What Do We Know So Far?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by raider, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Incorrect :p
    the person who was answering the questions said open them up don't keep them. which is probably meaning they will be sold for gold afterwards without possibility to be opened.
    I have never lied so far :p
    I really don't care and I am not interested in the so called Content Expansion ... which is not expansion at all but rather killing of a Drakensang Online and starting a new game that has nothing to do with DSO.
    I spent all summer (up until the beginning of this month) out on the SUN :p ... I was making surplus of "sun reserve" for the corona winter :) and I was chasing around with the police. I was spending time at home only late at night when I was playing other games.
    So i really don't know what is the news.
    From what I have read in the screeshots above ... I will only say: (borrowing your signature picture) ICANTBREATHE ... something has squeezed my lungs and my heart started bumping rapidly while reading that BS.
    Looks like DSO is finally dead ... the new content is a new game. RIP
    I am not talking mechanics and design but pets, mounts, costumes, emotes, weapons ... etc
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  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I was joking of course ;) But at the same time I was sincerely convinced that you had unleashed all your intelligence strengths and abilities, and that you were operating in disguise taking advantage from the shadows ;) And instead I see you spent your summer in a much more interesting and wiser way than this... I'm glad for you.

    Everything reaches its end. It's a a hard blow for those who have been here for a long time but if the game's "life" was that of the last few years, then death is better. Hoping for something after it.

    Just for fun o_O let me try to summarize what it seems we know so far, all-in-once, merging ΣMiwel post with what he didnt grab from the DC screen ... before they misteriously disappeared from Phyrix post :rolleyes: (what follows is auto-translated from another language, I have no will at all to better adjust its form and grammar):

    • gems will be 130 (in all), jewels 30 (in all) and runes 40 (in all)
    • gems will have a limit per type (from 30 to 50, but still have to decide)
    • runes will have a global limit of 5 per type
    • even the use of gems in trinkets will probably be limited
    • one or more new rune levels will be added to compensate players in case of surplus
    • runes "on this item" will now be a general percentage (e.g. % HP instead of % HPotI)
    • nothing has been said about the limits of jewelry, so the current situation may remain
    • we will be given a first set of items in which to put some runes and jewels after this
    • glyphs will be removed from all items that use them to update their level, and their base level will be restored via script with CE
    • glyphs will no longer be usable to increase their level, the less so will the cores
    • the cores we have will be converted to glyphs
    • the maximum level of wisdom will be increased
    • the tree of wisdom will undergo further changes over time
    • they are working on more skills than shown so far
    • they still do not know what to do with cubes
    • normal (not unique) cloaks will no longer be achievable but will fall from mobs
    • the new (unique) bosses cloaks are "almost ready"
    • it will be possible to overcome 400% of the maximum critical damage
    • anyone who reaches the Lev cap of attack speed will get some sort of buff / bonus
    • they still don't know what to do with the uniques sold by traders (and maybe even with traders in general, mah)
    • base values will be more random
    • enchantments on items will have some sort of correlation with the base values of the item itself (this could mean that higher base values will fully correspond to higher value enchantments)
    • conversions will be applied to both current enchantments and base values, effectively modifying existing items updated with the new system
    • there will be no legacy items after CE
    • those who are now bored, would do well to return to farmare matter, because this will be necessary for "other things" after the CE
    • fragments For Infernal passages will still be needed even if it is not said that they will serve the same purpose or the same way / amount of time
    • the current T10 does not equate to the new bloodsheld (= it will be lower and I think quite a lot)
    • there will be no restrictions on one of the most controversial features of the new CE, which is to replace the enchantments of an item with any other you want
    • all relative values present on the Rune type + % HPotI will be converted to absolute values i.e. + % HP, so they will impact the global statistics of the pg and not the specific statistics of the item
    • the level increase will be "skill depedent" then "skill dependent". There will also be items that will be able to level up (but not through core or workbench) and "Change skills". Whatever all this may ever mean.
    • although in some places it is read that the management of premium cubes is still tbd (to be defined) between the lines there is an answer in which it is suggested to those who have accumulated them hoping then to take advantage to open them before the CE
    • they will implement the rebalancing of the much announced, expected, feared sets, modifying both the bonuses of the individual items and those of the sets
    • instead of the CV they will put the indicator of "average level of items"
    • they will not increase the size of the inventory
    • they will not change or improve pvp
    • the CE will be on the ts at the end of October
    Did I forget anything? :cool:
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  3. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    agree, at least one that thinks the same as me...
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  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    ah well there I could possibly agree :p
    Quite curious as to what they can do, see the thing is this, it all depends on the amount of damage increases we have in total, lets say we end up having 960% increased damage from items, and 200% increased damage from damage runes, and 75% from wisdom
    This = a total relative modifier of 1235%
    It would make the 150% from q7 itself seem meek.
    I really hope they use my last rework of q4 for dks.
    30 jewels and 40 runes is what will be allowed
    I am much more curious on whether trinkets will have craftable enchantments
    and base values ofc
    It is saddening, I do believe this game used to really mean a lot to you.
    In my honest opinion though, the crafting system will no longer be rng based
    DSO will still have uniques and you can still enchant them not just easier but faster and better.
    You have to bear something in mind, both item level and tier is linear item increase methods, however the flaw of tier items is that numerical unique enchantments stay at the same limit it has now, so whether it is a totally new system or not it is something they can push a lot further than item tier.
    And these changes is what they have to do to make the game more player friendly, they can have 10s of 1000s of new players and be able to keep them.
    They will use ways such as higher difficulty to keep the players.
    They are also allowing this method of crafting so that we the players can keep playing which is something that is really good.
    I think the two players who has my utmost respect is both you and drhorrible
    I never forget the legends like wigger.
    I am not even going to ask you to play, but im gonna ask you too just look what happens, and I sincerely hope that what you see is what I expect the game to become :p
    BTW @trakilaki There was a survey regarding geared or gearless pvp
    Im pretty sure most players voted geared, also in my feedback I proposed both geared and gearless like before, but called geared mode pro league and gearless hardcore league, im pretty sure that if even they just bring geared pvp back, there might be something good for you in this game
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  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I'm not so sure. That could as well be an attempt to make players get rid of their cubes so that they don't have to think of a solution.

