What Do We Know So Far?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by raider, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Damn right we don't.
    That's not what I mean with "roles" though.

    Normally there would be DPS'ers , Tank (or Tanks) and Supporters/Buffers.

    But sadly all are mixed af in this game, which wasn't the case loong time ago.
    Yes, and no.
    Issue is the 'no alternative'ness and the insane extend of it.
    I mean, OUTSIDE of PW..
  2. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Padavan

    What do you really know ?
    NOTHING because they ain't sharing.
    Real Question should be WHY ARE THEY NOT SHARING INFORMATION ?
    What they will do is nerf every class , destroy years of work , once again older players will exit the game , new players will join and end up saying EDIT and leave.
    They will nerf us, some will continue some will quit, the same EDIT on every server will pay to try and get there character back to playability.
    That is this companies only way they do things.
    In 1 or 2 years will be another content expansion and the same people will be here posting the same stuff they are now.
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  3. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Yea that's how I feel too.
  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    hold up bob

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  5. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Master

    Well said Edrogers.. totally agree. They are hiding a lot. Leaving this entire thread filled with speculation and photo shopped pictures.
  6. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    Either way, it seemed to have served its purpose ... it attracted enough attention to spread deeper into the circles of players. This is all about trading and spinning finances with the promise of new players' expectations.

    The first wave will certainly be big enough just out of curiosity. It will be mainly a test of servers and patience of players. Then the craft and playability, as well as the overall concept of the game, will decide if it will be interesting enough with a deeper idea in connecting new maps, underground and events. It remains to be seen whether the changes will bring enough life to this game.

    Before acutely digging through the PVE system, they could let it live for a while by applying a tier10 boost. Rather, they could try to resurrect the PVP arena. To live up to their promises that have not been fulfilled. They lost a lot of gaming communities due to the disintegration of the PVP system after unfinished changes. This can be seen from our gaming community, when these players disappeared from the forum and only rock PVE players remained.
    Personally, I think the game PVE would last another half year in the old concept by introducing more levels of hell and climbing T10. Many players, especially those who were unlucky in the first phase of the introduction of platinum, were just finishing their builds on platinum lines. This lacks the phase of enjoying the game and replenishing the invested resources, which can be quite negative for the game itself and its incoming changes by the affected players.

    Even if it is, for example, a third of the players in the team, it can still be quite a large number because they are players who have remained in the game for the time being. There can be no guarantee that they will be replaced in sufficient numbers in the long run by newcomers who come more out of curiosity if the existing ones are discouraged from continuing. Which can be quite a big risk for these changes and the game itself. Perhaps BP has calculated the possible risks and perhaps avoids unnecessary hasty mistakes, which can be quite large if the content is again flat with unnecessary mistakes for the game. The total devaluations that come with every big change leave unnecessary scars, and the patience of the players also has its limits.

    In the years that I have been playing this game, I have learned the only thing that BP is still quite unpredictable, even though it is nice to look to the future with a pious wish, so it does not always work out according to these expectations. Perhaps in CE we will meet more in the positive mind. If the gameplay is generous from the beginning, I hope that this rooster will not be strangled again in the near future. Which used to be quite typical for BP here. Then the changes would be only superficial and everything would be covered by a new coat. These are then just movements in circles and repetitions of the known past.:rolleyes::D

    I'm sorry for English, I'm not a native speaker.
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Whose survey is that?
    People could vote on the Wiki too
    Dude just look how stupid the answer is.
    "..... ..... not like the CE's in the past".
    Awww ... they think their new content is the best and everything before was a crap.
    And they wonder why are they so much ridiculed ... I will tell you why ... because of their arrogance!
    They think they are the best developers to ever live on this planet and everyone else has no right to even ask questions. How dare you even ask and doubt my qualities?!?!
    I remember when Baragain and I were joking on this topic ... whenever they run out of arguments they just say "look trust the developers they are professionals" ... professional means someone is earning from its profession it doesn't mean someone is good at it.
    First they were saying "trust us we are educated at best universities" ... then those devs left.
    Then some people there couldn't use their education so they were using their tools as a proof "our tools are showing this and that".
    Here is the thing ... people always bash on BP, but BP is not making the game :)
    BigPoint is simply a publisher ... BigPoint Berlin - formerly known as Radon Labs is working on the game.
    Gems were devalued because of the Royal Blues theft and the introduction of stupid runes.
    Sapphires were the rarest of all gems and most of the players were investing either in sapphires or rubies. When they stole the long time player's investment ... they simply had to increase the drop rate ... but they have never increased the drop of rubies as the drop rate of Cyanite. People were no longer collecting defensive gems especially cyanites ... and they were throwing them since they are worth less than their price (at the time) to be taken out of item's slot.
    The biggest money spenders on this forum left the game when they got robbed back then ... and the others left when they figured out the PvP is not going anywhere and will never be fixed ... after PvP was screwed up and left in ruins.
    People fell in love with the game just because at that time it was just like the way it was.
    There are many chefs and many dishes ... but the best ones are those that are having exactly this much of that and exactly that much of this ... that is the recipe and that is making the dish different and tastier than the other dishes. When you change the ratio or add something that doesn't belong there the dish is simply ruined. That happened to the game.

