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  1. Epilogue

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    Guild name: DARKSOULS
    Server: Werian
    Guild Language: English only
    Guild Master: Epilogue
    Slots: 4/50


    • Respect
    • Level 100
    • English knowledge
    • Be active in the game
    • Be active in events with the guild
    • Mid-game stats
    • You must have completed all the main quests and unlocked the all parallel world maps
    • Legendary tier Rune of Realm Charger (for Realm Fragments 10+)
    • Minimum 1 year experience of DSO

    We offer:
    • Daily Farm with the guild
    • PvP events when there are enough players
    • Quartz Cavern farms
    • Parallel World farms (merciless - bloodshed)
    • Completing events
    • Guild's Discord Server
    • Guild's YouTube Channel

    About guild:
    Hello, this is DARKSOULS guild. Since the guild has just been created, there are only 4 players at the moment, but I can guarantee that the guild will be permanent. For players joining the guild; There will be many more activities such as events, PvP competitions, Infernal Passages farm, realm fragments farm, completing all events and more. It is mandatory to speak English in the guild chat and on the Discord server.

    Members/officers must invite guild members to groups they create without discrimination. Anyone can create groups with people outside of the guild, but we prefer to include guild members in groups as a priority. If you want to invite your friends to the guild, you can reach the guild leader and officers via private message.

    If you want to join the guild, you can write a private message to Epilogue in-game.

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