    Also, it was sell vs open, so they said open, which is good advice (glyphes are probably going to be better than gold).

    How many times have we seen such radical changes already?

    Also, wouldn't you call my certain suggestion from the past a new game as well? At this point, virtually everything here needs deep changes anyways.
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  6. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    This not going to be DSO, they are making a totally different game. If we all choose to continue playing we need to be prepared and accept that or move on to another game. Bigpoint has already put their time and money into all this they will not change their minds. For me it is a shame, I have enjoyed DSO the last eight years. Wish you all luck and hope there will be something left for us to enjoy.
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  7. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    let's see...perhaps it would be fun to play the new game. i really hope for this. :D
  8. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

  9. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Everyone should. The current DSO is horrible. I don't know what else are all these people expecting - that they will remain top of the line with literally nothing to do in the game other than the CE maps and story that they will probably finish in a few days? Then what, right?

    However, I'm afraid the changes are not going to be massive enough. Cause MASSIVE, fundamental changes are needed. I'm afraid DSO is still going to be virtually the same farming sim with just different things to farm for, be it items or glyphs or wisdom or whatever else. Still the same brain dead repetitive gameplay, still the same event loops, still the same pay-OR-farm-to-death practices, ... Workbench may be easier, but other things will take its place, and that's just an example. Like gems that, as they say, are going to be easier to get and upgrade, but you can bet there will be a mechanic that makes other things way harder and disheartening eventually.
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Of course it is horrible ... who made it horrible you and me or those who are making contents today for tomorrow and already changing everything the day after tomorrow?
    During Drakensang Online this is the first such a radical change. The changes before were at least on top of the existing contents with the al qaeda expansion being of such bigger change and changing mechanics and destroying the ranger class ... but it was still on top of the already existing contents ... while this new BS is indeed a new game.
    You don't have to be sure... i am sure and that is what it counts :p
    No seriously ... use logic . What you are saying makes no sense.
    You say "glyphes are probably going to be better than gold" ... but if you keep the cubes and open them at higher level you would get more ... both gold or glyphs.
    if... like you say "it is attempt to make players get rid of cubes" that is a) fraud and poor valuation of the hand that feeds them ... b)just an ignorant assumption after which the players would be intentionally screwed up.
    what survey?
    Exactly everything gets to an end ... everyone dies. But I would rather die graciously than live in a shame.