    The "best browser game" can no longer be played in browser.
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  8. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Master

    And the point of this email is what? They gave no answers to any of the questions. Their reply is like my kids when they were in grade school and flunked their math test. We are trying, We are trying. SMH
  9. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    That's great ! Another feature where i spend onyxes/rubies in order to create good cloacks now everyone will have them without even spending a stone
    So what ? with 1 Dragan event you can reach 150% runes so it's not a big deal like I said
    That's maybe true, but the diffrence between now strong and then strong will be the difficulty of reaching ''strong'', and as I see it it will be a lot easier to reach then now
    Well yes but actually no, They've said that they are not planning to change pvp for now which means gearless pvp stays, and dwarf will be a meme compared to mage and DK :D
    Because they've said it doesn't mean they are doing it.
    Remember the thing called glyphs - no longer serve its purpose used only in crafting bench
    Remember the thing called cores (that requirs a lot to farm) - no longer serves it's purpose removed (and what we got ? glyphs Nice :D when crystals of truth were removed we got 2 andermands for 1 crystal of truth)
    Remember the thing called crafting bench - no longer serve it's purpose now you can craft whatever you like in whatever you like
    Remember the thing called cubes - the thing that most players decided to keep so they can have some advantages, yea open them before the become useless so we can bring them back 1 month after CE.
    And at last, change of pve tree, wisdom tree, change of equipment. They litteraly are trying to make a new game . After CE comes and i level up my dwarf I will just ask my butt buddies to carry my useless mage and for 1 month with a bit of luck he will be close to strong as my dwarf (my dwarf is end game and my mage can do maximum inf I at the moment, )
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  10. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    They must nerf Mages enough its enough
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    He's trying to explain that you can now create a strong character, at least in theory, in less time. You could use that argument to argue that rangers,dwarves and warriors have to nerfed because you can create a strong character in a month or so.
    I don't think i need to explain to you that you've made a nonsensical argument.

    The guy is not known for intellectual honesty and is using an hyperbole and we haven't seen anything about the expansion, so we don't know how this will play in practice. Infact we still don't have a clear picture, we know too little.

    And do you actually think they'll allow players to make strong characters in a few weeks? I doubt that, they'll probably scr*w us over somewhere and somehow, like they always did when they announce a seemingly positive change.

    I mean, do you think we'll be able to acquire a max level item in a few weeks?I don't think so.
    The highest difficulties aren't going to be easily accessible.

    And we don't know the costs of the new crafting systems, we don't know the drop rates and we don't know how efficient glyph farming is going to be.
  12. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    That is the major reason the game is in the state it's in. Nerf this toon, nerf that toon, nerf all the toons.

    If YOU want a game where you don't get any stronger the longer you play... THEN GO PLAY CHECKERS.
  13. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    My Black Warlord set was the only useful equipment on my DK. Why do the devs pick on the DKs every time? I worked really, really hard to get that set.
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  14. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Padavan

    The bottom few paragraphs is any of this true ?
    Glyphs of Power came in at the level 45 Expansion. (from memory may be wrong)
    So you are saying they are throwing all those years of work away ?
    Cores these have been around a few years so there is a lot of players with a lot of cores.
    Mystic Cube Removal ? Now what would be the purpose of Deluxe and Premium if they removes these ? Plus there could be legal ramifications eg False advertisement of a product. This could open a can of worms especially if people buy Deluxe or Premium right before the Content Expansion and Cubes are removed. They would surely be well within there rights for a refund because the developers have changed the Premium from advertised without any notice.
    Not sure where you got your information.
    It is now the 22nd of October for me and the developers have not released any information to help with this content expansion.
    Surely the Moderators can push for an explanation and facts from them ? This would help with the speculation in this thread, also would help some people that play for limited times on what they need to farm , or work out if the game will be worth playing after the expansion.
    Not on that live twitch thing either as that serves only part of the community. Some people are working or sleeping. In the Americas the south east Asian players. Australia New Zealand.
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  15. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Never in this game history we have got so much information about CE before. They have also clearly communicated that they target CE to be on test end of august.
    In my mind it leaves me PLENTY of time to see what I do with my cubes for example until 24.11. I farmed hard for black warlord set but have not used it for years... bygone, it was great when it was usable I personally would have liked also that they would have reworked that. At the moment only value for that is the "skin" value. Actual items can go. If they bring it back someday I'll just farm it again if it is of any value.
  16. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    That is the problem, that now there are things that will melt because (according to them) they are no longer valid, but I am betting a large mug of beer in the kingshill tavern that they will bring it back with some silly modification to be able to say that it is different, that we have to get it again so that we have to go back to farming (again) what we had and that they took from us

