a while, today I went to start back up and found that there are issues with browsers supporting Java. In addition I know Knogregate stopped supporting many games. I am almost certain that I wont be able to play my character that I started with ( time money wasted ) but sent a ticket any how on the off chance they will be bale to do anything. So here I am, downloaded the game to avoid Java.. Starting all over from scratch...Even though I played for a while reached max lvl and started working on equipment / PVP and end game events I feel like I am a noob. So before I jump back in from he beginning. any suggestions on character selection ( was a Knight ) Tips for lvling or tips in genera, spend cash? if i spend a little $ what to spend it on? . I been gone for about a year so I am sure there has been quite a few changes.

    Thx in advance
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can still play in Internet Explorer11.
    I am always playing in browser.
  3. -gnarlymilk-

    -gnarlymilk- Forum Apprentice

    Yea I DLed IE11 but Im thinking eventually the sam emay happen and if I want to make sure I wil lalways be able to play / not loose progress or my characters it woudl be best to play through the DL version.
  4. BlueKnight

    BlueKnight Forum Apprentice

    No wonder why you are always on the wiki and forums.
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The Client needs improvements ... until then the browser is the only reliable "gaming tool" for me.

    The other 3rd party users like Google and the others ... were taken under BP's support and services and have gotten account migration option. I don't know if it is the case with Kongregate though.
    You can contact the support and ask them if you can migrate your old Kongregate account to BP.
  6. Schlonz99

    Schlonz99 Forum Greenhorn

    Since yesterday I'm unable to log in via Kongregate. The iframe shows Bigpoint's login screen instead of the character selection screen. I addressed this issue to both, Kongregate and Bigpoit support. Both are telling me the other is responsible for this issue.
    Kong says this is an ingame issue I have to get in touch with the Devs.
    Bigpoint support [EDIT] says they are sorry they have no influence on Kongregate and cannot help.

    IE 11
    Windows 7 SP2
    Java 8 Update 144

    I already tried various suggestions
    - deleting caches (IE, Java, Bigpoint temp folder, flush DNS)
    - re-login to Kongregate
    - rebooting

    So, my questions to you guys are:
    - What more can I do?
    - Is any other Kongregate mate facing the same issue?

    Kind Regards,
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  7. Chell2015

    Chell2015 Forum Apprentice

    I don't use the partner site you do but I do play through one as well, Aeria games, I too am unable to play the game, it loads me to the new log in screen with all my Aeria account info, I click Play Now and nothing happens, so I am beginning to think that with the new changes to BP's log in screen for the game it has broken it for anyone who is not a BP account holder.

    I sent in a support ticket to transfer my Aeria account to a BP account in the hopes that once I am a BP account holder I will finally have access to play.

    Good luck on your end, you might need to do the account transfer as well, just don't hold your breath for a quick response since I haven't even gotten a bot response saying my ticket was received :(:(
  8. Schlonz99

    Schlonz99 Forum Greenhorn

    I think I found the solution.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Java Version. After that, Bigpoint's Login Screen now contains a Play Now button. [​IMG]
    Prior to this, it used to Forward the Player to the character selection Screen. However, Bigpoint seems to have done some changes because now I get to the Login Screen first.

  9. If you are willing and able to continue playing DSO from your Kongregate a/c via IE, great. If not, please read this thread. Note in particular:

    Q: I play Drakensang Online through a partner site, how can I use the client?
    A: Please contact our Customer Support. We will verify your user data and bring you home to Dracania.
  10. JLE78234

    JLE78234 Forum Greenhorn

    it really works, great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1000 x THX
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