    Anyway ... let me share this wallpaper from the old website. I made it with love ... in memory of the good old days and the joy and entertainment we had with the game.

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  11. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Expectations are killing my will to play .... But as I already said somewhere - we'll have to wait and see!

    What worries me is that hype maybe blinding us and our expectations are way higher than what CE will bring.

    Just one example - what if mentioned "Labyrinth maps" are based on Deeps of Demise's "mechanics" etc.

    Damn, It's better NOT TO think about it! :D
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  12. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I dont think it will be that much of a new game as you expect, gear will remain as they are now except they will be converted to item levels
    As for the crafting, I know you must have spent so much time on the rng workbench, but fact of the matter is it is holding back a lot of players, and those that fail and struggle to get strong when starting the game, this is more diaper friendly and fortunately, the game needs this, not only because it needs the player base, but because people have had such bad experiences with mmos in general, the amount of willingness to spend 7 lifetimes in a game is passing by.
    So from a business perspective i understand where they are coming from.
    I believe they will allow players to peak within 3-6 months of play and then they can be top and farm for a hobby or go at geared pvp.
    This is another reason why, see geared pvp was a lot more popular but, the drawback was people with full royals ruling the battlefield.
    As you can see royals has become a lot easier to attain than 3 years ago?
    And I believe it will become even easier than now.
    So thats ok xD

    You will have a lot of challenges in pvp
    https://s.surveyplanet.com/in2qbrp3T <- that one

    Anyways see? told you to just look at what happens, you will appreciate the new mechanics a lot more when you see them in action.
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  13. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    I hate everything that is coming to be honest, I expected that my character will be hurt after CE so i prepared really well(diffrent weapons thousands of cubes leg/pink bags other weapons and diffrent sets and plat stat items ready to be crafted in new equipment), but unfortunatly BP were ready with response making my efforts closer to 0, Where I need to begin ? The crafting bench,probably the think i hate the most lets make every single part of your equipment crafted by a 2h weapon with (increased dmg/increased crit dmg and increased atack speed (1h weapon) only boots will be crafted with movement speed and adorment with quiver/book/hammer/warrs no crit item so you got [EDIT] again ? :D. And before you start with ''But the current workbench... its worse'' I get it I spend a lot gold for my items and I understand it's pure gamble, but workbench that's comming is better ? NO not at all. The fact that everything i grinded through the years will be now a little ''advantage'' for CE makes me laugh... cores, glyphs, items with gold base values, plat values royal stones 3 in 1 pyramids (which i heard will be useless after CE), There will be no diffrence between my character and a random guy that started 6 months ago after the CE, lor'tac expansion killed 80% of the game population Dark legacy (Dark ages of Drakensang) will be probably be strike necessary to finish this poor game. Guess i have to stick again to LOL or maybe I will buy the original version of Drakensang :D
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  14. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    its called battle shields and we getting them in ce
    actually we getting dropable cloaks too, normal I mean like blue pink leg etc
    you will be able to dismantle them
    little advantage in some aspects and a huge advantage in others
    how many idoti runes do you have?
    150%? 200%?
    well thats an instant 150% to 200% increased dmg right of the bat
    where we currently cannot use crit dmg runes much, we can use them post ce
    same with cost reduction even for dk
    Yes its gonna be hard, but it will also be fun.
    Btw, even if youre end game now you will be 10 times stronger 3 months after ce launch, it makes players feel like what theyve done is insignificant I understand that, but also understand that it will be so much easier for you to get where you need to be post ce.
    Metas shift, power creep is a huge factor.
    Most importantly, I suspect the servers are gonna burst at their seams, which is something fans of the game would and should appreciate because the pvp I hope might be coming back to what it was and much better and much more
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  15. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    are you an alfa tester?
    Developers are giving us the news with suspence and full of personal players interpretations
    sometime the imagination is what we want it happening
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  16. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Just a word: it's amazing.