    With the cubes, I hope they do not make that mistake, there are people (myself included) who have been saving cubes for a long time, either because they already have the set of cubes at full capacity, well because they are full of glyphs and do not need more, well because They look forward to making the most of it when the next level-up comes.

    3) With the nuclei we are in the same, if they are no longer going to be worth I do not want gold, I want that if there is going to be a new elaboration system they change them for something useful for that new elaboration system, it is not that I have thousands and thousands and thousands of cores, but if enough to value them and know that an exchange for gold is not going to be the same.

    Because let's be clear, they say that we are not going to lose combat strength, that we are not going to have a character nerf, but having to re-cultivate equipment, cubes and cores is a clear nerf to everyone, regardless of level or character class .

    I just hope that it really is a good system and that we can recover soon from what is coming our way, that at last both going in a group and going alone turns out well, that the expansion of history and new maps are pleasant and we do not fall again In the routine, it will be possible to help the little ones again without the huge penalty they imposed (I do not ask to be able to kill the boss in inf3 in 10 seconds but neither the atrocity we have now), that we can freely choose configuration between going one-handed or two-handed and that both are viable, in short, a balanced game that wants to turn on the computer just for the pleasure of playing and not to talk with the friends we have made throughout the years ( which is also a good reason)

    Sorry for my English, I use the google translator :) and for speaking a bit, but we all have dreams :p
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  17. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Let me introduce you to Greg and Haruki CM's that actually have shown us what maps will look like what type of monster will be there what they will do and the most important ACTUAL gameplay of the Lor'tac content expansion, from Cm jester and his buddy I've never seen gameplay from new expansion all we got is what they will take from us and 10 second videos of the new class skills (not even upgraded versions of them btw) and some of pve tree skills, we still don't know maximum lvl we don't know a lot stuff and everything will be revealed after maximum a week because they will drop it in test server, before they've every drop lor'tac in test server we already knew what will happen to our characters and we knew pretty much all maps and type of monsters
    Yes you are right, probably they will make us grind for new version of stones/jewels or something that will make us regret playing this game :D. About last mode im sure it will be hard but with DoE essences and good equipment from new CE must do the work i guess (let's hope).
    Glyphs aah my favourite thing to farm, BP remember that the community is tired of selling items and how slow it is?!?Now you force us to melt which is 10x times slower then selling ? Thanks :D
    In their discord they've answered some questions that should be known from the start, They still don't know what to do with our cubes and some are suggesting to open them before CE . Don't understand how hard it is to make them for new mode, 0-4 will be mode 1, 5-8 mode 2 and 9-11 mode 3 . But probably they don't want to because with cubes we will easy return what we will lose :D
    And what's the point of CE then ? BP want you to grind again, not just for 2 weeks but for months even year! Why ? Because, the game will become boring again after the 2 weeks and they will be forced to work (which they will not do anyway) This is why they will force us somehow to open our cubes.
  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    If the difficulties are going to be so hard, there will be a chance that many will never be able to get a max level item at all, so in the end these players won't be able to hit max level.

    If the new desert of essences are the new standard, good bye to the game.
    In addition to that, the drop rates are going to be lousy, so good luck.
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  19. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    They don't want you to know what is coming. I am sure that the changes will require spending a lot of money. My DK never recovered from the last CE even after spending some money. What may have been worse was that my friends left the game at that time and I never found anyone else to help me farm. I am still unhappy about them eliminating the speed gems. I'm expecting something similarly devastating to happen. I mostly just play the first progress bar in events and then go to other games. My main char is a SW now. If that becomes unplayable, it will be time to quit the game. I just went through all my inventory. The wolf slayer items will also be melted. I used to like that set.
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  20. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Master

    Agree Edrogers. They have giving no useful information at all. Every thing they say just raises 20 more questions. They just trow stuff out with out an details makes the whole thing worse. All they are doing is causing a whole lot of speculation and pissing everyone off.
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