    Unfortunately, those who now manage this hut do not have the farthest idea of what you are referring to, and it is not possible to hope that those who ignore something will at least be able to respect its memory. It being understood that commercial policies, even the most baleful ones, very often guide business decisions and there is no room for sentimental implications.

    All that remains is to see what will be reborn from the ashes of the worn and exhausted swan.
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  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Let's hope that the new game is going to be actually good( it's highly unlikely this is going to be the case).

    Also, what are they going to do with gold in the future?
  18. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    No I am not an alpha tester but i can see where this is going, and believe it or not I am extremely experienced in the arpg genre as a whole.
  19. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Be that as it may, I think you are being a little bit too optimistic here :D

    I mean..
    Will the revamped mechs balance all 4 classes?

    Will they make Grouping up "great again"? And/or will make "roles" viable again, aka get us rid of "DPS simulator" ?

    Will they lower the need for; "being carried" and/or "donors"?

    Will PW sets have viable alternatives?

    And so on.
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  20. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    we will have to see
    fireball for mages has huge aoe bursts
    rangers get that on hunting arrow but we will have elemental damage, which is something totally new to us.
    We can assume mec turrets will do something similar.

    as far as we know fotd will spawn at mobs and I see this advantageous.
    I do believe that our skills will per level each having 10 reach new levels of power.

    We dont know for sure yet but obviously it also depends on how the passive trees affect this, because as far as we know active skills will have separate passive trees that can compliment certain active skills.

    Personally I hate "roles" because that will be 1 dk and 4 of the same highest dps class.

    I would have loved to see more versatility for each class, being able to solo and in group compliment each others skills.

    I do believe though that this new method of gems and runes separate will have a huge impact on how players can play their class.
    We know they are reworking group skills iow group runes will be modified too.

    We also do not know yet if trinkets will have base values and enchants iow craft-able.

    We also don't know if the trinkets if they are unique will compliment certain skills and certain sets.

    See thing is if they have base values it will exponentially increase our total stats ofc.
    and if they are craft-able I can easily see the new attack speed cap becoming 10.00

    That alone would open huge doors of insane farming xD

    As long as there is an mmo, as long as there is new players, and as long as there is players that farm insane amounts of resources, there will also be carry me noobs and donors, thats how it is and just appreciate the fact that you get a donor when you're low on wood for example.
    I will tell you what I do see.
    Many players fear they will have nothing to do after about 3 months of farming to the next max.
    Even me, I semi fear it, but there will be meta shifts ofc.
    And most importantly of all, I believe that they, and dont take my word for it, but that there is a 63% chance that they will bring back geared pvp.
    So there will be a reason again to farm for end game.

    As far as we know there will be q10 and q11.
    there is 3 maps separating q4 and q7 so either q10 or q11 will be a meta shifting set.
    We also know that they will adjust the current sets aka q4 and q7.
    they will have to do something with q7 because our increased dmg from items alone and wisdom will be around 1200%+++
    It dilutes the q7 buff for almost everyone.
    sargon weapon will also be interesting for 1h meta adopters.
    How the new skill system will affect for example q7 nobody knows.
    I personally will be trying 1h dps.
    I cannot say that it will be better than 2h dps but it will have about 10-15% less dmg than 2h but give about 10-15% more defenses at the same time, that is if you use 4x idoti items in comparison with 3x on 2h weapons

    And it is all these aspects that make this CE so interesting for me.
    Picture for example a 1h dk with perfect block on bloodshed
    that gets the ghost buff and for example uses q8 too, he gets 160% - 250% increased damage for 10 seconds, the ghost buff slows down enemies within the ghost area, the attacks from rage attack and smash freeze the enemies making them slow, doubly so due to q8 combined with ghost buff.
    But there is other things, a ranger mentioned to me today, Luxthor, a guild mate, he said higher attack speed might make the sewers set viable and I agree, because you need to hit 200 times, you can do that in 10 seconds and boom you do 1000% base poison explosion every 10 seconds, and that 1000% base explosion will happen when you are bout 5 seconds into the poisonous strength buff, every time, meaning your base at that time and stage will an additional 150% increased damage.

    Anyways :D
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